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Medical Information on Internet

2 Stop Now

Recommendation to quit smoking
Website: 2stopnow.com

Advanced Cancer: Living Each Day - From CancerNet

This CancerNet booklet is intended for the friends and family of adult patients with terminal or advanced cancer. It deals with end of life issues.
Website: cancernet.nci.nih.gov

American Academy of Neurologists' Website

Useful links on neurologic disorders from the Am. Acad of Neurologists; if you have a neurologic disorder, this is a good place to start.
Website: aan.com

Anxiety Disorders

This is the National Institute of Health site on anxiety disorders. These illnesses are no laughing matter and are getting serious attention and research.
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Atlas of Dermatology

Terrific Atlas and Encyclopedia of Dermatologic Conditions, A++++ Site
Website: dermis.net

Atlas of Parasites

Tremendous resource on learning about parasites, from small to big
Website: cdfound.to.it

Birth Defects Links - From NIH

NIH Links on Birth Defects
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Botulinum Toxin for Wrinkles

Botulinum Toxin for Wrinkles
Website: derm.ubc.ca

Brain Dseases, NIH Links

Good links on brain diseases from NIH
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Brain Structure

Great Site on Brain Structure
Website: meddean.luc.edu:80

Breast Cancer and Mammography - From NCI

Mammography facts from NCI. A good site.
Website: cis.nci.nih.gov

Breast Cancer Information - From YourSurgery.com

an A+ site with information on everything from breast self exam to lumpectomy and mastectomy. It is written in layman's terms and has clear diagrams and pictures.
Website: yoursurgery.com

Breast Cancer, Best Web Sites from U. of Oregon

U. Oregon site, outdated (1988) on breast cancer
Website: darkwing.uoregon.edu

Celiac Sprue Forum - From MedicineNet

Information on Celiac Sprue, its causes, diagnosis and treatment along with doctors' answers to readers' questions.
Website: medicinenet.com

Cerebral Palsy Links - From NIH

NIH Links on cerebral palsy. Includes links to Spanish language classes.
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Cervical Cancer Links - From NIH

NIH Site on cervical cancer, a malignancy proven to be sexually transmitted by HPV. Death rates in Western Countries are down largely due to Pap Smear.
Website: nlm.nih.gov

CNS Infections

CNS Infections, neuropathology atlas, good if graphic
Website: neuropat.dote.hu

Cord Blood Registry

This site describes a rather big operation to harvest cord blood. Worth a visit; read fine print.
Website: cordblood.com

Crohn"s Disease, NIH Links

NIH site on one form of 'classic' inflammatory bowel disease
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Deafness & Communication Disorder Organizations

Important links to organizations dealing with loss of senses - hearing,smell, taste, balance, voice, speech and language, A+++
Website: webdb.nidcd.nih.gov

Degenerative Nerve Diseases, Medlineplus Links

NIH link page on relatively rare but important degenerative nerve diseases
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Depression NIH Page

This NIH page discusses depression, one of the most common diseases afflicting mankind.
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Diarrhea, from NIH

NIH Links on Diarrhea
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Divorce Care Online

Divorce recovery support groups meeting throughout the US, Canada and nearly 20 other countries, resources to help to rebuild new life
Website: divorcecare.com

Eating Disorders/Anorexia/Clinical Studies

Clinical studies listed from Centerwatch
Website: centerwatch.com

Endocrine Gland Disorders, NIH Links

Good basic site with general and specific links on disorders of the endocrine system
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Endocrine Stystem Tour, Interactive

Picture tour of endocrine system,
Website: mayohealth.org

Epilepsy Foundation

Informative site on epilepsy from the Epilepsy Foundation
Website: efa.org

Epilepsy, Info From Am. Epilepsy Society

Comprehensive site on Epilepsy from the American Epilepsy Society
Website: aesnet.org

Epilepsy, NIH Links

Basic links on epilepsy, with more and more therapies available
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Esophageal Cancer, Oncolink

Very informative site on esophageal cancer from Oncolink
Website: oncolink.upenn.edu


Information on that dreaded complication of travelling
Website: familydoctor.org

Fever, NIH Links

Basic links on FEVER from the NIH
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Great Parasite Atlas with Life Cycles

