Things To Do In NYC that Don’t Hurt Your Wallet

Things To Do In NYC that Don’t Hurt Your Wallet

Things To Do In NYC that Don’t Hurt Your Wallet – So you have been saving your money all this time and looking forward to finally enjoying a vacation in NYC. However, when the time comes, you find out that all the money you’ve collected and saved for so long is only enough for two-way flight tickets, paying for a 3-day stay at a cheap hotel room, and meals for about a week. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to cancel it all and resume saving up your money for a vacation trip that may or may not get realized any time soon? How about this: how about still going to NYC—but on a budget? It is entirely possible to enjoy NYC without getting choked in the neck because you find all the prices there are simply, well, too much. Let’s assume you keep your savings allocated for the obvious. Setting this matter aside, there is only a case of what to do in NYC left to think about, right? There are things you can do for free in NYC. For example, you can go people-watching. Get to Washington Square Part/Union Square Park to witness a duel of chess masters. Or take a seat and just take a look at people walking back and forth around you. Just make sure you don’t do this on the subway lest you will be taken as a creep instead.

Conventionally, you will have to pay to see the Statue of Liberty. But you can marvel at the statue for free just by taking the Staten Island Ferry. The ferry is available for free so you can take it as many times as you like and at the same time take photos of the statue. You don’t have to go to the Empire State building or the Top of the Rock just to get a glance at NYC from above. Go to a rooftop bar, from where the same view can be enjoyed for a price of a drink or food.

Things to Do in NYC that Don’t Hurt Your Wallet

NYC is heaven for lovers of vintage items. In this regard, Goodwill and the Salvation Army are your best options. But if you are after something of designer brands or better curated, Housing Works, Buffalo Exchange, and Beacon’s Closet would be places for you to focus on. Sometimes, the best things don’t come with a high price. in NYC can be sources of great excitement. Grand Central Station’s whispering gallery, the Brooklyn Bridge, or the Flatiron Building is examples of locations to marvel upon.

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