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Social and Human Services in New York

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This page lists social services such as counseling services, housing assistance and child protection. Many are available free through local county or government agencies.

24-hour Child Abuse and Maltreatment Register

40 Pearl St., Financial District NY 12243 Albany, Tel 800-342-3720

Citizens Advice Bureau Information

178 Bennett Ave., Hudson Heights NY 10040 Tel 212-923-2599
Fax: 212-923-4329

Educational Alliance

197 East Broadway, Lower East Side NY Tel 212-780-2300
Website: edalliance.org

New York City Human Resourses Administration

250 Church St., Tribeca NY 10013 Tel 212-274-5400
Tel: 718-291-7900

Public Assistance/NYC Emergency Shelter

78 Catherine St., Lower East Side NY 10038 Tel 212-513-8849
Fax: 212-267-0978

Senior Action Line

Tel 212-788-7504
Fax: 212-788-7509

Tall Club Of NYC

New York, Tel 212-332-0067
Website: tallny.org

Public Social Service Agencies (3 listings total)

Children with Special Needs

200 Park Ave. So., Union Square NY 10003 Tel 212-677-4650
Fax: 212-254-4070

Early Childhood Development Center

163 E. 97th St., East Harlem NY 10029 Tel 212-360-7893
Fax: 212-340-7253

Parents League of NY

115 E. 82nd St., Upper East Side NY 10028 Tel 212-737-7385
Fax: 212-737-7389; Website: parentsleague.org

Private Social Service Agencies (2 listings total)

Planned Parenthood

Offers family planning counseling and services
810 Seventh Ave., Midtown NY 10019 Fax 212-245-1845
Information: 212-541-7800; E-mail: www.plannedhoodiorg

Salvation Army of Greater New York

120 W. 14th St., Greenwich Village NY 10011 Tel 212-337-7200
Tel: 888-234-8888; Website: salvationarmy-newyork.org

Emergency Shelter

Street People: Despite what many visitors think, many of these "street people" have chosen to live outside rather than to be accept housing in shelters. Many of the "homeless" are ex-patients from a variety of institutions who decided not to be treated for their mental illness (usually schizophrenia) or drug or alcohol abuse. Only when the temperature drops below freezing and they are endangering their lives, can the street people be "forced" into shelters.

Child Protection (1 listings total)

Runaway Hotline

Emergencies 212-966-8000

Department for the Aging NYC

City?s 335 senior centers, provides a range of programs for the elderly & caregiver families, opens doors to jobs & volunteer work & acts as an advocate on the local, state & national levels.
2 LaFayette St., CivicCenter NY 10007 Fax 212-442-9400
Information: 212-442-1000; Main Office: 212-442-1322
TTY Line ( Deaf ): 212-442-3078; Website: ci.nyc.ny.us


Help people find local senior meal programs
E-mail: mealcall@mealcall.org; Website: mealcall.org


National medical insurance program for senior citizens
Information 800-638-6833
Website: medicare.com

Social Security

Information 800-772-1213
Website: ssa.gov

Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

269 Ninth Ave., Chelsea NY 10001-5703 Tel 212-807-6799
Fax: 212-807-6821; Website: holyapostlesnyc.org

Housing Assistance (4 listings total)

Metropolitan Council on Housing

102 Fulton St., Fulton NY 10038 Tel 212-693-0550
Fax: 212-693-0555; E-mail: Tenant@Tenantinet

Metropolitan Council on Housing -- Lower East Side Branch

61 E. 40th St., Murray Hill NY 10016 near the Bowery,

United Neighborhood Houses

We promote and strengthens lives of new yorkers in need
70 W. 36th St., Fashion District NY 10018 Tel 212-967-0322
Fax: 212-967-0792; Website: unhny.org

Legal Assistance (3 listings total)

Legal Aid Society

We raised funds for senior citizens, disabled etc
90 Church St., Financial District NY 10007 Tel 212-577-3300
Fax: 212-577-7999

Legal Referral Services Association of the Bar

serving the community or over 135 years
42 W 44th St., Tel 212-626-7373
Tel: 212-626-7374; Fax: 212-576-5676
E-mail: LRS@abcnyiorg; Website: abcny.org

Legal Service for the Elderly Poor

We provide free support for the elderly
130 W. 42nd St., Fashion District NY 10036 Tel 212-391-0120
Tel: 212-431-7200; Fax: 212-719-1939

Family Counseling (2 listings total)

A1 Indian Matrimonials

Matrimonial service for the Asian Indian community residing all over the world, but connected through the Internet.
Fax 719071
Website: a1im.com

Suicide Prevention

Tel 212-673-3000

Drug and Alcoholism Counseling (5 listings total)

Alcoholics Anonymous

Our purpose is to stay sober and help alcoholics to achieve sobriety
307 Seventh Ave., New York NY 10001 Tel 212-647-1680

Daytop Village

Our business save lives
54 W. 40th St., Fashion District NY 10018 Tel 212-354-6000
Fax: 212-921-8901; Hotline: 800-232-9867

New York State Division of Substance Abuse Services

24-hour referral to treatment programs, clinics, and hospitals
Tel 80015225353

Odyssey House

309 E. 6th St., East Village NY 10003 Tel 212-860-6460
Fax: 212-477-9649; Tel: 212-780-1515

Phoenix House Foundation

Drug and Alcohol prevention and treatment services.
164 W. 74th St., Upper West Side NY 10023 Tel 212-787-3000
Fax: 212-496-6035; Website: phoenixhouse.org

Rape Counseling (4 listings total)

Rape Hotline

Emergencies 212-227-3000

Rape Hotline - New York

New York NY 10001 Tel 212-267-7273

Sexual Abuse Training and Treatment Institute

Medical and psychological services available
1 Patchin Pl., New York NY 10011 Tel 212-366-1490


Information for male survivors of sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse.
Website: xris.com

Other Social Programs (1 listings total)

Disabilities Information

100 Gobl St. N.Y, Fax 212-788-2858
Information: 212-788-2830