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Car Rental in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 63 listings
Car rentals can be found at airports, hotels and independent offices all over the New York area. Nowadays, you can rent just about any type and size of car, van or SUV at a car rental office.
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When booking travel plans to New York City you may decide you need a rental car, particularly if you are planning a business or pleasure trip outside "The Big Apple.". Many times you can get your car rental as part of a vacation package if you book in advance, or check our CitiDex Car Rental page below for listings of locally based car rental companies and their locations where you can rent a car, van or SUV. Be sure to request a GPS since driving around the unfamiliar streets of New York City and its suburbs can be quite confusing.
Car Rental in New York


Discount car rentals serving Upper West Side of New York providing sedans, mini vans, 15 passenger vans, cargo vans, and 4x4 jeeps; corporate accounts and special business week rates available
Tel 888-500-8480
Website: aamcar.com

AAMCAR - Upper West Side

303 W. 96th St., Upper West Side NY 10023 near West End Ave., Tel 212-222-8500
Fax: 212-662-5792

AAMCAR - Washington Heights

506 W. 181st St., Washington Heights NY 10033 near Amsterdam Ave., Tel 212-927-7000
Fax: 212-662-5792

Accessible Vans of America

A nationwide chain of independent rental agencies. Rentals by the day, week or month. Sales of new or pre-owned vehicles. Also offers links to related sites, classified listings of pre-owned vehicles and rent to buy programs.
Customer Services 800-282-8297
E-mail: north@accessiblevans.com; Website: accessiblevans.com

Avis Rental

Many General Motor brand cars to choose from; both weekend and weekly rates. On-line reservations are available.
Domestic Reservations 800-331-1212
Int'l Tel: 800-331-1084; Website: avis.com

Avis Rental Chelsea

220 W. 31st St., Chelsea NY 10001 betw 7th & 8th Ave., Tel 646-733-5995

Avis Rental Greenwich Village

68 E. 11th St., Greenwich Village NY 10003 betw University Pl. & Broadway, Tel 212-593-8397

Breeze Net

New York City auto rental, online reservation center to car rental agencies serving JFK & La Guardia Airports. It offers online coupon.
Tel 877-477-5801
Website: bnm.com

Budget Rental

Quality car, truck and van at daily, weekly or weekend rates. On-line reservations are available.
Customer Services 800-214-6094
Int'l Center: 800-472-3325; Reservations Info: 800-527-0700
TTY Line ( Deaf ): 800-826-5510; Website: budgetrentacar.com

Budget Rental Clinton

304 W. 49th St., Clinton NY 10019 betw 8th & 9th Ave., Tel 212-333-5901

Budget Rental JFK Airport

JFK Airport, Tel 718-656-1890

Budget Rental LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport, Tel 718-639-6400

Budget Rental Newark Airport

Newark Airport, Tel 973-961-2990

Budget Rental Turtle Bay

225 E. 43rd St., Turtle Bay NY 10017 betw 2nd & 3rd Ave., Tel 212-661-5906

Budget Rental Yokville

152 E. 87th St., Yorkville NY 10028 betw 3rd & 4th Ave., Tel 646-672-9694

Cooper Classic Cars

Cooper Classics Cars supplies collection of vehicles to the film, television, fashion, music video & commercials indutstry.
137 Perry St., West Village NY 10014 Tel 212-929-3909
Tel: 800-719-3909; Fax: 212-633-6952
E-mail: info@cooperclassiccars.com; Website: cooperclassiccars.com

Creative Film Cars

Providing the fashion, film, & television industries with top-notch vehicles for every kind of production.
167 Madison Ave., Midtown South NY 10016 Tel 212-864-4060
E-mail: info@creativefilmcars.com; Website: creativefilmcars.com

Dollar Rent a Car

Both economy & luxury models; minivans, 15-passenger vans. On-line reservations are available.
Tel 866-434-2226
Reservations: 800-800-4000; Website: dollarcar.com

Dollar Rent a Car Brooklyn

1941 Utica Ave., Brooklyn NY 11234 between Ave. L & K, Tel 718-266-5656

Dollar Rent a Car Newark Airport

Newark Airport, AirTrain Station P2, Bldg 36, Tel 973-824-2002
Fax: 973-824-2263

Dollar Rent a Car Stuyvesant

329 E. 22nd St., Stuyvesant NY 10010 betw 1st & 2nd Ave., Tel 212-253-9377

Dollar Rent a Car Upper East Side

160 E. 87th St., Upper East Side NY 10028 at Lexington Ave., Tel 866-434-2226

Dollar Rent a Car West Village

99 Charles St., West Village NY 10014 betw Bleeker & Hudson St, Tel 866-434-2226

Drive Master Co., Inc.

