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Accounting Firms in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 30 listings
Accounting companies, auditing firms, and businesses providing accounting services are listed below. Management service firms that provide general accounting services are also included.

International Accounting Firms (6 listings total)

Arthur Andersen & Co

major international accounting and auditing firm.
1345 Avenue of Americas, Greenwich Village NY 10105 Tel 212-708-4000
Fax: 212-708-3630; Website: arthurandersen.com

Ernst & Young - Midtown

National office of Ernst & Young.
787 Seventh Ave., Midtown NY 10011 Tel 212-773-3000
Fax: 212-773-6350; Website: eyi.com

Ernst & Young - Theater District

750 Seventh Ave., Theater District NY 10019 Tel 212-773-5973
Fax: 212-773-1068

KPMG Peat Marwick LLP

345 Park Ave., Midtown NY 10022 Tel 212-758-9700
Website: us.kpmg.com

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP - Greenwich Village

1301 Avenue of Americas, Greenwich Village NY 10019 Tel 212-259-1000
Tel: 212-596-8000

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP - Greenwich Village

1177 Avenue of Americas, Greenwich Village NY Tel 212-258-5180
Tel: 212-596-7000

Accounting Software (1 listings total)

Mark's Bookkeeping Services

Specializing in computer bookkeeping utilizing QuickBooks. We will set-up or clean-up your bookkeeping. Train your staff or provide bookkeepers. For businesses or individuals.
40 W. 24th St., Flatiron District NY 10010 Tel 212-243-5757
E-mail: info@marksbookkeeping.com; Website: marksbookkeeping.com

Local Accounting Firms (23 listings total)

Association of Practicing CPAs (APCPA)

CPA directory, links, other info & hey the name is even a palindrome
E-mail: apcpainfo@@ap-cpa.org; Website: ap-cpa.org

Ebrahim Lunat

149 W. 28th St., Midtown South NY 10001 Tel 212-563-7860
Fax: 212-629-5192

J.H. Cohn LLP

Accounting services and consulting to make your business prosper.
276 Fifth Ave., Midtown South NY 10001 Tel 212-684-7999
Fax: 212-545-7902

Lewis Taub CPA

Providing customized accounting & tax services to businesses of all sizes & to individuals for over twenty-five years. Proactive advice to maximize your financial growth.
124 E. 40th St., Murray Hill NY 10016 Tel 914-953-1699
Fax: 914-831-8205; E-mail: lewistaubcpa@optonline.net

Woloshen and Herman, CPA

853 Broadway, Flatiron District NY 10003 Tel 212-843-3486
Fax: 212-843-3493; Website: rawcpa.com

Hamilton & Rose Associates

Tax consulting firm specializing in tax strategies and reporting requirements of the US operations of international businesses, providing hands-on expertise focusing on identifying tax issues and providing constructive solutions as well as tax compliance work.
110 E. 42nd St., Murray Hill NY 10017 Suite 1409, Tel 212-293-5545
Fax: 212-293-5548; E-mail: hamandrose@aol.com
Website: members.aol.com

Marcum & Kliegman LLP

This company is a member of TAG International association of leading accounting and consulting firms and has affiliated in most major U.S. cities and foreign countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim and South America.
655 Third Ave., Kips Bay NY 10017 Tel 212-297-0999
Tel: 212-981-3000; Fax: 212-297-0555
Fax: 212-981-3001; E-mail: pescecpa@aol.com
Website: mkllp.com

Bruce Balsam, CPA

Design and customize accounting service programs to help build wealth, manage business and personal finance and find solutions to financial issues.
675 Third Ave., Turtle Bay NY 10017 Tel 212-972-7500
Fax: 212-972-7050; E-mail: BBmhcocpa@aol.com

Gary Reska & Associates

204 E. 84th St., Yorkville NY 10028 Tel 212-249-2525
Fax: 212-249-2529

Gilbert, Cohen & Co., LLP

450 Seventh Ave., Fashion District NY 10123 Suite 1808, Tel 212-268-5844
Fax: 212-268-5854; E-mail: gccocpa@msn.com

Gruber & Palumberi

386 Park Ave. So., Flatiron District NY 10016 Suite 303, Tel 212-532-8261
Fax: 212-532-9707; E-mail: gandpi@aol.com

Harriet B. Salupsky, CPA

Avenue B, East Village NY 11415 Tel 718-554-0482
Fax: 718-268-6013

J. H. Cohen Accountants & Consultants

Accounting, tax compliance, tax advisory and auditing services for corporations, non-profits and private individuals.
276 Fifth Ave., Midtown South NY 10001 Tel 212-684-7999
Fax: 212-545-7902; E-mail: levy047@banet.net
Website: jhcohen.com

JWG Associates

599 Lexington Ave., Midtown NY 10022 Tel 212-605-0546
Fax: 212-605-0543; E-mail: steve/@jwgny.com
Website: jwgny.com

Michael J.Dunne, C.P.A.

Provides discounts to Manhattan Chamber members.
Tel 201-825-0628
E-mail: mdunne7858@aol.com

Most Horowith, & Co., LLP

Certified Public Accounting firm providing the highest quality auditing, accounting, tax and consulting services, forensic accounting, and litigation support, computer consultation, business valuation, and management advisory services.
675 Third Ave., Turtle Bay NY 10017 Tel 212-972-7500
Fax: 212-972-7050; E-mail: bbmhcocpa@aol.com
Website: members.aol.com

Paneth, Haber & Zimmerman, LLP

A certified public accounting firm with 11 partners & a total staff of approximately 85 personnel. In addition there is technology consulting and other related services
600 Third Ave., Murray Hill NY 10016 Tel 212-503-8933
Fax: 212-503-8976; E-mail: aviola@paneth.com
Website: paneth.com

Peter Advani, CPA

Financial planning, payroll, and insurance services
420 Lexington Ave., Midtown NY 10170 Tel 212-682-4667
Fax: 212-682-4277; E-mail: peter@peteradvani.com
Website: peteradvani.com

Peter Brizard, CPA

Business: audit, review, compilation services, tax return preparation, office procedures improvement. Personal: financial statements, tax return preparation. Trusts & Estates: fiduciary and Estate tax preparation probate and trust accountings.
124 E. 40th St., Murray Hill NY 10016 Tel 212-972-2505
Fax: 212-972-2506; E-mail: peterbrizard@worldnet.att.net
Website: home.att.net

Robert P.Russo, C.P.A.

7 Pennsylvania Plaza, Chelsea NY 10001 Tel 212-279-9800
Fax: 212-279-7901; E-mail: cpamate@msn.com

Weissbarth, Altman & Michaelson, LLP

Successful financial planning and management consulting, control standards for accounting and auditing practice, providing positive accounting systems and financial advice which is both professionally sound and financially realistic.
156 W. 56th St., Midtown NY 10019 Tel 212-265-7500
Fax: 212-265-7638; E-mail: wamintl@aol.com
Website: wamintl.com

Wilfred Wyler & Company

122 E. 42nd St., Murray Hill NY 10168 Tel 212-687-0050
Fax: 212-370-9713

Yohalem Gillman & Co

A full range of integrated accounting & business management services, from tax planning to audits, to the most detailed analysis of acquisitions & financial restructuring.
477 Madison Ave., Midtown NY 10022 Tel 212-863-1349
Fax: 212-759-2946; E-mail: michaelf@yohalem.com
Website: yohalem.com