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Parking Regulations & Enforcement in New York

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Parking in New York City is difficult. Finding a legal space on the street can be time-consuming and parking in a garage is often very expensive, especially in Manhattan. How do you resolve the parking problem? Take public transportation whenever possible, but if you must drive, make sure you allow plenty of time to find a parking space or be prepared to pay a garage as much as $20 per hour in Midtown. More information on parking in NYC.
Parking Regulations & Enforcement in New York

Parking Regulations (4 listings total)



A Manhattan Street Parking Map that shows parking regulations block by block, plus garages! Mobile Web App. Attractive book version.
Upper West Side NY 10025 Tel 888-775-7353
E-mail: graphicedge@mindspring.com; Website: parallelspaces.com

Parking Calendar NYC

Gives the exact dates that alternate side of the street parking regulations (necessary for street cleaning) are suspended. These are the days that you can park on both sides of the street.
Website: ci.nyc.ny.us

Parking in New York City

NYC Department of Finance's website on Parking in the city, #'s & locations you need to know to appeal a parking ticket, pay a parking ticket & more.
Website: nyc.gov

Parking Tow Pounds (storage Of Your Car) (6 listings total)


Bronx Tow Pound

Mott Haven in The Bronx.
745 E. 141st St., Near Bruckner Exp. & East River, Tel 718-585-1391
Tel: 718-585-1385

Brooklyn Tow Pound

If you are unlucky enough to have had your car towed away, this is one of the places it might have been taken.
Brooklyn Navy Yard, Tel 718-694-0696

City Impound Garages

All cars towed away below 96th street are taken to this impound garage. Call TOW-AWAY 869-2929
Pier 76 (W.S. at Javits Center), Tel 212-869-2929
Tel: 212-971-0770; Fax: 212-564-3969

Manhattan Tow Pounds

Pier 76 (W.S. at Javits Center), W. 38th St & 12th Ave., Tel 212-971-0771
Tel: 212-971-0772; Website: nyc.gov

Manhattan Tow Pounds

Washington Heights area. (Payments must be made at Pier 76.)
9th Ave./203rd St., Tel 212-569-9099

Queens Tow Pounds

Tel 718-786-7123
Tel: 718-786-7136; Tel: 718-786-7122
On-Street parking: Police have become much stricter about issuing parking tickets. Therefore, make sure your parking space is legal, otherwise you will get a ticket. Most parking tickets in Manhattan below 96th St begin at $65 while parking tickets in all other areas begin at $60 (except meter tickets, which are less in all other areas), plus overdue penalties if it is not paid within 15 days. Tickets can go as high as $180 for parking in a handicapped spot, bost mostly they are capped at $115. (In addition, any car illegally parked can be towed, which will cost you an extra $150.00 and an awful lot of time. And any car with over $230 in outstanding parking tickets - and that can be as few as two tickets - can be seized by the Office of the Sheriff or a NYC Marshal.)

For detailed information on Parking Violations, visit the NYC Parking Violations Portal. This site offers detailed information about parking rules and regulations as well as allowing you to search to see if you have any outstanding parking tickets, pay tickets on-line, check the status of a ticket that you have paid or appealed, request a hearing on-line, and search for a towed vehicle. Our editorial staff has linked to selected pages to assist you in gathering information.

Rules & Regulations Alternate Side Parking Regs.
Parking Tickets: Disputing Parking Tickets:
Towed Car Locator System: This page links you to New York City's NYCServ-ePayment Center. From this page you can search for unpaid parking tickets by summons number or license plate number, pay outstanding parking tickets and locate towed vehicles. Tow Pound Phone Numbers & Locations: Contact information for towed vehicle redemtion centers.
If you think your car was towed you can call 3-1-1, the City's Citizen Services Center, TTY (212) 504-4115, Out-of-State (212) NEW-YORK.

Parking Signs

Always check the signs before you park.

On both sides of every street in New York you will find red and white signs with the parking rules for that particular section of the street. Remember, each block (and each side of each block) has its own restrictions, so always check the signs before you park. The three main types of signs are:
  • No Parking
  • No Standing
  • No Stopping
More information on Parking, Standing, and Stopping Rules is available at the New York City Department of Finance website. It is less expenxive to familiarize yourself with these rules than to pay the ticket.

Parking Meters and Muni-Meters:
Metered parking spots work well for short term parking and are often easier to find.

Most avenues and many streets have metered parking, which may cost $0.25 for fifteen minutes. Just remember, if your time on the meter runs out, it won't be long before you get ticketed. Meter tickets in Manhattan below 96th St. are generally $65, and in all other areas they are $35.

Muni-meters are meters that control many spaces. They are larger than the single space meters. Muni-meters accept quarters, dollar coins and Parking Cards.

New York City Parking Cards:
New York City offers parking cards which can be used at all muni-meters and municipal parking fields. Click here for more information.

TYPTip: If there is a maximum amount of time on the parking sign, for example "two hours maximum", you may still get a ticket if you repeatedly put in more money ("feed the meter") and stay in that spot for more than two hours. The police or traffic wardens will mark your car?s tires and come around every few hours to see if your car is still there. Best try to find another meter in the same area.

TYPTip: Even metered spots are governed by No Parking, No Standing, and No Stopping signs. Be sure to check for parking signs before you park.

Tow Away Zones: Never park in a Tow Away Zone because your car will be towed.
If you cannot find your car and you think that it might have been towed visit Towed Car Locator System. This page links you to New York City's NYCServ-ePayment Center. From this page you can search for unpaid parking tickets by summons number or licenst plate number, pay outstanding parking tickets and locate towed vehicles.

Other helpful numbers and websites:
  • General Number for Non-emergency Services: 311, (outside NYC (212) NEW YORK)
  • General Number for Non-emergency Services, TTY Service: (212) 504-4115
  • NYC Parking Violations Bureau Helpline: 718-422-7800; TTY 718-802-3555
  • Manhattan Tow Pound: (212) 971-0771
  • Bronx Tow Pound: (718) 585-1249
  • Brooklyn Tow Pound: (718) 694-0696
  • Queens Tow Pound: (718) 786-7122
  • NYC Department of Traffic