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Clothing Stores in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 145 listings
General clothing stores for men women and children, national chain brand clothing stores and some clothing departments stores are listed on this page.
Clothing and Apparel in New York City New York City is a clothes shopping mecca for locals, visitors and people living the New York Metro area. Fifth Avenue is the trendiest shopping district for upscale and designer clothing for men, women and children, but clothing boutiques are everywhere you look and discount clothing stores abound as well. New York's famous department stores like Macy's and Bloomingdales have great selections in their clothing departments. Have a fun day clothes shopping in the city and check out our listings below of Clothing Stores in New York to get you started.

Clothing Department Stores (26 listings total)

A S Clothing

11 Stanton St., Lower East Side NY 10002 Tel 212-982-2996

Barneys New York

Famous extra trendy NY department store featuring many designer apparel, shoes and accessories for women and men featuring an amazing range of high-end designers for appearing elegant and cutting-edge; expensive designer clothes favored by young New York professionals made with creativity and style
660 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 betw 60th & 61st St, Tel 212-826-8900
Fax: 212-833-2293; E-mail: info-madison@barneys.com
Website: barneys.com

Big Drop - Soho

SoHo women's shop specializing in some of the US's and Europe's finest young alternative designers of clothing
174 Spring St., Soho NY 10012 Tel 212-966-4299
Fax: 212-966-4314; Website: bigdropnyc.com

Big Drop - Yorkville

1321 Third Ave., Yorkville NY near 75th St., Tel 212-988-3344
Fax: 212-672-7404

Broadway Fashion Line

309 Fifth Ave., Midtown South NY 10016 Tel 212-213-3202

Century 21 Department Store

New York New York Century 21 department stores offers high designer fashion for men's and women's apparel, ladies lingerie, juniors clothes, handbags and accessories, and shoes at discount prices
22 Cortlandt St., Noho NY 10007 betw Broadway & Church St, Tel 212-227-9092
Website: century21deptstores.com


A new store by Barney's where the same merchandise from the top two floors of the famous store can be found, including shoes and accessories.
236 W. 18th St., Chelsea NY Bet. 7th & 8th Aves., Tel 212-593-7800


Discount clothing for men, women and children featuring latest fashion trends and stunning unique styles plus great savings and promotions for Duffy's club members.
E-mail: info@daffys.com; Website: daffys.com

Daffy's - Brooklyn

Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn NY 11217 & Atlantic Ave., Atlantic Terminal, Tel 718-789-4477

Daffy's - Financial District

50 Broadway, Financial District NY 10004 near Trinity Pl., Tel 212-422-4477

Daffy's - Midtown West

1775 Broadway, Midtown West NY 10019 at 57th St., Tel 212-294-4477

Daffy's - Queens

88 --01 Queens Blvd., Queens NY 11373 at Comish Ave., Tel 718-760-7787

Daffy's - Soho

462 Broadway, Soho NY 10013 near Grand St., Tel 212-334-7444


33 E. 10th St., Greenwich Village NY 10003 Tel 212-533-4200

Filene's Basement

Rock-bottom prices in designer fashions for men and women, plus a great accessories department, underwear department, shoe department and home furnishings department.
Website: filenesbasement.com

Filene's Basement - Midtown South

4 Union Sq. S., Midtown South NY 10003 at 14th St., Tel 212-358-0169

H & M

Ranging from bold to basic, their extensive collection of garments and accessories promises something for everyone.
Website: hm.com

H & M - Fashion District

1328 Broadway, Fashion District NY 10001 34th St. & Herald, Tel 646-473-1165

H & M - Harlem

125 W. 125th St., Harlem NY Tel 212-665-8300

H & M - Midtown

640 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10019 ar 51st St., Tel 212-489-0390

H & M - Midtown South

435 Seventh Ave., Midtown South NY at 34th St., Tel 212-677-7328

H & M - Soho

558 Broadway, Soho NY at W. 11th Ave, Tel 212-343-2722

Hale-Bob Inc

231 W. 39th St., Fashion District NY 10018 Tel 212-278-8277

Lord & Taylor

The oldest clothing department store in New York and United States that becomes respected as a champion of top American designer styles for women, children and men, Lord & Taylor is also a retailing fashion front of NY feauturing Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, John and Jones New York and other designer brands
424 Fifth Ave., Fashion District NY 10018 betw 38th & 39th St, Tel 212-391-3344
Order: 800-223-7440; Website: lordandtaylor.com


