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Shoe Stores in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 81 listings
The shoe stores directory page listed below includes women's shoes, men's shoes and children's shoes whether high fashion, trendy shoes or discount shoes.
Shoes stores are located all over New York City, whether you are looking for high-heeled shoes for a fancy date, flats or sandals for casual wear, dancing shoes for your child or hiking boots for a trip to the country. Take a walk down Fifth Avenue and you will find store after store of designer shoes. Many department stores, like Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy's have well-stocked shoe departments carrying oxfords, women's dress shoes, men's dress shoes, boots, sandals and sneakers and are usually manned with salespeople who can help you get a good fit and find what you're looking for. Check out our CitiDex Shoe Stores directory below for a list of various shoe stores in New York City.
Shoe Stores in New York

Discount Shoes in New York (4 listings total)

Citishoes Warehouse

Leading discount shoe store providing wholesale and retail of all kind of decent afforadable shoes for men, women, and kids.
29 W. 30th St., Midtown South NY 10001 betw 5th & 6th Ave., Tel 212-967-3201
Fax: 212-244-4028; E-mail: ifs.usa@gmail.com

Gabay's Outlet

Lower East Side outlet store sells designer overstock for men and women from some of the finest stores, including Bergdorf Goodman and Henri Bendel
225 First Ave., betw 13th & 14th St, Tel 212-254-3180
Tel: 212-529-4036; E-mail: contactus@gabaysoutlet.com
Website: gabaysoutlet.com

Italian Boutique Shoes

Outlet online of best italian shoes and boots from the highest designer in the world like Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Fendi, Dior, YSL and lots more.
Tel 055-062-0221
E-mail: info@italian-boutique.com; Website: italian-boutique.com

Nine West Outlet

Nine West brand shoes, handbags and accessories for women outlet store in Harlem NY.
282 St. Nicholas Ave., Harlem NY 10027 at 124th St., Tel 212-665-1022
Website: ninewest.com

Shoe Stores General (63 listings total)


Specializes in footwear and clothing of British manufacturer, source for lines such as Fred Perry, Vans, Dr. Marten's, Merc, Keds
84 E. 10th St., Greenwich Village NY 10003 betw 3rd & 4th Ave., Tel 212-460-8599
Fax: 212-254-2920; E-mail: 99x@99xnyc.com
Website: 99xnyc.com

Aldo Shoes

Specializes in creation of high-quality fashion footwear, leather goods and accessories for women and men
Tel 888-818-2536
E-mail: comments@aldogroup.com; Website: aldoshoes.com

Aldo Shoes - Carnegie Hill

157 E. 86th St., Carnegie Hill NY betw Lexington & 3rd Ave., Tel 212-828-3725

Aldo Shoes - Flatiron District

97 Fifth Ave., Flatiron District NY at W. 17th St., Tel 212-229-9865

Aldo Shoes - Midtown

730 Lexington Ave., Midtown NY betw 58th & 59th St, Tel 212-832-1692

Aldo Shoes - Midtown

603 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10017 betw 48th & 49th St, Tel 646-840-0193

Aldo Shoes - Midtown

139 E. 42nd St., Midtown NY 10017 at Lexington Ave., Tel 212-661-0208

Aldo Shoes - Rockefeller Center

1230 Avenue of Americas, Rockefeller Center NY 10020 betw 48th & 49th St, Tel 212-586-6293

Aldo Shoes - Soho

579 Broadway, Soho NY 10012 at Prince St., Tel 212-226-7974

Aldo Shoes - Staten Island

2655 Richmond Ave., Staten Island NY 10314 at Staten Isl& Mall, Tel 718-370-2869

Aldo Shoes - Upper West Side

2345 Broadway, Upper West Side NY 10024 betw 85th & 86th St, Tel 212-362-7976

Aldo Shoes

15 W. 34th St., Fashion District NY at 5th Ave., Tel 212-594-6255

Bareiro Shoes

Fashion district shoe store for men and women
1328 Broadway, Fashion District NY 10001 at 35th St., Tel 212-268-0079

