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Health and Fitness Consultants in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 42 listings
Health and Fitness Consultants in New York

American Vegetarians Online

Information and resources about being a vegetarian.
Website: acorn.net


All your fitness, sports, hutrition, and wieght information on one site.
Website: asimba.com

Baldacchio Online

Health related online publication.
Website: baldacchio.com


Fitness and workout programs
Website: biogenesis.net


Fitness & health products
Website: bodybyjake.com

Dr. Weil Online

Doctor Weil, the author of a best selling holistic specialist book, has this online site with the answer to a lot of the questions to alternative medicine.
Website: drweil.com


Get a diet tailor made for your life style and food preferences.
Website: ediets.com


Comprehensive fitness, wieght management, and health news site.
Website: Efit.com

Fitness Online

Allergy antidotes, Truth about coffee, fattest city in America and other health news and trivia.
Website: fitnessonline.com

Forever Fit

Website: fti.org

Gym America

Develop a personal regimen with help of this sites doctors, trainers, and strength coaches.
Website: gymamerica.com

Hispanic Direct

Useful products of all sorts for all but geared toward the hispanic consumer
E-mail: info@hispanicdirect.com; Website: hispanicdirect.com


One of the best websites for phsical fitness. YIL Top 100/2000
Website: phys.com


Senior health lifestyle information, glossary & tips.
E-mail: info@seniormag.com; Website: seniormag.com

The Barnett Training System

Organized and progressive fitness development.
Website: barnett-fitness.com

Total Gym

Offering total fitness and gym supply solutions.
Website: totalgym.com

Women.com Fitness

Leading website for women's fitness
Website: women.com