Large department store in New York features apparel, shoes, and accessories for men, women and children; coats, dresses, jackets and blazers, sweaters, swimwear, intimates, maternity clothes, junor department, perfect gifts for Mother Day
151 W. 34th St., Garment District NY 10001 betw 6th & 7th Ave., Tel 212-594-0018
Tel: 212-695-4400; Website: macys.com

TJ Maxx

Large selection of clothing for the whole family at discount prices, unique mix of real designer fashion, accessories and jewelry, every day.
620 Sixth Ave., Flatiron District NY 10011 betw 18th & 19th St, Tel 212-229-0875
Tel: 800-926-6299; Fax: 212-229-1136
Website: tjmaxx.com


H&M is featuring edgy, fashion-forward clothing, shoes and accessories for women, men and children including modern and classic style apparel, designer shoes and accessories
Tel 212-564-9922
Website: hm.com

H&M - Chelsea

Seventh Avenue H&M clothing store at 34th Street
435 Seventh Ave., Chelsea NY 10003 at 34th St., Tel 212-643-6955

H&M - Flatiron District

Fifth Avenue H&M clothing store at 18th Street
111 Fifth Ave., Flatiron District NY 10019 at 18th St., Tel 212-539-1741

H&M - Garment District

Herald Square H&M clothing store at 34th Street
1328 Broadway, Garment District NY 10001 at 34th St. & 6th Ave., Tel 646-473-1165

H&M - Harlem

125 W. 125th St., Harlem NY 10027 near Lenox Ave., Tel 212-665-8300

H&M - Midtown

Lexington Avenue H&M clothing store at 59th Street
731 Lexington Ave., Midtown NY 10005 at 59th St., Tel 212-935-6781

H&M - Midtown

Fifth Avenue H&M clothing store at 51st Street
640 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10019 at 51st St., Tel 212-489-0390

H&M - Murray Hill

Fifth Avenue H&M clothing store at 42nd Street
505 Fifth Ave., Murray Hill NY 10017 at 42nd St., Tel 212-661-7012

H&M - Soho

Soho H&M clothing store located at Broadway near Prince Street
558 Broadway, Soho NY 10012 betw Prince & Spring St, Tel 212-343-2722

H&M - Soho

Soho 2 H&M clothing store between Spring and Broom Streets
515 Broadway, Soho NY 10015 betw Spring & Broom St, Tel 212-965-8975


Pulse and Beez Neez brand clothing and footwear for men and women
E-mail: ruty@mindspring.com; Website: pulsenyc.com

Pulse - Brooklyn

Brooklyn NY 11234 at Kings Plaza Mall, Tel 718-253-2949
Fax: 718-253-2889

Pulse - Soho

518 Broadway, Soho NY 10012 near Broome St., Tel 212-334-0235
Fax: 212-334-1321

Urban Outfitters

Collection of apparel, shoes, jeans, leather coats and jackets, sunglasses, and accessories with of urban chic for women and men.
Unnamed Street 7090, ny id 21331, Tel 800-282-2200
Fax: 800-959-8795; Website: urbanoutfitters.com

Urban Outfitters - Broadway

628 Broadway, Greenwich Village NY 10012 betw Bleecker & Houston St, Tel 212-475-0009

Urban Outfitters - Brooklyn

166 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn NY 12201 at Clinton St., Tel 718-488-7143

Urban Outfitters - Greenwich Village

374 Sixth Ave., Greenwich Village NY 10011 near WAshimgton Pl., Tel 212-677-9350

Urban Outfitters - Lower East Side

162 Second Ave., Lower East Side NY 10003 at 10th St., Tel 212-375-1277

Urban Outfitters - Queens

90 --15 Queens Blvd., Queens NY 11373 at Queens Center, Tel 718-699-7511

Urban Outfitters - Sixth Avenue

526 Avenue of Americas, Greenwich Village NY 10011 at 14th St., Tel 646-638-1646

Urban Outfitters - Upper West Side

2081 Broadway, Upper West Side NY 10023 at 72nd St., Tel 212-579-3912

Urban Outfitters - Uptown East

999 Third Ave., Uptown East NY 10022 betw 59th & 60th St, Tel 212-308-1518

General Clothing Stores (89 listings total)


