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Post Cards in New York

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Post Cards in New York

Rates, Services and Regulations

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Postal Rates & Services
The most up-to-date information about postal rates is found on the web site of the United States Postal Service.

Domestic Rates for 1st class mail:

All rates for letters and post cards are the same regardless of domestic destination within the US including Alaska, Hawaii, and APO addresses. (APO addresses are for letters and packages being mailed to members of the United States Armed Forces wherever they are posted.) Most mail within the United States is shipped by air at no extra cost. There is no special air mail service for domestic mail. You can also use the online Postage Rate Calculator to calculate the postage required for postcards, letters, envelopes and packages.

Post Cards: (Regular size) $0.23
Not larger than 4-1/4 by 6 inches and not smaller than 3-1/2 by 5 inches.


1st ounce $0.37
For each additional ounce $.023
Surface delivery time 2 to 7 days depending destination. Most 1st class mail in the US moves by air. Any letter mailed via first class must be under thirteen ounces.

Priority Mail 2 day (Not guaranteed)
Promise 1-3 day delivery regardless of destination. No special documents needed. Packages mailed using this service must be seventy pounds or less in weight and 108 inches or less in volume.

Above 5 pounds rate is determined by the destination.
For up to 1 pound $3.85
For up to 2 pounds $3.95-$5.75
For up to 3 pounds $4.75-$8.55
For up to 4 pounds $5.30-$10.35
For up to 5 pounds $5.85-$12.15
Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope (documents) $3.85

Express Mail for next day delivery:
This reliable service delivers 7 days a week with a guaranteed refund if not delivered before 12:00 the next day regardless of destination. Express Mail requires a special form which specifies delivery conditions, telephone, payment method, value, etc. You get a slip confirming deposit and its delivery status can be tracked.

Up to 8 ounces $13.65
Up to 2 pounds $17.85
Express Mail Flat Rate Envelope $13.65

Domestic Parcel Rates: Surface
Delivery time depends on destination.
Rates: Rates are determined by destination. However, for small packages of around 2 pounds the difference between surface and priority rates, regardless of destination, is negligible
Priority: The rates are exactly the same as for letters, see above
Express: The rates are exactly the same as for letters, see above.

International Rates for 1st class mail:
International rates are determined by the type of service and by the destination. The geographic zones are Canada and Mexico, Western Europe and Pacific Rim.

Post Cards:
Canada & Mexico $.50
All other countries $.35
Air: All destinations $.70

Letters & letter packages
(up to 4 pounds)
Canada:first ½ ounce $0.60
1.0 ounce $0.60
2.0 ounces $0.85
Mexico: first ½ ounce $0.60
1.0 ounce $0.60
2.0 ounces $0.85
All other countries - See Chart

Express Mail
first ½ pound $15.50
1.0 pound $16.25
2.0 pounds $17.00
each additional pound - See Chart
first ½ pound $16.75
1.0 pound $20.00
2.0 pounds $23.70
3.0 pounds $27.60
4.0 pounds $31.10
each additional pound - See Chart
All other countries:varies according to zone - See Chart

6-23-99 bms

Postal Addresses in New York


The typical envelope in the USA looks like this:

## Street Name, Apt. ##
City, State, 12345-1234
## Street Name, Apt. ##
City, State, 12345-1234

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