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Dogs and Kennels in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 24 listings
This page contains information on dogs and local laws and regulations. Local dog kennels are listed on this page.
Dog Care in New York City Living in New York City can present special challenges for dog care. Walking a dog in New York City and giving him regular exercise is most important for his health and well-being. There are even reserved Dog Parks, dog runs located throughout Manhattan. These spaces allow pets to socialize with other dogs and visit with canine friends.
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Dogs and Kennels in New York


424 E. 92nd St., Yorkville NY 10128 1st Ave/York Ave, Tel 212-876-7700
E-mail: information@aspca.org; Website: aspca.org

Dog Runs (18 listings total)

Battery Park City & Little West Dog Run

A great Dog Run for both the owners and the pets; offers plenty of space and grassy plains.
Little West St., Battery Park NY Tel 212-267-9700

Battery Park City Dog Run

Enclosed asphalt dog run. This facility is privately run, but is open to the public.
West St below Chambers St,

Carl Schurtz Park Dog Run

City maintained dog run (8000 sq. ft.) with a pebbled surface. A separate run (2,000 sq. ft.) is available for small dogs. A water source is available. The contact person is David Williams at Ext. 250.
85th St. & York Ave., Tel 212-675-4380

Chelsea Waterside Park & Dog Run

One of the few Dog Runs co-maintained by the state and the West Chelsea Dog Owners Association, it is as high-tech as dog runs get.
Chelsea NY Tel 212-379-8339

City Hall Park

One of the only green spaces in Lower Manhattan where you can take your dog.
CivicCenter NY Tel 212-408-0234

DeWitt Clinton Park & Dog Run

This park offers considerable leash free space for dogs.
E. 52nd St., Clinton NY betw 11th & 12th Avenues, Tel 212-360-3401
Tel: 212-408-0234

Dog Parks

Information about the dog runs and dog parks in New York City. Guidelines for dog owners and dog run rules are among the topics covered.
E-mail: dog.run@mindspring.com; Website: thedogpark.com

East River Park Dog Run

One of the largest parks in New york city; offers plenty of space for dogs and their needs.
E. 14th St., East Village NY Tel 212-408-0234

Fishbridge Park & Pearl Street Dog Run

This park is a great neighborhood hangout, and only one of the few offleash sections in this area. This dog run is very-well maintained.
Dover St., CivicCenter NY 10272 Tel 212-408-0234

Hell's Kitchen-Clinton Dog Run

This only members dog run offers wood chip flooring, a shade umbrella, a small plastic pool, and lights for nighttime visitors.
E. 39th St., Hell's Kitchen NY Tel 212-736-4536

Mercer-Houston Dog Run Assoc.

Membership sponsored dog run association for Manhattan residents.
Mercer St at Houston St,
E-mail: info@mercerhoustondogrun.org; Website: mercerhoustondogrun.org

Riverside Park

Enclosed dog runs are available at 87th St. and 106th St.. Maintained by the Riverside Park Dog Owners Group.
Riverside Dr., betw 72nd & 122nd St, Tel 212-864-4200

Sutton Dog Parlour

Day care for dogs in 2,500 square foot play space.
311 E. 60th St., Uptown East NY 10022 Tel 212-355-2850
Fax: 212-355-2859; Website: suttonpets.com

Theodore Roosevelt Park Dog Run

A dog run maintained by the Friends of Museum Park Dog Run. The All Dog run is 8,000 sq. ft. and there is a 725 sq. ft. run for small dogs.

Tompkin's Square Park & Dog Run

The run is not large in size compared to other parks but it is very well maintained.
East Village NY Tel 212-408-0234
Tel: 212-522-3298

Tompkins Square Park

This historic first dog run in NY is large with separate areas for large & small dogs, benches & picnic tables, water.
Avenue A, From 7th to 10th Sts,
Website: nycgovparks.org

Washington Square Park Dog Run

A 8,000 sq. ft. dog run maintained by the Washington Square Dog Run Association. A dog wash area, a poop bag dispenser and a water source are available.
Fifth Ave., Greenwich Village NY WAverly Place , Tel 212-627-8799
E-mail: GUNNERWM@aol.com

West Village D.O.G. Run

Private dog run in the West Village. Membership fee.
Little W. 12th St., Meatpacking District NY Tel 212-807-0093
E-mail: wwdog1@aol.com; Website: wvdog.org

Dog Fanciers Clubs (4 listings total)

Friends and Lovers of Riverside Area Life

This organization is dedicated to improving the lives of dogs, and is responsible for three dog runs currently in Riverside Park.
Central Park NY 10024 Tel 212-580-6932
Website: rspfloral.org

Hell's Kitchen

Privately owned dog run in Hell's Kitchen.
NW Corner of 39th & 10th St,
Website: hkdogrun.org

New York Council of Dog Owner Groups

This organization is dedicated to promoting off-leash recreation, responsible dog ownership, and respectful park stewardship troughout the city.
Central Park NY 10024 Tel 212-580-6932
Website: nycdog.org

Paws in Central Park

Information on where dogs are aloud in Central Park.
Central Park NY Tel 212-628-1036
Switchboard: 53

Dog Shows (1 listings total)

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Usually held in mid-late winter.
at Madison Square Garden, Tel 212-465-6741
Website: westminsterkennelclub.org
Many dog parents are working full-time jobs so many dogs spend their days in dog daycare and getting prettied up at pet spas, having fun keeping up with their own busy schedules. Dog boutiques, too, are becoming increasingly fashionable, offering stylish dog collars to special dog costumes or other dog gifts. New Yorkers can take advantage of professional dog walkers who walk dogs in groups or one-on-one.

Dog training in New York City is offered by either personal dog training instructors who come to the pet owner home or in training classes held in groups. Often a professional certified in dog behavior and dog training can help with persistent problems involving barking, chewing, jumping, peeing, bolting, digging or being aggressive. Proper training will make dogs more disciplined and manageable, creating a happier environment for everyone in the family.

Pet owners who travel for business often board their pets in dog kennels It is wise to visit these facilities before committing a pet to their care. Be sure to inspect both the cleanliness and the facilities they offer, such as play areas, dog grooming, dog chauffeur service and medication administration. For tourists and out-of-towner visiting New York City, there are many hotels these days which are pet-friendly. Do an online search then call ahead to confirm that the hotel selected does indeed accommodate pets.

For a list of services available in New York City such as dog grooming and dog walking, please check out the directory page for Pet Care in New York City. See also Pet Stores and Pet Supplies in New York City for everything from portable dog kennels to dog food.