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Book Stores By Speciality in New York

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These bookstores are devoted to specific subjects or genres, and generally have a better selection of these types of books than a typical bookstore.

Book Stores By Speciality in New York

Art Books (10 listings total)

Aperture Foundation

Sells books and magazines devoted to the art of photography.
20 E. 23rd St., Kips Bay NY 10010 Madison Ave., Tel 212-505-5555
E-mail: staff@aperture.org; Website: aperture.org

Archivia: Decorative Arts Book Shop

New and out-of-print books on the decorative arts, architecture, and garden design, plus some wonderful fashion editions. A full range of U. S. and foreign titles.
944 Madison Ave., Upper East Side NY 10021 Tel 212-439-9194
Fax: 212-744-1626

Center for Book Arts

The Center for Book Arts is dedicated to preserving the traditional crafts of book-making, as well as exploring and encouraging contemporary interpretations of the book as an art object.
28 W. 27th St., Flatiron District NY 10012 Tel 212-481-0295
Fax: 212-673-4635; E-mail: Bookarts@bway.net
Website: centerforbookarts.org

Posman Books

Perhaps not a voluminous enough selection to drag you out of your way in the rain, this handy, pretty little Soho-esque looking New School University store, right next door to one of the Parsons School of Design buildings, carries a nice trade paper selection of architecture, art, fashion & design books.
70 Fifth Ave., Greenwich Village NY 10011 At 13th St., Tel 212-633-2525
E-mail: posmannsu@posmancollegiate.com

Printed Matter

This store is devoted exclusively to artists books, they stock 6,000 titles by over 2,000 artists. The store will bring you up-to-date on what is going on in the art world. They sell wholesale and retail; a catalog is available
535 W. 22nd St., Chelsea NY 10011 Tel 212-925-0325
Fax: 212-925-0464; Website: printedmatter.org

Rizzoli - Midtown

Beautiful museum atmosphere; sophisticated store offers foreign newspapers, art, business, & foreign language books.
31 W. 57th St., Midtown NY 10019 Btw. 5th & 6th, Tel 212-759-2424
Fax: 212-826-9754; Toll-Free: 800-522-6657

Rizzoli - Soho

454 West Broadway, Soho NY 10012 Tel 212-674-1616
Fax: 212-979-9504

Soho Books

Stocks all the current books plus art editions
351 West Broadway, Soho NY 10013 Tel 212-226-3395
Fax: 212-675-2084

Ursus Books - Harlem

68 E. 131st St., Harlem NY 10037 Tel 212-234-6201
Website: ursusbooks.com

Ursus Books - Upper East Side

We sell of out of print, new and used books.
981 Madison Ave., Upper East Side NY 10021 Tel 212-772-8787
Fax: 212-737-9306; E-mail: ursus@ursusbooks.com
Website: ursusbooks.com

Foreign Language Books (6 listings total)

Dahesh Heritage Fine Books

Dictionaries in a selection of languages. Foreign periodicals. Philosophy, poetry, & literature titles in Arabic & English. Mail order available.
304 W. 58th St., Lincoln Center NY 10019 8th Ave Columbus Circle), Tel 212-265-0600
Fax: 212-265-0601; Website: daheshheritage.org

French-European Publications

Sale of foreign language books, cassettes, CDs, videos, newspapers, magazines, Michelin maps, dictionaries & materials to help you learn English from a foreign language.
610 Fifth Ave., Rockefeller Center NY 10020 betw 49th & 50th St, Tel 212-581-8810
Fax: 212-265-1094; E-mail: livresny@aol.com
Website: frencheuropean.com

Lectorum Publications Inc.

Look for the huge "Libros" sign in the window to find a Spanish dictionary, novel, non-fiction or reference book, cook book or books and tapes on how to learn English for the Spanish speaker.
137 W. 14th St., Flatiron District NY 10011 Bet. 6th & 7th Ave, Bookstore 212-741-0220
General Info: 212-727-3035; General Info: 212-929-2833
Website: lectorum.com

New York Kinokuniya Bookstore

Books in Japanese and English about all things Japanese from New York branch of Japan's largest bookstore chain.
10 W. 49th St., Rockefeller Center NY 10020 Rockefeller Plaza, Tel 212-765-1461
Tel: 212-765-7766; Fax: 212-541-3995
E-mail: kinokuniya@kinokuniya.com; Website: kinokuniya.com