Church's English Shoes

Classic, elegant, and conservative footwear for women and men in Upper East Side
689 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10017 betw 61st & 62nd St, Tel 212-758-5200

Davinci Italian Import Inc

Davinci in business for 30 years specializes in high quality Italian shoes boots for men and ladies cowboy boots lucchese nocona frye unbeatable lowest prices over the knee boots
37 West 8th Street, Tel 212-674-2099
Tel: 212-982-9879; E-mail: evettemansoor@optonline.net
Website: davincishoesvillage.com

Footlights Shoes - Lenox Hill

1062 Third Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10012 betw 62nd & 63rd St, Tel 212-755-5752

Footlights Shoes - Upper West Side

Large selection of casual style shoes
294 Columbus Ave., Upper West Side NY 10023 Tel 212-799-1994

Giraudon New York

Footwear for women and men famous for their classic styles and superior quality.
152 Eighth Ave., Chelsea NY 10011 betw 17th & 18th St, Tel 212-633-0999
Tel: 800-278-1552; E-mail: sales@giraudonnewyork.com
Website: giraudonnewyork.com

Harry's Shoes

Extensive selection of quality American and European brand shoes for women, men and children
2299 Broadway, Upper West Side NY 10001 at 83th St., Tel 866-442-7797
Website: Harrys-Shoes.com

Jenny B.

Offers collection of Varda brand Italian shoes for women and men
118 Spring St., Soho NY 10012 betw Greene & Mercer St, Tel 212-343-9575

Kenneth Cole

Stylish, practical and great looking Kenneth Cole New York footwear for women and men: dress and casual shoes, sandals, and boots; handbags and accessories
Unnamed Street 7090, ny id 21331,
Website: kennethcole.com

Kenneth Cole - Upper West Side

353 Columbus Ave., Upper West Side NY 10024 at 77th St., Tel 212-873-2061

Kenneth Cole - Flatiron District

95 Fifth Ave., Flatiron District NY 10003 at 17th St., Tel 212-675-2550

Kenneth Cole - Midtown

107 E. 42nd St., Midtown NY 10024 in Gr& Central Station Terminal, Tel 212-949-8079

Kenneth Cole - Rockefeller Center

610 Fifth Ave., Rockefeller Center NY 10020 at 49th St., Tel 212-373-5800

Kenneth Cole - Soho

597 Broadway, Soho NY 10012 near Houston St., Tel 212-965-0283
Fax: 212-965-0768

Kinway Industries

Shoe store located in heart of Greenwich Village in New York featuring well-priced Converse, Airwalk, Sketchers, and Simple sneakers, Doc Martens, and Frye boots in many styles and sizes
5 W. 8th St., Greenwich Village NY 10011 near 5th Ave., Tel 212-777-3848
Fax: 212-505-2370; E-mail: villageshoes@yahoo.com
Website: villageshoes.com

Lord John's Bootery

Midtown shoe store recognized as 50 years resource of comfort footwear from around the world made by known designers: Ecco, Icon, Mephisto, Merrell, Sperry etc.
428 Third Ave., Midtown South NY 10016 betw 29th & 30th St, Tel 212-532-2579
Fax: 212-932-3280; Website: lordjohnsbootery.com

Luxury Shoes

Chinatown shoe place offering special selection of shoes in latest styles
197 Canal St., Chinatown NY 10013 near Mulberry St., Tel 212-226-2385

Make 10

Name brand shoes for women and men including Nine West, Palladium, Ann Klein, Timberland, Rockport and other
Unnamed Street 7090, ny id 21331,
Website: make10.com

Make 10 - Fashion District

366 Fifth Ave., Fashion District NY 10019 at 35th St., Tel 212-868-1202

Make 10 - Greenwich Village

49 W. 8th St., Greenwich Village NY 10011 near Fifth Ave., Tel 212-254-1132

Make 10 - Midtown South

1386 Sixth Ave., Midtown South NY 10019 near 56th St., Tel 212-956-4739

Make 10 - Uptown East

1227 Third Ave., Uptown East NY 10021 at 71st St., Tel 212-472-2775

Medici Shoes

Large selection of urban fashion oriented shoes for women and men made in Italy, plus unique line of hats, jewelry, scarves, belts and other accessories. Shoe Stores New York NY
Website: medicishoes.com

