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Antiques Restoration in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 15 listings
Antique restoration is the process of returning an antique or fine work of art to as new a condition as possible, and to prevent its condition from deteriorating any further. A professional antiques restorer can refinish, rebuild or replace parts of your antique preserving its value and condition for years.
Antiques Restoration in New York

All Furniture Repair & Antique Restoration LLC

Furniture repair, antique restoration, sofa, sleeper, armoire, headboard, disassembly, assembly, wood, leather, fabric, cleaning, touch-up, refinishing, disassembling/assembling mechanism, recliner, xectional, connectors.
90 --11 Seventieth Ave., Forest Hills NY 11375 Tel 347-528-7777
Tel: 718-268-2727; Toll-Free: 888-575-6757
E-mail: service@servicefurniture.com; Website: servicefurniture.com

Anthony Bazza Restorations

315 E. 62nd St., Uptown East NY 10021 Tel 212-755-1179
Fax: 212-755-1465

Authorized Repair Service

Buys, sells, and repairs antique and new lighters, pens, and shavers.
30 W. 57th St., Midtown NY 10019 Tel 212-586-0947
Fax: 212-586-1296; E-mail: info@vintagelighters.com
Website: vintagelighters.com

E.C.R. Antique Conservation and Restoration

Cleaning, polishing, refilling, duplicate turnings, chair repairs, etc.
515 W. 29th St., Chelsea NY 10001 Tel 212-643-0388
Fax: 212-643-0566; Website: ecrios.com

Elias Conservation & Restoration Inc.

Reconditioning, color matching, gilding, structural repairs, onsite work.
1916 Park Ave., Midtown East NY 10035 Tel 212-280-2471
Fax: 212-280-2473; E-mail: Eliasmal25@aol.com
Website: Eliascr.net

Hess Restorations

Restores antiques (china, pottery, enamel, glass, crystal, ceramic, bronze, painted, and ceramic).
20 W. 22nd St., corner of 17th St., Tel 212-260-2255
Fax: 212-979-1143; E-mail: info@hessrestorations.com
Website: hessrestorations.com

Laura Fisher / Antique Quilts & Americana

Specializes in Americana including quilts, needlework, decoys, primitives, hooked rugs. Sales, repairs and restorations.
1050 Second Ave., Sutton Place NY 10022 55th Street, Tel 212-838-2596
E-mail: info@laurafisherquilts.com; Website: laurafisherquilts.com

Manhattan Art & Antiques Center

The Nation's Largest and Finest Antiques Center. Over 100 Galleries offering Antiques, Period Furniture, Jewelry, Silver, Paintings, American, European, Asian, African and other Objects of Art.
1050 Second Ave., Sutton Place NY 10022 Tel 212-355-4400
Fax: 212-355-4403; E-mail: info@the-maac.com
Website: the-maac.com

Michael J. Dotzel and Son

402 E. 63rd St., Uptown East NY 10021 Tel 212-838-2890
Fax: 516-501-9093

New York Doll Hospital

787 Lexington Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 Tel 212-838-7527

Reymer-Jourdan Antiques

We can arrange for our clients the correct restoration of a piece, whether it is as simple as the repair of a surface scratch or a complete french polish. Additionaly, our restorers are experts in gold and silver leafing, upholstery and repairs to marble and terracotta
29 E. 10th St., Greenwich Village NY 10003 Tel 212-674-4470
Fax: 212-228-9471; E-mail: info@jourdanantiques.com
Website: jourdanantiques.com

Rita Ford Music Boxes

Mrs. Ford began with a store selling a variety of period antiques, but her enchantment with antique music boxes led her to specialize exclusively in both contemporary and antique music boxes. Complete restoration of antique music boxes.
19 E. 65th St., Lenox Hill NY 10021 Tel 212-535-6717
Fax: 212-772-0992

Sano Studio

767 Lexington Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 Tel 212-759-6131
Fax: 212-759-6136


Restoration of fine antiques by the craftsmen from this world renowned auction house.
1334 York Ave., Uptown East NY 10021 Tel 212-606-7000
Website: sothebys.com

Waves Antiques

Vintage radios, wind-up phonographs, old telephones, and neon clocks are sold, repaired, and rented.
251 W. 30th St., Chelsea NY 10003 Tel 212-273-9616