Specializes in footwear and clothing of British manufacturer, source for lines such as Fred Perry, Vans, Dr. Marten's, Merc, Keds
84 E. 10th St., Greenwich Village NY 10003 betw 3rd & 4th Ave., Tel 212-460-8599
Fax: 212-254-2920; E-mail: 99x@99xnyc.com
Website: 99xnyc.com

Angel & D Fashion Inc

167 Bowery, Chinatown NY 10002 Tel 212-226-6040

Banana Republic

Clothes and shoes for men and women, accessories, jewelry or gifts
Fax 888-906-2465
Tel: 888-277-8953; Website: bananarepublic.com

Banana Republic - Chelsea

111 Eighth Ave., Chelsea NY 10011 Tel 212-645-1032

Banana Republic - Fashion District

17 W. 34th St., Fashion District NY at 5th Ave., Tel 212-244-3060

Banana Republic - Flatiron District

114 Fifth Ave., Flatiron District NY 10011 at 17th St., Tel 212-366-4691

Banana Republic - Midtown

107 E. 42nd St., Midtown NY 10017 at Gr& Central Terminal, Tel 212-490-3127

Banana Republic - Midtown

626 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10020 at Rockefeller Center, Tel 212-974-2350

Banana Republic - Midtown

130 E. 59th St., Midtown NY 10022 at Lexinton Ave., Tel 212-751-5570

Banana Republic - Soho

550 Broadway, Soho NY 10012 At Prince St., Tel 212-925-0308

Banana Republic - Upper East Side

1136 Madison Ave., Upper East Side NY 10028 At 85th St., Tel 212-570-2465
Fax: 212-396-2757

Banana Republic Home

Clothes and shoes for men and women, accessories, jewelry or gifts
89 Fifth Ave., Flatiron District NY 10011 Tel 212-366-4630
Fax: 212-414-2697

Barach Apparel Group

1370 Broadway Br., Inwood NY 10018 Tel 212-244-4276


Luxurious clothing for men. Known for classic styling and tailoring. Ready-made or custom made. This store features a women's department.
E-mail: infobrioni@brioni.inet.it; Website: brioni.com

Broadway Discount Store

4846 Broadway, Inwood NY 10034 Tel 212-567-5558


Clothing store for men and women since 1856
9 E. 57th St., New York NY 10022 Tel 212-407-7100
Website: burberry.com

Cabana Clothes Inc

1411 Broadway Br., Inwood NY 10018 Tel 212-391-2525

Claudia's Fashion

3852 Broadway Br., Inwood NY 10032 Tel 212-928-2811

Consolidated Apparel Group

105 Madison Ave., Midtown South NY 10016 Tel 212-696-0420

Costume National

Great collection of designer clothing. One of the best places to shop for the latest in fashions.
108 Wooster St., Soho NY 10012 Near Prince St, Tel 212-431-1530
Website: costumenational.com

Eddie Bauer

Casual, durable clothing. Comfortable and affordable.
Website: eddiebauer.com

Eddie Bauer

7000 Austin St., Forest Hills, Tel 718-459-2270

Eddie Bauer - Lincoln Center

1976 Broadway, Lincoln Center NY 10023 at 67th st, Tel 212-877-7629

Eddie Bauer - Soho

578 Broadway, Soho NY 10012 near Houston St, Tel 212-925-2179

Eddie Bauer - Turtle Bay

Casual, durable clothing. Comfortable and affordable.
30 Rockefeller Plaza, Turtle Bay NY Concourse Level, Tel 212-808-0820

Fit 4 U 2 Roc Apparels

600 W. 164th St., Washington Heights NY 10032 Tel 212-928-4381

French Connection

Men's and women's fashions at affordable prices. Very trendy clothing line.
Tel 888-741-3285
E-mail: frenchconnection@comfrenchconnection.com; Website: frenchconnection.com

French Connection - Rockefeller Center

1270 Sixth Ave., Rockefeller Center NY 10020 at 51st St., Tel 212-262-6623

French Connection - Soho

435 West Broadway, Soho NY 10012 at Prince St, Tel 212-219-1197

French Connection - Upper West Side

304 Columbus Ave., Upper West Side NY 10023 at 75th St., Tel 212-496-1470

Gates of Morocco

Renowned for it's selection of mosaic tile, brass lamp fixtures, pottery and carpets also sells a variety of Moroccan clothing for both men and women.
8 Prince St., NoLita NY 10012 near Elizabeth St, Tel 212-925-2650
Fax: 212-226-6264; Website: gatesofmorocco.com


Clothing to fit todays businessman. High end brand names and accessories.