Parasites with their life cycles; great photos; five star site
Website: biosci.ohio-state.edu

Heart Transplantation, Basic Info from NIH

Solid links on this topic, form NIH
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Hepatitis, NIH Links

Basic Links on these very important viral infections of the liver; alcohol and other conditions may cause nonviral hepatitis; all forms may lead to cirrhosis and rarely liver failure and more rarely liver cancer.
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Laminectomy for Lower Back Pain

Laminectomy for Lower Back Pain, Made Simple
Website: yoursurgery.com

Leg Injuries and Disorders, NIH Links

Leg Injuries and Disorders, NIH Links
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Malaria, NIH Links

Malaria, NIH Links
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Manic-Depressive Illness, NIH Links

Bipolar Disorder and Manic-Depressive Illness, NIH Links
Website: nlm.nih.gov

MedicineNet.com - Congenital Heart Disease

Useful information on the causes and types of congenital heart disease.
Website: medicinenet.com

Medline Plus - Bladder Diseases

Links to informative sites about bladder diseases.
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Medlineplus - Congenital Heart Disease

Lists links to sites, including Spanish language sites, about congenital heart disease.
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Mount Sinai Medical Center Department of Urology

The department has an active research and therapeutic program
Website: mssm.edu

Mount Sinai Medical Center Fetal Heart Program

Multidisciplinary program involving fetus, mother and family. superb. contact Ester Detres. Scheduling coordinator, 212-241-8667; satellite office in Elmhurst Hospital Center, and Englewood Hospital Medical Center
Fax 212-534-2659
General Info: 212-241-8667

MRI for Heart Disease, Two Radiology Societies

Exciting new prospects in cardiovascular imaging, using MRI
Website: radiologyresource.org

Myasthenis Gravis, NIH Links

Myasthenis Gravis, NIH Links
Website: nlm.nih.gov

National Cancer Institute

T cell lymphoma of the skin, Sezary Syndrome and other manifestations. A+ site
Website: cancernet.nci.nih.gov

National Instutute of Mental Health Website - Autism

Indepth information on autism and the latest research being conducted at NIMH. A good site.
Website: nimh.nih.gov

Neck Disorders and Injuries, NIH Links

Neck Disorders and Injuries, NIH Links
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Neurologic Diseases, General, Links from NIH

Neurologic Diseases, General, Links from NIH
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Neurosurgeon, How To Find One

How to find a Neurosurgeon, important site.
Website: neurosurgerytoday.org


Lung Cancer information from Oncolink. Includes answers to readers' questions.
Website: oncolink.upenn.edu

Pancreatic Transplantation Links - NIH

Pancreatic Transplantation, NIH Links.
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Parasitic Diseases, NIH Links

Parasitic Diseases, NIH Links
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Pneumonia - National Institute of Health Links

Links to information about bacterial and viral pneumonia. Includes links to Spanish language sites.
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Prostate Cancer, Clinical Trials - CenterWatch.com

A list of clinical trials across the United States.
Website: centerwatch.com

Rabies, NIH Listing

NIH Listing on Rabies
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Radon Exposure, NIH Listing

NIH Listing on Radiation and Radon Exposure
Website: nlm.nih.gov


NIH listings on Rape
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Reyes Syndrome

NIH Links on Reyes Syndrome
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Shingles, NIH Listings

Shingles a reoccurence of Chicken Pox
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Smoking and Illness, NIH Links

Smoking and its relation to disease, good links
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Thoractomy, Opening the Chest Cavity - From YourSurgery.com

Information on the anatomy of the thorax, descriptions of the various types of lung cancer and pictures and diagrams of the procedure.
Website: yoursurgery.com

Thyroid Diseases, NIH Links

Thyroid Diseases, NIH Links
Website: nlm.nih.gov

To Parents of Children Born With Clubfeet - From Virtual Hospital

Informative site on correcting club feet. Written by Ignacio Ponseti, MD from the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.
Website: vh.org

Traveller's Health, NIH Links

NIH Links on Traveller's Health
Website: nlm.nih.gov

Tuberculosis - National Institutes of Health Links

NIH Links on Tuberculosis, an increasingly important illness, with emerging drug resistance
Website: nlm.nih.gov

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Website: webmd.com