Medici Shoes - Flatiron District

24 W. 23rd St., Flatiron District NY near Fifth Ave., Tel 212-604-0888

Medici Shoes

Young, ultratrendy shoes.
420 Columbus Ave., Upper West Side NY 10024 betw 79th & 80th St, Tel 212-712-9342
Fax: 212-260-4253

Payless Shoe Source

60 E. 42nd St., Murray Hill NY 10165 betw 5th & 6th Ave., Tel 212-983-0990

Payless ShoeSource

Large selection of shoes for women, men and children in different styles and affordable prices: casual and dress shoes, sandals, slippers, boots, and athletics
Tel 877-474-6379
Website: payless.com

Payless ShoeSource - Financial District

175 Broadway, Financial District NY 10007 near Maiden Ln., Tel 212-267-2176

Payless ShoeSource - Flatiron District

40 W. 14th St., Flatiron District NY 10011 near 5th Ave., Tel 212-242-3670

Payless ShoeSource - Stuyvesant

292 First Ave., Stuyvesant NY 10009 at E. 14th St., Tel 212-473-9245

Payless ShoeSource - East Harlem

1897 Third Ave., East Harlem NY at 105th St., Tel 212-876-2826

Payless ShoeSource - East Harlem

2143 Third Ave., East Harlem NY 10035 at 117th St., Tel 212-289-2251

Payless ShoeSource - Fashion District

484 Eighth Ave., Fashion District NY 10001 at 34th St., Tel 212-594-5715

Payless ShoeSource - Fashion District

609 Eigth Ave., Fashion District NY 10018 betw 39th & 40th St, Tel 212-279-3342

Payless ShoeSource - Greenwich Village

600 Avenue of Americas, Greenwich Village NY 10011 betw 17th & 18th St, Tel 212-645-1401

Payless ShoeSource - Harlem

208 W. 125th St., Harlem NY 10027 at Martin L. King Jr Blvd., Tel 212-662-3582

Payless ShoeSource - Midtown

437 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10016 betw 38th & 39th St, Tel 212-481-2653

Payless ShoeSource - Midtown

716 Lexington Ave., Midtown NY 10022 at 58th St., Tel 212-421-2562

Payless ShoeSource - Midtown South

415 Broadway, Midtown South NY at Canal St., Tel 212-966-9112

Payless ShoeSource - Midtown South

110 W. 34th St., Midtown South NY 10001 at Broadway, Tel 212-947-0306

Payless ShoeSource - Upper West Side

2507 Broadway, Upper West Side NY 10025 betw 93th & 94th St, Tel 212-678-4390

Payless ShoeSource - Yorkville

1503 Third Ave., Yorkville NY 10032 betw 84th & 85th St, Tel 212-734-1599

Saga Shoes

Line of shoes for women, men and kids, bags, and belts manufactured in Brazil, China, Italy, and Spain featuring Ecco, Timberland, Kenneth Cole, Adidas, Indigo, Oasis and other top brands
E-mail: cs@sagashoes.com; Website: sagashoes.com

Saga Shoes - Greenwich Village

364 Sixth Ave., Greenwich Village NY 10011 betw Wasgington & WAverly Pl., Tel 212-475-7171

Saga Shoes - Midtown

665 Lexington Ave., Midtown NY 10022 betw 55th & 56th Ave., Tel 212-593-1555

Saga Shoes

17 W. 8th St., Greenwich Village NY 10011 near 6th Ave., Tel 212-253-5012

Stapleton Shoe

Extensive and high quality shoe selection, mainly dress shoes in Financial district of New York City
68 Trinity Pl., Financial District NY 10006 near Rector St., Tel 212-425-5260
Tel: 212-964-6329; Fax: 212-608-2838