Gerry - Chelsea

110 Eighth Ave., Chelsea NY 10011 near 16th St., Tel 212-243-9141

Gerry - West Village

353 Bleeker St., West Village NY near 10th St., Tel 212-691-0636


819 Washington St., Meatpacking District NY 10014 Tel 212-255-4985

Good, The Bad and The Ugly, The

437 E. 9th St., East Village NY Tel 212-473-3769

Greenstones, Too

1184 Madison Ave., Carnegie Hill NY near 86th St., Tel 212-427-1665

Guess - Fulton

Clothes for the stylish and young hip.
23 --25 Fulton St., Fulton NY 10038 at the South St Seaport, Tel 212-385-0533
Website: guess.com

Guess - Soho

Clothes for the stylish and young hip.
537 Broadway, Soho NY 10012 Tel 212-226-9545
Website: guess.com

Hello Sari

Tiny lower East Side boutique specializing in saris and scarves from Pakistan and India.
261 Broome St., Lower East Side NY near Allen St, Tel 212-274-0791

Hired Hand

1324 Lexington Ave., Carnegie Hill NY at E. 88th St., Tel 212-722-1355

Julia's Fashion

319 Audubon Ave., Washington Heights NY 10033 Tel 212-923-5731

Lawrence David Custom Apparel

1930 Broadway Br., Inwood NY 10023 Tel 212-362-5022

Mad Dog Fashions

1 W. 34th St., Fashion District NY 10001 Tel 212-629-0570


Great selection of teen fashion, good buys, brand names.
2550 Broadway, Upper West Side NY 10025 near 95th St., Tel 212-666-1652
Website: mandee.com


Bargain clothing boutique
186 Orchard St., Lower East Side NY 10002 Tel 212-253-1070

MH Designs

25 Mercer St., Soho NY 10013 Tel 212-941-0485

Michael Boris Clothing

252 W. 38th St., Fashion District NY 10018 Tel 212-719-1277

More Fashion

1505 St. Nicholas Ave., Fort George NY 10033 Tel 212-928-6019

N G Apparel

43 W. 33rd St., Midtown South NY 10001 Tel 646-637-9337

Patricia Field--Hotel Venus

Avant-garde and outrageous clothing and accessories
382 West Broadway, Soho NY 10012 betw Broome & Spring St, Tel 212-966-4066
Fax: 212-431-4544; E-mail: thepatriciafield@aol.com
Website: patriciafield.com

Psycho Therapy Clothing

T-shirts with lines such as mental therapy, sex therapy, social therapy and gender therapy.
154 E. 28th St., Midtown South NY 10016 Tel 212-726-9799
Website: psychotherapyclothing.com

Pure Luxe Showroom

250 W. 39th St., Fashion District NY 10018 Tel 212-921-4242

R V X Apparel Group

1466 Broadway Br., Inwood NY 10036 Tel 212-221-0312

Reiss Limited

387 West Broadway, Soho NY 10012 Tel 212-925-5707

Retail Clothing Salesmens

31 W. 15th St., Flatiron District NY 10011 Tel 212-801-2472

Retail Sportswear

19 Union Sq. W., Union Square NY 10003 Tel 646-638-1591

Retail Therapy

1412 Broadway, Fashion District NY 10018 Tel 212-921-7199

Revise Clothing Inc

525 Fashion Ave., Fashion District NY 10018 (7th Ave.), Tel 212-827-0324

Ruby Fox Clothing Co

421 Seventh Ave. So., Tel 212-563-6633

S 99 Apparel

1385 Broadway Br., Inwood NY 10018 Tel 212-391-7870

Sanchi Fashion Wear Inc

45 W. 34th St., Fashion District NY 10001 Tel 212-216-0927

SC Garments

247 W. 38th St., Fashion District NY 10018 Tel 212-789-8813

Scruples East

19 E. 69th St., Lenox Hill NY at Madison Ave., Tel 212-744-2422

Skyline Fashion Inc

83 --85 White St., CivicCenter NY 10013 Tel 212-227-9459

Small Change

964 Lexington Ave., Lenox Hill NY betw 70th & 71st St, Tel 212-772-6455

Southhampton Clothing Co Inc

481 Broadway, Soho NY 10013 Tel 212-334-4380

SUSS Design

Fringed sweater jackets, colorful wrap cardigans, men's and kids' knitwear.
281 LaFayette St., Soho NY 10012 Near Prince St., Tel 212-226-1848

