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Water and Water Filters in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 2 listings

The water in New York City is safe to drink, and, is said to be some of the better tasting drinking water of any major city in the world. It comes in huge aqueducts from various reservoirs in upstate New York. The editor's experience is that its taste can tend toward the chlorinated sometimes. The best tasting water in the area is from the public water system in northwest Suffolk County that comes mostly from deep aquifers 1,000s of years old.

Water and Water Filters in New York

Water Filtration Systems (2 listings total)

Ceramic Filters Co

Stoneware units with hand-painted designs
Tel 888-236-8586
Website: doultonwaterfilters.com

Crystal Quest Water Filters

Water filters for clear drinking water
Website: cqwater.com