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Government Federal Offices in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 29 listings
Government Federal Offices in New York

Federal Agencies in New York (19 listings total)

Bureau of Labor Statistics

201 Varick St., West Village NY 10014 Tel 212-337-2405

DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency)

New York field division
99 Tenth Ave., Chelsea NY 10011 Tel 212-337-3900
Hot Line: 212-337-1801

FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

New York division
26 Federal Plaza, CivicCenter NY 10278 Tel 212-384-1000

Goddard Institure For Space Studies

28 Broadway, Financial District NY 10025 Tel 212-678-5541
Fax: 212-678-5552; Website: giss.nasa.gov

Information Infrastructure Standards Panel

Tries to provide standards fore evolving global information networks.
Website: web.ansi.org

Internal Revenue Service, Manhattan District

Tel 800-829-3676
Fax: 703-368-9694; Website: irs.ustreas.gov

Internal Revenue Service, Midtown Office

Midtown office.
110 W. 44th St., Theater District NY 10036 Tel 800-829-1040

Internal Revenue Service, Uptown Office

55 W. 125th St., Harlem NY 10027 Tel 800-829-1040
Fax: 703-368-9694; Website: irs.ustreas.gov

N.Y. Federal Executive Board

Tel 212-264-1890

NASA Local Facility

2880 Broadway, Morningside Heights NY 10025 Tel 212-678-5500
Website: nasa.gov

National Archives & Records Administration- Northeast Region

201 Varick St., West Village NY 10014-4811 Tel 212-337-1300
Fax: 212-337-1306; Website: nara.gov

Office of Foreign Missions, U.S. Dept. of State

866 UN Plaza, Turtle Bay NY 10017 Tel 212-826-4500
Tel: 212-826-4505; Fax: 212-826-4508

Small Business Administration

Independent agency of the federal government to aid, assist and protect the interests of small business concerns
26 Federal Plaza, CivicCenter NY 10278 at Worth St., Tel 800-827-5722
General Info: 212-264-4354; E-mail: answerdesk@sba.gov
Website: sba.gov

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (INS)

26 Federal Plaza, CivicCenter NY 10278 Tel 212-264-3911
Information: 800-375-5283

U.S. Coast Guard

NY office at Ft. Wadsworth, Staten Island, south of Manhattan.
212 Coast Guard Dr., Tel 718-354-4001

U.S. Department of State

270 Broadway, Financial District NY 10007 Tel 212-417-5801
E-mail: info@DOS.state.ny.us; Website: dos.state.ny.us

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

850 Third Ave., Midtown NY 11232 Tel 718-340-7000
Fax: 718-340-7011; Website: fda.gov

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Committee

Tel 610-337-5000
Fax: 610-337-5324; Website: nrc.com

U.S. Secret Service

New York field office.
Tel 718-722-0712
Website: ustreas.gov

Federal Services in New York (7 listings total)

Citizenship USA

Tel 516-228-9242

Customs Service at JFK

JFK Airport, Jamaica, Tel 718-553-1542
Fax: 718-553-0077

Customs Service at Newark Airport

1210 Corbin St, Elizabeth, NJ 07201
Business Services 201-443-0110
Director: 201-443-0200; Fax: 201-443-0550
General Info: 201-443-0100

Health & Human Services, Dept. of

Tel 518-574-2121
General Info: 212-264-4600; Website: dhhs.gov

Passport Services

Downloadable application, fees, and special tips for New Yorkers.
Website: travel.state.gov

U.S. Marshals Service

Southern District. Serves warrants and subpoenas.
500 Pearl St., Chinatown NY 10007 Tel 212-637-6000

New York State Public Service Comission

Ensures all New Yorkers have efficient and reasonably prices utility services.
Website: dps.state.ny.us

Information Sources: Internet (2 listings total)

Chamber of Commerce Online

A virtual business directory of the greater New York area.
Website: chamber.com