S.F. Vanni

...this Italian language bookshop carries the latest fiction and nonfiction from the old country. - TONY
30 W. 12th St., Greenwich Village NY betw Fifth & Sixth Ave, Tel 212-675-6336

Victor Kamkin

Books in Russian, translations from Russian, guidebooks, art books & reproductions, textbooks, dictionaries, recordings, & souvenirs.
925 Broadway, Flatiron District NY 10010 21st, Tel 212-673-0776
Fax: 212-673-2473; Website: kamkin.com

Children's Books (21 listings total)

Discount Bookstore

Amen Ra & Isis

260 W. 125th St., Harlem NY Tel 212-316-3680

B. Dalton

Book store chain owned and operated by Barnes and Noble.
109 E. 42nd St., Midtown NY Tel 212-490-7501

Bank Street Bookstore

They have many titles for children, parents and educators. They do phone orders and ship worldwide.
610 W. 112th St., Morningside Heights NY 10025 at Bank St College of Education, Tel 212-678-1654
Tel: 800-724-1486; Fax: 212-316-7026
Website: bankstreetbooks.com

Book Smart

27 W. 20th St., Flatiron District NY Tel 212-675-8677


983 Lexington Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 Tel 212-794-9400
Fax: 212-794-7042

Books of Wonder

Literature, collectibles, and out-of-print favorites.
18 W. 18th St., Flatiron District NY 10011 Tel 212-989-3270
Fax: 212-645-3038; Toll-Free: 800-207-6968
Website: booksofwonder.com

Brentano's Bookstore

597 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY Tel 212-826-2450

Civil Service Book Shop

89 Worth St., CivicCenter NY Tel 212-226-9506

Cosmic Comics

The best comics store in Manhattan specializing in new and old comic books, action figures, non-sport trading cards, T-shirts, trade paper-backs, models and video
36 E. 23rd St., Kips Bay NY Tel 212-460-5322

Demes Books

229 W. 105th St., Upper West Side NY Tel 212-865-1273

Eeyore's Books for Children - Upper East Side

25 E. 83rd St., Upper East Side NY Tel 212-988-3404

Eeyore's Books for Children - Upper West Side

2212 Broadway, Upper West Side NY at W. 79th St., Tel 212-362-0634

Evelyn Pearl

219 W. 81st St., Upper West Side NY Apt. 5A, Tel 212-877-1704

Jeryl Metz Books

697 West End Ave., Upper West Side NY Apt. 13A, Tel 212-864-6055

Jim Hanley's Universe

Store of a renowned comic specialist.
4 W. 33rd St., Midtown South NY 10001 Tel 212-268-7088
Fax: 212-268-7728; Website: jhuniverse.com

Justin G. Schiller Books

135 E. 57th St., Midtown NY Tel 212-832-8231

Kendra Krienke Bookstore

230 Central Pk., Central Park NY Tel 212-580-6516

Liberation Bookstore - Harlem

421 Lenox Ave., Harlem NY 10037 Tel 212-281-4615

Liberation Bookstore - Harlem

421 Malcolm X Blvd., Harlem NY 10037 Tel 212-281-4444


1360 Third Ave., Yorkville NY 10021 Tel 212-517-6951

William G. Boyer

P.O Box 763, Planetarium Station, Tel 212-724-9402

Religious Books (7 listings total)

Christian Science Reading Room - Greenwich Village

171 Macdougal St., Greenwich Village NY 10011 Greenwich Village, Tel 212-777-0323

Christian Science Reading Room - Lenox Hill

147 E. 62nd St., Lenox Hill NY 10021 Tel 212-838-2855
Fax: 212-838-1871

Christian Science Reading Room - Upper East Side

Sale of Christian Science spiritual healing Bibles, books, magazines, and tapes. Number to call and receive a different message each day on Christian Science spiritual healing...472-HEAL...(472-4325)
925 Madison Ave., Upper East Side NY 10021 74th St., Tel 212-737-8040
Fax: 212-717-0878

J. Levine Books & Judaica

This bookstore offers the largest and most comprehensive selection of books on Judaism, as well as items of Judaica
5 W. 30th St., Midtown South NY 10001 Tel 212-695-6888
Fax: 212-643-1044; Website: levinejudaica.com

