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African (senegalese, Ethiopian Etc.) Restaurants in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 26 listings
African is a large continent northern, southern and western Africa all have different kinds of cuisine. Central African food is starchy, East African food features very little meat if any, on the horn of Africa you will find Eritrean cuisine, Ethiopian cuisine, and Somail cuisine.
African cuisine has been growing in popularity as new immigrants have been bringing their regional cuisines to restaurants in the New York City.

The ingredients used in African cuisine vary with regions, but the use of starch filler foods, such as corn meal, ground millet and sorghum is a prime focus of many meals. Commonly used root vegetables include cassava and yams. Peanuts or groundnuts feature heavily in many dishes. Regional variations include: the use of chilies and black eyed peas in coastal West African cuisine, coastal recipies often feature fish, and Berbere (a spicy hot pepper paste) often accompanies Ethopian dishes. For more information on African cuisine please visit Terrie Wright Chrones' article on www.sallys-place.com
African (senegalese, Ethiopian Etc.) Restaurants in New York

Africa - Clinton

Traditional Senagalese fare, very reasonably priced.
346 W. 53rd St., Clinton NY betw Eighth & Ninth Ave, Tel 212-399-6100

Africa - Harlem

256 W. 116th St., Harlem NY Tel 212-666-9400


Middle East, African/Morroccan.Recommended Dishes: Loubia, chermoula, phyllo pie with chicken and almonds, couscous berbere, chicken tagine etc
1613 Seaman Ave., New York NY 10028 Tel 212-396-9787

Awash - East Village

Popular Ethopian restaurant with vegetarian dishes.
338 E. 6th St., East Village NY 10003 bet 1st & 2nd Ave., Tel 212-982-9589
Website: awashnyc.com

Awash - Manhattan Valley

Tiny twinkling lights illuminate the crowd at this inexpensive Ethiopian standby... - TONY 100
947 Amsterdam Ave., Manhattan Valley NY betw 106th & 107th St, Tel 212-961-1416

Casa La Femme

Moved from Soho. Tented tables give this exotic Med-Egyptian restaurant an exotic atmosphere.
1076 First Ave., Sutton Place NY 10022 betw 58th & 59th St, Tel 212-223-2322

Chez Es Saada

Dark, romantic East Village French-Moroccan Casbah. Great for late night cocktails and tapas-like treats.
42 E. 1st St., East Village NY betw 1st & 2nd Ave, Tel 212-777-5617

Ebe Ye Yie

A Ghanaian restaurant with a wide array of dishes to choose from, for affordable prices
2364 Jerome Ave., Bronx NY betw North & 184th St, Tel 718-220-1300

Florence's Restaurant

A West African restaurant offering both Ghanaian and Ivory Coast food, affordable prices, offers many stew and fish dishes such as shito
2099 Seventh Ave., Harlem NY betw 113th & 114th St, Tel 212-531-0387


Delightful popular neighborhood restaurant serving some of the best Ethiopian cuisine in NYC. Great for families and groups.
284 Mulberry St., NoLita NY 10012 betw Houston & Prince St, Tel 212-343-1888
Website: ghenet.com

i-Shebeen Madiba

This is the first and only South African restaurant in the city which entertains patrons with geniune South African artists and performers and serves quality, if expensive dishes
195 DeKalb Ave., Brooklyn NY Tel 718-855-9190

Keur N'Deye

House specialties include fried green plantains. Very reasonable prices have made this restaurant a neighborhood favorite..
737 Fulton St., Bronx NY Tel 718-875-4937

Keur Sokhna

"Senegalese daily meal" includes a mountain of rice cooked in a tomato sauce and topped with fish balls, surrounded by big chunks of flaky barracuda and vegetables.
225 W. 116th St., Harlem NY 10026 Tel 212-864-0081

Kush Cafe

A French-African fusion restuarant serving surprisingly familar dishes such as roast duck, Brochette and Linguine with intriguing twists-1/8/08
17 Putnam Ave., Brooklyn NY betw Downing St & Gr& Ave, Tel 718-230-3471
Website: kushcafe.com

La Marmite

Senegalese cuisine, reasonable prices, satellite television
2264 Fred. Douglas Blvd., Harlem NY at 121th St & Eighth Ave., Tel 212-666-0653

Le Baobab

Spicy Senegalese dishes, very popular take-out spot.
120 W. 116th St., Harlem NY betw Lenox & 7th Ave, Tel 212-864-4700

Le Souk

Great time had by all. Wonderful, cheap lobster and other Spanish favorites. Excellent sangria. (March 2001)
47 Avenue B, Alphabet City NY 10009 Betw 3rd & 4th sts, Tel 212-777-5454
Website: lesoukny.com


A Ethopian and Eritrean restuarant serving exotic dishes, some of which are spiced with Berbere or Awaze, all served with injera, delivery is available and Columbia and Barnard students recieve a 10% discount
1239 Amsterdam Ave., Morningside Heights NY at 121st St, Tel 212-663-0505
Website: massawanyc.com


A modest Ethopian restaurant with good vegetarian meals such as shiro wat or gomen and everything is finger food- 1/11/08
199 E. 3rd St., East Village NY Tel 212-254-2411

Obaa Koryoe

A laid back eatery that offers "equishie" a bitter, salty dish of spinach with melon seed, delicious accessible staple "fufu" (a dumpling made of cassava flour) in a thick, intoxicating peanut soup, "Mobutu wachey" (rick with blackeyed peas) is offered with a choice of meat and sweet plantains.
3143 Broadway, Morningside Heights NY betw. LaSalle St & Tiemann Pl., Tel 212-316-2950

Queen of Sheba

Queen of Sheba sets a dignified spread of spicy and flavorful dishes, and the live acoustic music elevates the already passionate ambiance.
650 Tenth Ave., Clinton NY 10036 betw 45th & 46th St), Tel 212-397-0610
Website: queenofshebanyc.com


French and Ivory Coast cuisine, live entertainment, beautiful, elegant decor
13 E. 37th St., Murray Hill NY betw 5th & Madison Ave, Tel 212-679-9355


Apealing decor and excellent food with some surprising yet delicious combinations at affordable prices
2084 Fred. Douglas Blvd., Harlem NY at 113th St., Tel 212-662-0620

Nigerian Restaurants (1 listings total)

Ethiopian Restaurant

Upper East Side authentic Ethiopian cuisine service with no tableware, the traditional eating strictly hand-to-mouth
1582 York Ave., Yorkville NY 10028 betw 83rd & 84th St, Tel 212-717-7311

Senegalese Restaurants (2 listings total)

Dibiterie Cheikh

A French inspired Senegalese restaurant known for superior lamb dishes and offering caldou, cheb and domoda among other things on their lunch menu followed by a more French based dinner menu-1/11/08
231 W. 116th St., Morningside Heights NY betw Lenox Ave. & 7th Ave., Tel 212-663-0717

Le Grand Dakar

A Senegalese restaurant with French accents and a Moroccan atmosphere offering often simple but distinctive dishes
285 Grand Ave., Brooklyn NY Tel 718-398-8900