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Music Instruction, Music Teachers in New York

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Music Instruction, Music Teachers in New York

Harbor Conservatory for the Performing Arts

Enriching lives through the performing arts.
1 E. 104th St., East Harlem NY 10029 Tel 212-427-2244
Fax: 212-427-3969; E-mail: rrodriguez@boysharbor.org
Website: boysharbor.org

Julliard Placement Bureau

World famous music school. Professional and amateur education, lectures on music, ear and voice training.
60 Lincoln Center Plaza, Lincoln Center NY 10023 Tel 212-799-5000
Fax: 212-769-6420

Little Orchestra Society, The

Concerts for the younger generation, aged 5-12. There's also "Lolli-Pop" concerts for the 3-5 age range. Audience participation is encouraged.
330 W. 42nd St., Hell's Kitchen NY 18 Tel 212-971-9500
Fax: 212-971-9501

Piano (5 listings total)

Harlem School of the Arts

Specializing in Jazz instruction.
645 St. Nicholas Ave., Hamilton Heights NY 10031 Tel 212-926-4100

Mannes College of Music

Top music school, often compared to Juilliard. Echoes of greatness fill this school as many great musicians have walked the halls of Mannes.
151 W. 85th St., Upper West Side NY 10024 Tel 212-580-0210
Fax: 212-580-1738


Live interactive online piano lessons.
Website: mypianolessons.com


Get music lessons online through your midi keyboard and OnlineConservatory.
Website: onlineconservatory.com

World of Piano

60 Lincoln Center Plaza, Lincoln Center NY 10023 Tel 212-799-5000
Admissions: 212-769-6420; Website: juilliard.com

Voice (1 listings total)

Ann Anello

Develop your voice and performance skills,concentrating on your individual style.
Tel 212-534-3187
Website: consultfirst.com

Guitar (7 listings total)

American Institute of Guitar

Guitar, piano, strings, wind instruction; All ages & skill levels.
250 W. 54th St., Midtown NY N, R, E, 1, 2, 3 Trains, Tel 212-757-3255
Tel: 21299778940; Fax: 212-977-8919
E-mail: info@aiguitar.com; Website: aiguitar.com

Eve Silber

Ready to rock like Hendrex and riff like Page? First you need some lessons and Eve Silber has 'em, teaching mostly beginners and children.
Tel 212-242-9096

Fretted Instruments School of Guitar and Banjo

If folk music is your thing then grab your acoustic & jump on the next bus to the Fretted Instruments School of Guitar and Banjo, run by the talented Jack Baker, who also teaches the fiddle.
32 Cornelia St., Greenwich Village NY 10014 Tel 212-924-5610
Tel: 212-243-7957; E-mail: jbaker7@ix.netcom.com
Website: musicstaff.com

Friedmann, Eli

Eli Friedmann teaches students of all ages and ability levels. Reasonable rates, references available upon request.
Tel 718-204-6989
E-mail: Eli@Elifriedmann.com; Website: elifriedmann.com


A website that is the beginning site for any guitarist, from fresh amateurs to seasoned professionals. Links to tab, instruction, artist sites, and even mp3s. Rock on!
Website: guitar.com

Martin Butler

Beginners a specialty, 20 years teaching experience
280 Riverside Dr., Upper West Side NY 10025 Tel 212-579-3342
E-mail: butlermusic@rcn.com

Play music

Demonstration videos, an animated music theory glossary, popular songs.
Website: playmusic.com

Other (5 listings total)

African Djoniba Dance and Drum Centre

Learn traditional drumming and dancing techniques. Rated Best by NY Mag 4/24/00
37 E. 18th St., Flatiron District NY Tel 212-477-3464

Audio Recording Technology Institute

Enter the exciting world of audio recording at the ARTI.
Tel 631-582-8999
Fax: 631-582-8213; Website: audiotraining.com

International Guitar Seminars

Tel 212-989-7003
Fax: 212-239-4088

Just Enought Store

Multimedia system to teach you how to sing and play guitar.
E-mail: askme@justenough.net; Website: justenough.net