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Internet Access Services in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 27 listings
Internet Access Services in New York

CSC Computer Services & Communications

Offering set-up and maintenance of network systems (Lan/Wan networks, Wireless Systems, Digital Surveillance), training, interface development, website design & hosting, e-commerce, development of client interfaces, DSL internet access and more.
Tel 631-421-0066
Website: computerservices.com


Speakeasy High Speed INternet Service, Dial Up, ISP, DSL, ADSL, SDSL, T1. Speakeasy leader of high-speed internet access. Our service is voted #1 in Customer Satisfaction
E-mail: avanti@aport.ru; Website: geocities.com

Local Internet Service Providers (16 listings total)

A1 Terabit Net

Providing high-speed internet access in the NY metro area & around the world. Wholesale dial up & dedicated internet access, server collocation, & satellite services.
11 Broadway, Financial District NY 10004 Billing Dept. 212-344-3940
General Info: 212-344-4443; E-mail: info@terabit.net
Website: terabit.net

Digital Fusion

Internet services include: turn-key network solutions, leased line connections, web hosting, FTP site, dialup e-mail accounts, web programming, & training.
Tel 212-800-4740
Tel: 973-285-2600; Fax: 973-285-4777
Website: digitalfusion.com


Free inernet access for the Northeast, Mid Atlantic states and California. Soon will be joining up with Lycos.
Website: erols.com

Galaxy Internet Services

Serves the Northeast. $9.95 per month for unlimited access; local numbers for NYC; and 56K speed.
Toll-Free 888-334-2529
E-mail: info@gis.net; Website: gis.net

Grand Central Networks

Web hosting and Internet access. Also, website design services. Network connections from 28.8 Kbps modems ($150/month) up to T1 lines ($1,900/month)..
Tel 888-426-0010
Website: grand-central.net

Hampton Online

The leading Internet Service Provider in the East End of Long Island 39 Windmill Lane, P.O.Box 299 Southhampton. NY
Tel 516-287-6630
Fax: 516-287-6650; E-mail: info@hamptons.com
Website: hamptons.com

Internet Exchange

60 E. 56th St., Midtown NY 10022 Tel 212-935-3322
Fax: 212-322-3515; Website: inx.net

Interport Commuication

1133 Broadway, Flatiron District NY 10010 Tel 212-989-1128
Fax: 212-989-3208; Website: rcn.net

New York Connect

317 Madison Ave., Murray Hill NY 10017 Tel 212-293-2620

New York Internet Company

Regional internet provider. Offers hosting, website development and DSL services
Wall St Tower, 21st fl., Tel 212-696-3822
Tel: 800-288-7387; Fax: 212-635-0340
E-mail: info@nyi.net; Website: nyi.net

New York Internet Services

Domain registration, web hosting, frame relay and dial-up accounts.
101 Fifth Ave., Flatiron District NY 10003 Customer Services 800-219-9996
In New York: 212-414-4638; E-mail: info@newyorknet.net
Website: newyorknet.net

New York Link Inc.

16 E. 18th St., Flatiron District NY 10003 Tel 212-220-3777
Tel: 212-741-8511; E-mail: staff@nylink.com

Public Server LTD

60 Hudson St., Tribeca NY 10013 Tel 212-267-6000
Fax: 212-406-4999

Robocomm (merged with Big Net)

Merged with Big Net which primarily serves Southeastern Michigan. It is rapidly expanding eastwards and with the merger with Robocomm does provide internet acess in NYC
Website: www2.bignet.net

Smartweb Inc.

60 E. 42nd St., Murray Hill NY 10165 Tel 212-692-0074
Fax: 212-692-0076; Website: smartweb.net

Web Express, Inc.

Tel 888-932-4736
Website: webex.net

America Online

Largest U.S. Internet service provider. Internet access subscription plans from $19.95 per month.
Customer Services 888-265-4663
Technical Support: 888-265-4357; E-mail: aol@aol.com
Website: aol.com

AT&T Worldnet

Fast, reliable internet access.
Website: att.com


HyperSpy is a free internet service providers and provides multiple other free services.
Website: hyperspy.com


24-hr customer service. MCI provides local and long distance connections, internet access, paging and conferencing, and global voice mail.
Corporate Customers 888-624-9266
Customer Services: 800-444-3333; Spanish Speaking: 800-469-9090
Website: mci.com


Domain registration, unlimited Internet access, local dial-up accounts, T1 and other access speeds.
62 W. 45th St., Midtown NY 10036 Office #901, Tel 212-542-8165
Fax: 212-575-0355; E-mail: info@nynet.net
Website: nynet.net


Internet solutions for your business regardless of size.
Website: verio.com


Provides free DSL connections.
Website: winfire.com

Internet Cafes (cybercafes) (2 listings total)

Internet Cafe

12 E. 3rd St., East Village NY 10003 Tel 212-614-0747
Fax: 212-614-9423; Website: bigmagic.com

Manhattan Internet Lounge

678 Broadway, Greenwich Village NY 10012 Tel 212-982-3976