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Telephone Companies (city and Private) in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 6 listings
Telephone Companies (city and Private) in New York


Free long distance over the internet. Forbes Top 300 Summer 2000
Website: dialpad.com


24-hr customer service. MCI provides local and long distance connections, internet access, paging and conferencing, and global voice mail.
Corporate Customers 888-624-9266
Customer Services: 800-444-3333; Spanish Speaking: 800-469-9090
Website: mci.com


Sprint provides long distance calling, international calling plans, Internet access, calling cards, wireless phones and equipment and paging services.
Corporate Customers 800-366-2370
Customer Services: 800-877-4646; Sales: 800-877-7746
Spanish Speaking: 800-809-9011; Website: sprint.com