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Medical Information Websites (general) in New York

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Medical Information Websites (general) in New York

Affordable Quit Tobacco Progam

Smock quitting programs
Website: quittobacco.com


Website offering information on research and treatments. Includes links to other related sites.
Website: aidsinfonyc.org

All The Virology - AIDS Information and Research

Very extensive AIDS Website from a Professional Virologist.
Website: virology.net

ALS Association

Non-profit organization which sponsers research, and provides support and services to those with ALS and their families.
Tel 800-782-4747
Website: alsa.org

American Academy of Neurology

How to find a Neurologist
Website: aan.com

American Academy of Pediatrics

Medical information about Children's Health
Website: medem.com

American Association of Suicidology

Dedicated to the understanding and prevention of suiside
Website: suicidology.org

American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR)

AICR provides information about cancer prevention. They emphasize diet and nutrition and have a toll-free nutrition hotline.
Tel 800-843-8114
Website: aicr.org

American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)

General Info 301-652-2682
Website: aota.org

Autism Society of America

Information on autism. There are local chapters of the ASA.
Tel 800-328-8476
Website: autism-society.org

Basic Cardiology from MedScape

Highly recommended basic cardiology site from MedScape; free for now, may require registration
Website: medscape.com

Bone Marrow Transplantation Information & Support - Bone Marrow Transplantation News

Site on bone marrow transplantation from Bone Marrow Transplantation News
Website: marrow.org

Borderline Personality Sanctuary

Borderline Personality Sanctuary, great site for this poorly understood condition and its sufferers
Website: mhsanctuary.com

Borna Virus and Depression

Controversial but interesting idea that a virus may cause depression.
Website: psycom.net


PDQ contains the latest info on cancer rx, screening, preventation, supportive care, genetics and those very important clinical trials
Website: cancernet.nci.nih.gov

Cancernet, from the National Cancer Institute

Basic and comprehensive National Cancer Institute website on Cancer.
Website: cancernet.nci.nih.gov

Celiac Sprue Foundation

Information about the causes, diagnosis and treatment of Celiac Sprue. The focus of this site is on a gluten free diet and there is a list of gluten free recipies.
Website: csaceliacs.org

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Useful information on infectious diseases for the scientist and the layperson.
Website: cdc.gov

Children's Health Information Network - Glossary of Childhood Onset Heart Disease

A good glossary of the medical terms often used in conjunction with childhood onset heart disease.
Website: tchin.org

CogNet, the MIT Project on the Brain

CogNet, the MIT Project on the Brain, great site from a great place, sign up now before you have to pay
Website: cognet.mit.edu

Congestive Heart Failure, Medications

Good site on commonly used medications for CHF
Website: americanheart.org

Crohn"s and Colitis Foundation

Home page of Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America
Website: ccfa.org

Digital Urology Journal

A god site on hematuria, blood in urine
Website: duj.com

Down Syndrome, National Society

Great site on Down Syndrome from the Natl Down Syndrome Soc; position statements on 'hot topics' inc. cosmetic surgery, piracetam vitamin rx.
Website: ndss.org

Dr. Ivan Depression Central

Primo site on depression and mood disorders
Website: psycom.net

Dr. Ivan's Depression Central

Information on all types of depressive disorders and on the most effective treatments for individuals suffering from Major Depression.
Website: psycom.net

Dr. Lewinberg's Formula

Specializing in regrowing hair.
Tel 212-249-8800
Website: baldspot.com


Hyperparathyroidism is a relatively common disoreder, manifestated initially by excess calium in the blood
Website: endocrineweb.com

Functional MRI, Imaging Brain Function

New MRI technique allows study of brain function and is becoming useful for delineating Mental Illness
Website: radiologyresource.org


Information on breast cancer, ovarian cancer, sexually transmitted diseases and other areas of concern in women's health. Links to Spanish language and English language sites.
Website: unizar.es


Glomerulonephritis, a great site to classification; very complicatied group of diseases with variable outcomes
Website: vh.org

GooMental Health InfoSource

Good Source on Depression
Website: mhsource.com

Gynecologist's Second Opinion

Questions and answers on gynecological problems
Website: gynsecondopinion.com

Hearing loss in Adulthood

Bobby R. Alford Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Communicative Sciences
Website: bcm.tmc.edu

