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Movie Information in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 2 listings

Time Out New York has one of the most extensive listings of movies currently playing in NYC, with the option to search by film or theater. There is also a comprehensive list of theaters and films on Citysearch New York.

To obtain information by phone, call 777-FILM (777-3456) to find out where movies are playing, their showtimes and the locations of movie theaters. This service is also available online at www.moviefone.com with some cool bonuses. On the website, you can watch coming attractions, read film reviews, catch up on the latest movies in production and follow links to official film websites. When you use the telephone numner 777-3456, you will reach "Moviefone" which is an automated information service accessed through menu choices ("press 1", etc.). Follow the instructions and you will eventually get the information on the movie or theater of your choice.

Movie Information in New York


Pretty cool layout, and you don't have to listen to that annoying voice.
Tel 212-777-3456
Customer Services: 800-745-0009; Website: moviefone.com