Pauline Books & Media

Catholic books & music, gifts and software.
150 E. 52nd St., Midtown NY (Btw Lex & 3rd), Tel 212-754-1110
Fax: 212-754-2268; E-mail: FSPNY@aol.com

Synod Bookstore

Eastern Orthodox Christian Books
75 E. 93rd St., Carnegie Hill NY Tel 212-369-0288

Trinity Bookshop - Closed

74 Trinity Pl., Financial District NY

Cook Books (1 listings total)

Kitchen Arts & Letters

Cookbooks on every subject old and new. Also books on wine, food, arts and literature.
1435 Lexington Ave., Carnegie Hill NY 10128 Tel 212-876-5550
Fax: 212-876-3584; Website: kitchenartsandletters.com

Other Specialty Books (38 listings total)

Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Find

Specialty bookstores:
New York is full of old-fashioned bookstores specializing in everything from chess and cooking to mysteries and used books. Often short on modern conveniences, but each has its own charm that is lost in the superstores and many have well informed staff, that are more adept at finding a rare or unusual book.

Action Comics

337 E. 81st St., Yorkville NY 10028 Tel 212-639-1976
Fax: 212-639-1977

Alex's MVP Cards & Comics

Specializes in comics and sports cards and wax packs.
256 E. 89th St., Yorkville NY 10128 Tel 212-831-2273
Fax: 212-831-4825; E-mail: mvpalex@aol.com

Aperture Foundation

Sells books and magazines devoted to the art of photography.
20 E. 23rd St., Kips Bay NY 10010 Madison Ave., Tel 212-505-5555
E-mail: staff@aperture.org; Website: aperture.org

Biography Book Shop

400 Bleeker St., West Village NY 10014 Tel 212-807-8655

Biography Bookshop

30 percent of the inventory is dedicated towards biographies, memoirs and letter collections. - TONY
400 Bleeker St., West Village NY at 11th St., Tel 212-807-8655

Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks

...deals exclusively in out-of-print and antiquarian culinary titles... - TONY between Seventh Ave. and Wavery Pl.
163 W. 10th St., Greenwich Village NY betw Seventh Ave. & WAvery Pl., Tel 212-989-8962

Britrail's British Travel Shop

Large, comprehensive selection of books, videos, & maps of England & Wales.
551 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10176 45th St., Tel 212-490-6688
Fax: 212-490-0219

Comp USA

Computer books and software
Tel 800-266-7872
Website: compusa.com

Complete Strategist

The stock covers military and war games, science fiction, and fantasy
630 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10111 Tel 212-265-7449
Website: thecompleatstrategist.com

Complete Traveller Antiquarian Bookstore

Complete Traveller Antiquarian Bookstore. Rare travel books: Baedekers, WPA Guides, rare maps, first editions.
199 Madison Ave., Murray Hill NY 10016 Crossing 35th, Fax 212-481-3253
Tel: 212-685-9007; E-mail: info@ctrarebooks.com
Website: ctrarebooks.com

Creative Visions Books and Videos

New York City's largest LGBTQ book, video and gift store; Located in the West Village it is gay owned and operated.
548 Hudson St., West Village NY 10014 Tel 212-645-7573
Tel: 800-997-9899; Fax: 212-645-0395
Website: newyork.citysearch.com

Dia Center for the Arts

Carries a good selection of books on art, contemporary culture, poetry, and writing, as well as videos and CDs. Located on the first floor.
535 W. 22nd St., Chelsea NY 10011 near 11th Ave, Fax 212-989-4055
Information: 212-989-5566; Website: diacenter.org

Dog Lover's Bookshop

Hard to find, used, out-of-print dog books.
W. 31st St., Midtown South NY 10001 P.O. Box 117, Gracie Station, Tel 212-369-7554
E-mail: info@dogbooks.com; Website: dogbooks.com

Drama Book Shop

Scripts, drama books and biographies.
250 W. 40th St., Fashion District NY 10018 Bet. 8th & 9th Aves., Tel 212-944-0595
Fax: 212-730-8739; E-mail: info@dramabookshop.com
Website: dramabookshop.com

East-West Books

Specializing in Yoga, meditation, and all things metaphysical.
78 Fifth Ave., Greenwich Village NY 10011 betw 13th & 14th St, Tel 212-243-5994
Fax: 212-243-7591