Susu Silks LTD

172 Thompson St., Greenwich Village NY 10012

Taurus Gems

15 W. 47th St., Midtown NY 10036

Ted Baker London

Selling mens and women's clothing and accessories Clothing Stores New York NY
107 Grand St., Soho NY 10013 Tel 212-343-8989
Website: tedbaker.com

Tommy Hilfiger

601 W. 26th St., Chelsea NY 10001 Tel 212-549-6000

Tommy Hilfinger

372 West Broadway, Soho NY Tel 917-237-0983
Website: tommyhilfinger.com

TOP Apparel

147 W. 35th St., Fashion District NY 10001 Tel 212-239-3956

Top Gem

23 W. 47th St., Midtown NY 10036 Tel 212-789-9081

Transfer International - Rag Nation

Recycled and discount designer name clothing, pre & post-worn. All at discount prices.
71 Broadway, Soho NY 10006 betwen Prince & Houston St, Tel 212-941-5472
Website: rag-nation.com

Trash & Vaudeville

This store if a place of kitsch and punk clothing in original designs that means rock and roll styles from the 1950s to the 1990s, including some outrageous footwear; good source of club wear
4 St. Marks Pl., East Village NY 10003 beyween 2nd & 3rd Ave., Tel 212-982-3590
Fax: 212-260-2393; Website: nycgoth.com


141 Orchard St., Lower East Side NY Tel 212-529-9333

Tribeca Issey Miyake

...jam-packed with the Japanese designer's head-turning pieces." TONY's Top 10 Below Canal St.
119 Hudson St., Tribeca NY at North Moore St., Tel 212-226-0100


This clothing store in Soho NY is a line that began in Hiroshima, Japan and has become a worldwide chain, thier focus is on high quality contemporary casual Japanese Style for men, women, and children in thier cutting edge store with cutting edge style upon which the brand is discretely woven into the inside of the jeans rather than flashy with an astonishing variety of colors and styles.
546 Broadway, Soho NY 10012
Website: uniqlo.com

Urban Unit

1140 Broadway, Flatiron District NY 10001 Tel 212-684-2010

Valmor Apparel

214 W. 39th St., Fashion District NY 10018 Tel 212-944-1077

Vanessa Noel Retail Store

158 E. 64th St., Lenox Hill NY 10021 Tel 212-906-0055

Victory Apparel Corp

450 Seventh Ave. So., Tel 212-239-3262

Wet Seal

Hip, young downtown store featuring teen fashions and accessories.
670 Broadway, Greenwich Village NY at Bond St., Tel 212-253-2470

Win Fast Fashion - Fashion District

252 W. 38th St., Fashion District NY 10018 Tel 212-382-3808

Win Fast Fashion - Yorkville

304 E. 77th St., Yorkville NY 10021 Tel 212-988-5155

Work in Progress

513 Broadway, Soho NY near Spring St.,

Selected Clothing Stores (8 listings total)

A. Cheng

Comfortable and easy to wear clothing for the stylish professional.
443 E. 9th St., East Village NY 10009 Tel 212-979-7324

AB Apollo Braun

The Place to be for Downtown Hipsters looking for unique apparel and accessories!
193 Orchard St., Lower East Side NY 10003 Tel 212-726-8075

Add Accessories

New York New York Many dozen brands of designer handbags, hats, jewelery, and countless other items
461 West Broadway, Soho NY 10012 betw Houston/Prince, Tel 212-539-1439

Alexandre de Paris

French hair accessories for women, custom-dressed in a style of choice, whether it a simple painted piece or jeweled to perfection.
971 Madison Ave., Upper East Side NY 10021 Tel 212-717-2122

Alexia Crawford Accessories

Accessories in all shapes and styles, from trendy and hip to classy and sophisticated.
199 Prince St., Soho NY 10012 betw Sullvan/MacDougal, Tel 212-473-9703

Jean Yu's 37=1

Made famous for its top-rated made-to-fit designer lingerie, 37 = 1 exists to provide high-end pieces for those who do not wish to be restricted by conventional mass-production designs.
37 Crosby St., Soho NY 10013 Tel 212-226-0067
E-mail: info@jeanyu.com; Website: jeanyu.com

Kumar T-Shirt

274 Canal St., Chinatown NY 10013

Margaret O'Leary

Touchable knits and accessories.
1100 Madison Ave., Upper East Side NY 10028 Tel 212-439-8368