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Coins and Stamp Collecting in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 24 listings
Coins and Stamp Collecting in New York

Brigandi Coin

Dealer of rare rare US coins, paper currency and precious metals - Gold, Platinum and Silver
60 W. 44th St., Midtown NY 10036 Tel 212-869-5350
E-mail: info@brigandicoin.com; Website: brigandicoin.com

Brooklyn Gallery Of Coins

One place for all stamp collecting and coin collecting products: coin and stamp holders, coin and stamp albums and coin and stamp catalogs.
8725 Fourth Ave., Brooklyn NY 11209 Tel 718-745-5701
E-mail: sales@brooklyngallery.com; Website: brooklyngallery.com

Cheslsea Rare Stamp

Buying & selling stamp collections, autographs, old mailed letters, antique documents and papers
292 Fifth Ave., Tel 212-714-3563

Coins Dealer

41 W. 47th St., Midtown NY 10036 Tel 212-869-5277

Ideal Stamp & Coin

Coins, currency an stamps collections bought and sold in Mid Manhattan
460 W. 34th St., near Madison Square Garden, Tel 212-629-7979

Manfra, Tordella & Brookes

Provides much with the widest selection of international legal tender bullion coins and pure investment bars, offering these products to individuals and institutions
90 Broad St., Financial District NY 10004 Tel 212-981-4550
Toll-Free: 800-535-7481; Website: mtbcoins.com
There are not many places in the United States, let alone the world, where a person will be able to find more expensive or exquisite coins than in Manhattan. With an abundance of people, comes a large abundance of coins. Everyday coins sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in auctions, it is not uncommon to see a coin sell for over a million dollars.

There are some coin shops in Manhattan where the dealers are very pushy and over grade their coins. A lot of these shops have been weeded out because people have stopped shopping there. If you ever feel uncomfortable where you are, just leave. It is your money, and you should choose how to spend it. There are coin shops all over Manhattan; just find one that you like and one with which you are comfortable.

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