Steven's Shoes

Hip shoes for fancy women in Soho
529 Broadway, Soho NY 10012 near Spring St., Tel 212-431-6022


Handmade Italian shoes with exclusive designs often have softly rounded toes, T-straps, or even patent-leather-trimmed zippers.
Unnamed Street 7090, ny id 21331, Tel 212-941-4990
Website: vardashoes.com

Varda - Soho

147 Spring St., Soho NY 10012 betw West Broadway & Wooster, Tel 212-941-4990

Varda - Uptown

2080 Broadway, Upper West Side NY 10023 betw 71st & 72th St, Tel 212-873-6910

Shoes in Departments Stores (12 listings total)

Barneys New York

Famous extra trendy NY department store featuring many designer shoes and accessories for women and men; shoes are thick with labels like Prada, Dries van Noten, Manolo Blahniks and some unique numbers like Philippe Model.
660 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 betw 60th & 61st St, Tel 212-826-8900
Fax: 212-833-2293; E-mail: info-madison@barneys.com
Website: barneys.com

Century 21 Department Store

New York New York Century 21 department store offers high designer fashion shoes and accessories for men's and women at discount prices
22 Cortlandt St., Noho NY 10007 betw Broadway & Church St, Tel 212-227-9092
Website: century21deptstores.com


Discount shoes for men, women and children featuring latest fashion trends and stunning unique styles plus great savings and promotions for Duffy's club members.
E-mail: info@daffys.com; Website: daffys.com

Daffy's - Financial District

50 Broadway, Financial District NY 10004 near Trinity Pl., Tel 212-422-4477

Daffy's - Midtown West

1775 Broadway, Midtown West NY 10019 at 57th St., Tel 212-294-4477

Daffy's - Queens

88 --01 Queens Blvd., Queens NY 11373 at Comish Ave., Tel 718-760-7787

Daffy's - Soho

462 Broadway, Soho NY 10013 near Grand St., Tel 212-334-7444

Filene's Basement

Designer shoes for men and women at discount prices.
Website: filenesbasement.com

Filene's Basement - Midtown South

4 Union Sq. S., Midtown South NY 10003 at 14th St., Tel 212-358-0169

Lord & Taylor

The oldest department store in New York and United States that becomes respected as a champion of top American shoe designer styles for women, children and men feauturing Bamdolino, Ellen Tracy, Tahari, Puma, Nine West and other designer shoe brands
424 Fifth Ave., Fashion District NY 10018 betw 38th & 39th St, Tel 212-391-3344
Order: 800-223-7440; Website: lordandtaylor.com


Large department store in New York features large selection of shoes and accessories for men, women and children; evening and casual shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers from Adidas, Aerosoles, Ann Klein, Calvin Klein, Nike, Naturalizer, and other; extended sizes are available
151 W. 34th St., Garment District NY 10001 betw 6th & 7th Ave., Tel 212-594-0018
Tel: 212-695-4400; Website: macys.com

Saks Fifth Avenue

Noted as one of the best selection of shoes in the city.
611 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10022 at 49th St., Tel 212-644-1704
Tel: 212-940-2269; General Info: 212-753-4000
Website: saksfifthavenue.com

Vintage Shoes in New York (2 listings total)

Girls Love Shoes

Lovely shoe boutique in Soho that houses approximately 300 pairs of vintage shoes ranging in era from 1930s to early 90s and ranges in sizes 4 to 12; this shop carries pumps, sandals, flats and boots in a rainbow of colors and styles carrying Yves Saint Laurent, Maud Frizon, Andrea Pfister, Charles Jourdan, Christian Dior among others brands
29 Ludlow St., Soho NY 10002 at Hester St., Tel 212-226-1815
Tel: 917-250-3268; E-mail: info@glsnewyork.com
Website: glsnewyork.com

Screaming Mimi's

Modern vintage shoes, clothing, jewelry, watches and accessories with an excellent collection of trendy pieces
382 LaFayette St., Noho NY 10003 at E. 4th St., Tel 212-677-6464
E-mail: sales@screamingmimis.com; Website: screamingmimis.com