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History Of New York

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Timeline of Events in Manhattan's History
1624 New Amsterdam founded & first colonized
1664 New Amsterdam is renamed as New York
1776-1783 New York is occupied by British troops during the American Revolution.
1785-90 New York served as the nation's capital.
1825 Erie Canal opened & brought financial gain to NYC because of port business.
1851 New York Times first published.
1857 Design for Central Park introduced by Frederick Olmsted & Calvert Vaux.
1876 Central Park completed.
1883 Brooklyn Bridge completed.
1880-1900 Major waves of immigration into Manhattan from Italy, Ireland, Asia & Eastern Europe.
1892 Construction begun on Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. It should be completed in the 21st century.
1904 First subways opened.
December 31, 1904 New York Times opened headquarters in Times Tower in the area that would eventually be dubbed "Times Square."
1911 New York Public Library opened.
March 25, 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory at Washington Place caught on fire & many workers perished due to insufficient fire exits. This event brought about fire & workplace safety measures.
1920s The Jazz Age overtook Harlem & then Manhattan. Duke Ellington, Count Basie & other musicians brought the city out at night to party despite Prohibition.
1926 Italian immigrants celebrated the first Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy.
October 1929 "Black Tuesday." The first major Wall Street crash that brought on the Depression.
1931 Empire State Building erected.
1933-1945 Mayoral reign of Fiorello LaGuardia. He fought against organized crime & gained the respect & love of many New Yorkers.
1978 Grand Central Terminal declared a National Landmark.
December 1980 John Lennon is assassinated outside the Dakota Building near Central Park.
October 1987 "Black Monday." Wall Street crashed again.
February 26, 1993 Terrorist bombing of World Trade Center.
September 11, 2001 Terrorists fly planes into World Trade Center, the Twin Towers collapse.

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History Of New York

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Urban history center dedicated to the exploration and preservation of documents, artwork and artifacts representative of Brooklyn's diverse cultures past and present.
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