Eichler's specializes in Jewish books and Judaica. They have everything from popular fiction to scholarly Judaica.
62 W. 45th St., Midtown NY 10026 Tel 888-367-7008
Website: eichlers.com

Fred Wilson Books

Entire store full of new and used books on chess
80 E. 11th St., Greenwich Village NY 10003 Tel 212-533-6381

Hagstrom Map and Travel Center

Specializes in cartography, globes, & atlases.
57 W. 43rd St., Midtown NY 10036 Tel 212-398-1222
Fax: 212-398-9856

Harmer Johnson Books Ltd.

Scholarly works on ancient art and archaeology of Africa, the Pacific, and the Americas. Rare, out-of-print, and current titles are featured, plus museum catalogs. Offers a search service.
21 E. 65th St., Lenox Hill NY 10021 Tel 212-535-9364

Jewish Book Center of the Workmen's Circle

Good selection of Jewish and Jewish-interest books, CDs, tapes, and holiday items.
45 E. 33rd St., Midtown South NY 10016 Tel 212-889-6800
Fax: 212-889-8519; Website: circle.org

Jewish Museum Bookshop

1109 Fifth Ave., East Harlem NY 10128 Tel 212-423-3211
Fax: 212-423-3200

Juilliard Bookstore

The place for the classical music lover. Books on and about music, as well as dance and drama. Sheet music, current and historic classical CDs, and music accessories. Order on line.
60 Lincoln Center Plaza, Lincoln Center NY 10023 Plaza level 65th/B'way, Tel 212-799-5000
Fax: 212-755-0469; E-mail: bookstore@ juilliard.edu
Website: bookstore.juilliard.edu

Maria Oliveria's Language Learning

Learn Spanish, Portuguese and English with Maria's audio cassettes, books and classes.
Tel 707-745-8267
Fax: 707-746-5979; E-mail: info@marialanguages.com
Website: marialanguages.com

Military Bookman

More than 10,000 titles covering every aspect of military, aviation and naval history
29 E. 93rd St., Carnegie Hill NY 10128 Tel 212-348-1280

Musical Memories Plus

Music memorabilia of all kinds. 15,000 rarities form the 1800's to the 1980's.
2112 Broadway, Upper West Side NY 10023 Suite 414, Tel 212-579-0689
E-mail: music@coachnet.com

New York Nautical Instrument

An immense collection of nautical charts, books & nautical-themed gifts.
140 West Broadway, Tribeca NY 10013 Tel 212-962-4522
Fax: 212-406-8420; Website: newyorknautical.com

New York Open Center Bookshop

Holistic health, nutrition, medicine & meditation are included in this mainly New Age oriented shop.
83 Spring St., Soho NY 10012 Tel 212-219-2527
Fax: 212-226-4056; Website: opencenter.org

Oceanie/Afrique Noire

From rare to new, this shop carries a healthy collection of books on Africa, Oceania, Southeast Asia & the Americas mainly in the areas of & related to Art & Anthropology.
15 W. 39th St., Fashion District NY 10018 Tel 212-840-8844
Fax: 212-840-3304

Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookshop

15 Christopher St., Greenwich Village NY 10014 Tel 212-255-8097

Scenic America Bookstore

Wide range of tools for scenic activists.
Tel 202-543-6200
Fax: 202-543-9130; E-mail: webmaster@scenic.org
Website: store.yahoo.com


Personal development tools for business professionals.
Tel 512-369-5555
Fax: 512-369-5556; E-mail: info@soundthought.com
Website: soundthought.com

South Street Seaport

This charming shop stocks nautical and New York books joined by maritime periodicals, posters, prints, and charts
209 Water St., Fulton NY 10038 Tel 212-669-9455

Tamassee Travel and Outdoor Guidebooks and Maps

Online guidebook and maps store for world travel and recreation. USA, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, Bermuda, Caribbean
Website: emapstore.com

Village Comics

Sale of American, European & Japanese adult comics.
214 Sullivan St., Greenwich Village NY 10012 Tel 212-777-2770
Fax: 212-475-9727; Website: villagecomics.com


Mystery books.
302 W. 12th St., West Village NY 10014 Tel 212-741-4676