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Law Firms & Lawyers: Immigration in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 8 listings
Immigration lawyers specialize in immigration and naturalization services. They often handle related matters dealing with federal government and often have expertise in family law. The listings below detail the ertise of local law firms and individaul immigration attorneys.
Law Firms & Lawyers: Immigration in New York

Bretz & Coven LLP

Full service immigration law firm specializing in deportation defense, immigrant and non-immigrant visa processing (both in the United States and internationally)
305 Broadway, Tribeca NY Tel 212-267-2555
Fax: 212-267-2129; E-mail: KWbretz@bretzlaw.com
Website: bretzlaw.com

Glicksman & Cardoso

Immigration, citizenship and consular law
150 Broadway, Financial District NY 10038 Tel 212-406-2886
Fax: 212-732-7154

Miller, Jaclyn M. Law Office

Immigration law, employment-based visas, labor certification, family petitions, Green Cards, citizenship, naturalization
120 Main St., Tel 845-634-6850
Fax: 845-634-2444; Website: helpforimmigration.com

Nicelli, John

Immigration and naturalization, immigration discrimination, employment visas, citizenship, labor certifications specialist
225 Broadway, Tel 212-227-8020
Fax: 212-227-8175; Website: johnanicelli.lawoffice.com

Perez & Cedeno, PC

Our NYC immigration attorneys offer help with U.S. green cards, work visas, fiance visas, and work visas, citizenship, and deportation defense.
350 Broadway, Lower Manhattan NY 10013 Tel 866-339-3335
E-mail: info@newyorkimmigrationlawyer911.com; Website: newyorkimmigrationlawyer911.com

Richard An, Attorneys at Law

Immigration law specialist at the Jenner & Block law firm
1350 Broadway, Fashion District NY 10018 suite 810, Tel 212-891-1657
Fax: 212-891-1699; E-mail: richardan@email.msn.com
Website: jenner.com

Schwarz, Schreffler

Immigration and busibess law specialists
225 Broadway, Tribeca NY Tel 212-566-5500
Fax: 212-566-5924; E-mail: info@schrefflerschwarz.com
Website: schrefflerschwarz.com

Thaker Berowitz Law Firm

Professional immigration law firm concentrating in immigration matters: deportation defense, immigration and naruralization, consular processing
225 Broadway, betw Barclay St. & Vesey St, Tel 212-513-1713
Website: thakerlaw.com