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Electricity in New York

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Current: The electricity supply in New York (and the USA) is 115-120 volts and 60 Hz. The wire system is "grounded" with a third wire to prevent shocks. Thus, most European (and Asian) appliances need transformers.

Plugs and adapters: There are two types of plugs in the USA. Lamps and some small appliances use two-prong flat blade plugs without a ground that can only be inserted one way because one blade is wider than the other. Major appliances us three prong plugs with the third round plug going to the ground.

Transformers: Transformers can be purchased quite easily for about $20-30. Try the Radio-Shacks listed in ELECTRONIC GOODS and TRANSFORMERS. Many electronics stores such as J&R Music World carry small appliances that will work with any current. Such shops are noted in special sub-categories: models for 220 volts.

Electricity in New York

Con Edison

Supplies electric services and gas to all 5 boroughs.
871 Seventh Ave., Midtown NY 10019 Tel 212-957-9716
Fax: 212-957-9717; E-mail: corpcom@coned.com
Website: coned.com