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Gardening in New York

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Gardening in New York

Garden Clubs (2 listings total)

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Greater New York Orchid Society

Tel 718-931-3000
Fax: 718-518-9330

LI Gardening Community Resource

Long Island NY gardening blog. Resourceful, locally-based site with all types of gardening-related information.
Website: ligrows.com

Flower Shows

Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, there is no longer a New York Flower Show. However, there are still several shows within a reasonable distance. There is the Philidelphia Flower Show, the Flower, Garden, and Outdoor Living Show of New Jersey, and the Connecticut Flower and Garden Show.

Garden and House Tours (1 listings total)


This site can give you the info you need to take garden, castles, country walks, theater, art and antiquities tours.
Tel 415-669-1914
Fax: 415-669-1942; Website: coopersmiths.com