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Politics and Political Parties in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 12 listings
Politics and Political Parties in New York

Political Parties (12 listings total)

American Reform Party

Originally formed by the infamous Ross Perot, this third party has become a legit force in Politics & is home to former wrestler turned reformist Jesse "The Mind" Ventura.
Website: americanreform.org

Communist Party

Well it's not the 50's anymore & the American Communist Party is alive & kicking. Check website for exact platform.
Website: cpusa.org

Constitution Party

Pretty radical in it's platform, but at least it has a sense of humor (check web page for Clinton jokes & pictures of UFOs supposedly covered up by Uncle Sam).
Website: constitutionparty.com

Democratic Socialists of America

If you're a socialist & need someone to talk to then come join the Democratic Socialists of America, a group that claims to be the largest socialists political party in the US. See web site for exact platform & extensive links to socialist type sites.
Website: dsausa.org

Green Party

As the name implies, these guys are pretty environmental. Check the website for exact platform.
Website: greens.org

Labor Party

This party really has the emphasis on the labor rights of the middle class. See website for exact platform.
Website: thelaborparty.org

Libertarian Party

The Libertarian philosophy is "Live and let live". They stand for the abolishment of taxes, the legalization of drugs & the end of internet censorship, among other things. See website for exact platform.
Website: lp.org

Light Party

Seems like this party's main goal is to persuade everyone to stop using oil & start using natural resources, like the sun. If that's your bag then this is your party. Check website for exact platform.
Website: lightparty.com

Natural Law Party of the United States of America

eclectic yet liberal stance on issues. Check website for exact platform.
Website: natural-law.org

New York State Democratic Party

Information on events, prominent New York State Democrats & voter registration. Also includes links to 2000 campaign websites
60 Madison Ave., Midtown South NY 10010 Tel 212-725-8825
Fax: 212-725-8867; Website: nydems.org

Republican Party

Check website for exact platform and republican links.
Website: rnc.org