Part of the Accessible Vans of America chain. Offers wheelchair accessible minivans. 9 Spielman Rd., Fairfield, NY 07004
Customer Services 973-808-9713
Customer Services: 973-908-9709

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Economy to luxury car rentals, weekend & holiday specials, free pick-up from your home. Reserve online at www.enterprise.com
Customer Services 800-264-6350
Reservations Info: 800-261-7331; Website: enterprise.com

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Astoria

36 --49 31st St., Astoria NY 11106 Tel 718-472-5200

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Clinton

667 Eleventh Ave., Clinton NY 10019 at W. 48th St., Tel 212-262-3231

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Downtown Brooklyn

455 W. 53rd St., Brooklyn NY 11217 at Bond St., Tel 718-488-8800

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Financial District

56 Fulton St., Financial District NY 10038 near Cliff St., Tel 212-227-5050

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Flatiron

106 W. 24th St., Flatiron District NY 10011 betw 6th & 7th Ave., Tel 212-647-9777

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Greenwich Village

221 Thompson St., Greenwich Village NY 10012 betw Bleeker & W. 3rd St, Tel 212-533-2900
Fax: 212-533-2464; Info/Reservations: 800-325-8007

Enterprise Rent-A-Car JFK

JFK Airport, Tel 718-659-1200
Fax: 718-654-8812

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Laguardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport, Tel 718-457-2900
Fax: 718-547-7022

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Midtown

135 E. 47th St., Midtown NY 10017 betw 3rd & Lexington Ave., Tel 212-829-8050

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Sheepshead Bay

2815 Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn NY 11235 near Gerald Ct., Tel 718-332-8900

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Upper West Side

147 W. 83rd St., Upper West Side NY 10024 betw Columbus & Amsterdam Ave., Tel 212-873-7474

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Uptown East

403 E. 65th St., Uptown East NY 10021 betw York & 1st Ave., Tel 212-717-2100

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Yorkville

1833 First Ave., Yorkville NY 10128 betw 94th & 95th St, Tel 212-831-1200

Hertz Rental

Unlimited mileage available, hand controls & portable phones at some locations. On-line reservations available.
General Info 800-654-3131
Int'l Center: 800-654-3001; TTY Line ( Deaf ): 800-654-2280
Website: hertz.com

Hertz Rental Chelsea

323 W. 34th St., Chelsea NY 10119 betw 8th & 9th Ave., In New York 212-486-5065

Hertz Rental Financial District

20 Morris St., Financial District NY 10004 Battery Park Garage, Fax 212-486-7210
In New York: 212-486-5935

Hertz Rental Greenwich Village

18 Morton St., Greenwich Village NY 10014 corner of 7th Ave., Fax 212-471-2664
Tel: 212-486-5395

Hertz Rental JFK Airport

JFK Airport, Fax 718-656-7647
In New York: 718-656-7600

Hertz Rental Laguardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport, Fax 718-457-5075
In New York: 718-478-5300

Hertz Rental Lower East Side

12 E. 13th St., Lower East Side NY 10021 betw 5th Ave. & University Pl., In New York 212-486-5915

Hertz Rental Midtown

126 W. 55th St., Midtown NY 10019 betw 6th & 7th Ave., In New York 212-486-5925

Hertz Rental Midtown East

222 E. 40th St., Kips Bay NY 10016 betw 2nd & 3rd Ave., In New York 212-486-5060

Hertz Rental Midtown South

150 E. 24th St., Midtown South NY 10010 betw Lexington & Third Ave., In New York 212-486-5912

Hertz Rental Newark Airport

Reservations counters located on the baggage claim level of Terminals A and C of Newark Airport. A reservations phone is located on the baggage claim level of Terminal B.
Newark Airport, Bldg 23, Tel 973-621-2000

Hertz Rental Turtle Bay

310 E. 48th St., Turtle Bay NY 10017 betw 1st & 2nd Ave., In New York 212-486-5901

Hertz Rental Upper West Side

210 W. 77th St., Upper West Side NY 10024 at Amsterdam Ave., In New York 212-486-5919

Hertz Rental Uptown East

327 E. 64th St., Uptown East NY 10021 betw 1st & 2nd Ave., In New York 212-486-5916

Hertz Rental Yorkville

412 E. 90th St., Yorkville NY 10128 at 1st Ave., In New York 212-486-5923

National Car Rental

Wide selection of GM vehicles ranging from luxury models to SUV's; on-line reservations available.
Int'l Center 800-227-3876
Reservations: 800-227-7368; TTY Line ( Deaf ): 800-328-6323
Website: nationalcar.com

National Car Rental Fashion District

252 W. 40th St., Fashion District NY 10018 at 8th Ave., Fax 212-875-8360
Tel: 212-575-5400

National Car Rental Greenwich Village

19 E. 12th St., Greenwich Village NY 10003 Fax 212-875-8360
Tel: 212-620-4894

National Car Rental JFK Airport

JFK Airport, Bldg. 308, Federal Circle, Fax 718-995-4335
Tel: 718-553-8607; Tel: 718-632-8300

National Car Rental LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport, Tel 718-429-5893
Fax: 718-429-5698

National Car Rental Midtown

138 --146 E. 50th St., Midtown NY 10022 at Lexington Ave., Fax 212-875-8360
Tel: 212-317-8649

National Car Rental Midtown South

142 E. 31st St., Midtown South NY 10016 near Lincoln Tunnel, Fax 212-875-8360
Tel: 212447

National Car Rental Upper West Side

219 W. 77th St., Upper West Side NY 10024 at Broadway, Tel 646-981-1920
Fax: 212-875-8360

National Car Rental Yorkville

305 E. 80th St., Yorkville NY 10019 Fax 212-875-8360
Tel: 212-452-1000

Wheelchair Getaways

Accessible minivans that accommodate wheelchairs and scooters. Available by the day, week or month. Service includes pickup or delivery to home, business or airport.
Bedminster., Tel 718-375-0171
Tel: 800-379-3750; Fax: 718-332-7217
E-mail: getawaysnyc@optonline.net; Website: wheelchairgetaways.com