Hereditary Nephritis Foundation

Hereditary Nephritis information
Website: cc.utah.edu

Human Growth Foundation

Human Growth Foundation helps children and adults with disorders related to growth or growth hormone through research, education, support and advocacy
Website: hgfound.org

Institute for Sports and Spine Medicine

Staff member of Hospital for Special Surgery specializing in sports medicine and spine injuries.
Website: sportdoctor.com

Internet Resources for Special Children

Links to information on law, cerebral palsy, adaptive clothing, seizure disorders, health, travel and much more.
Website: irsc.org

Karolinka Institute

Links on Birth Defects from the Famed Karolinka Institute in Sweden
Website: mic.ki.se

Lets Face It

Great Site for Facial Deformities
Website: nas.com

Leukemia-Lymphoma Society

Site of the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society; good and untodate info
Website: leukemia-lymphoma.org

Leukodystrophy Foundation Index Page

leukodystrophies are rather rare forms od degenertive nerve/brain disorders. This United Leukodystrophy Foundation Page is a good start.
Website: ulf.org

Male Infertiltiy

Male Infertiltiy, site from IVF clinic
Website: ivf.com

March Of Dimes

Basic information on pregnancy and newborn.
Website: marchofdimes.com

Mayo Clinic

Mayo clinic info on cervical cancer.
Website: mayohealth.org

MDA Publications

Describes the progression of ALS and the care necessary for each stage. Includes a discussion of end of life issues and finding assistance.
Website: mdausa.org


Information on the electromyogram, a test used to detect the abnormal muscle electrical activity that is found in patients with such conditions as ALS, pinched nerves, muscle inflammation, or peripherial nerve damage.
Website: medicinenet.com

National Attention Deficit Disorder Association

Provides information on ADD support groups, ADD professionals, research and treatment.
E-mail: mail@add.org; Website: add.org

National Cervical Cancer Coalition (NCCC)

National Cervical Cancer Coalition. Focuses on new technology, treatment options and awareness of the conventional Pap smear.
Website: nccc-online.org


Searchable, Neurosciences on the Web, Basic Medical Site
Website: neuroguide.com

Neurology on Web

Maybe the best neurology site on the web,and one of the best sites of the web
Website: ninds.nih.gov

Neuroscience for Kids

For all ages information
Website: faculty.washington.edu

New York State Department of Health

A listing of facilities that provide health services in the New York County area.
Website: health.state.ny.us


One of the best, if not the best, cancer sites on Web
Website: oncolink.upenn.edu

Panic Disorder Institute

Panic Disorder bulletin board
Website: algy.com

Parkinson's Information

Information on Parkinson's Disease and a resource directory.
Website: parkinsonsinfo.com

Parkinson's Institute. The

Information on Parkinson's Disease including: the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of the disease.
General Info 408-734-2800
General Info: 800-786-2958; Website: parkinsonsinstitute.org

Pathology of Cerebral Vessels

Includes a view of a dissecting Aneurysm as well as views of vetebral artery aneurysms. May be a little graphic for some.
Website: neuropat.dote.hu

Pituitary Network

Pituitary Network, A+Site, covers all alspects of diseases of the tiny important gland
Website: pituitary.com

Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques

Tutorial on Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques
Website: www-medlib.med.utah.edu

Radiology Info

Basic but important information on the use of MRI in the diagnosis of brain diseases.
Website: radiologyresource.org

Renal Pathology Index

Images of Renal Pathology; much of renal disease is defined by the pathology, especially glomerulonephritis
Website: www-medlib.med.utah.edu


Very complete Professional Page on End Stage Renal Disease
Website: renalnet.org

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

A+ Site on STDs From Cornell Medical College
Website: edcenter.med.cornell.edu

Sickle Cell Disease Associaton of America, Inc.

Information on sickle cell anemia, patient support services and special events.
Website: sicklecelldisease.org

Sleep Well, The

Great Site on Sleep Disorders from Stanford, SleepWell
Website: stanford.edu

Sperm Bank of California

Sperm Bank of California Web Page
Website: thespermbankofca.org

Tobacco Control Website

Tobacco control website, very interesting
Website: library.ucsf.edu

Trauma Website

Injury Prevention, good site
Website: trauma.org

Understanding the Immune System - NCI

Great site on understanding the immune system from the National Cancer Institute.
Website: rex.nci.nih.gov

Your Surgery

Cesarean Section, Diagrams, Made Simple, Great Site
Website: yoursurgery.com