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Public Relations in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 9 listings
Public relations firms are responsible for the image or a company, organization, non for profit organization, or public figure.
Public Relations in New York

Kellyco Marketing

Marketing, marketing commications, graphic design, website design.
515 Greenwich St., Hudson Square NY 10013 Tel 212-243-9131
Fax: 212-243-5629; E-mail: info@kellycomarketing.com
Website: kellycomarketing.com

Lunch Time, LLC

Lunchtimedeals.com is a FREE, easy and simple e-mail service that helps you find lunch deals and specials in the NYC area.
244 Fifth Ave., Midtown South NY 10001 Tel 866-402-1982
Fax: 877-581-7616; E-mail: info@lunchtimedeals.com
Website: lunchtimedeals.com

Media Vehicles

1251 Avenue of Americas, Greenwich Village NY 10020 Tel 212-575-6900
Fax: 212-575-6909

Walton Group, Inc.

226 W. 47th St., Theater District NY 10036 Tel 212-840-3335
Fax: 212-944-9599; E-mail: info@waltongroup.com
Website: waltongroup.com

Public Relations Firms (3 listings total)

HER New York, Inc.

Full-service publicity & event design studio that specializes in raising visibility for products & services targeted to women & women-owned enterprises & celbrities.
395 Butler St, Brooklyn, NY, Tel 718-398-4100
Tel: 866-437-6900; Fax: 718-398-3250
E-mail: info@herny.com; Website: herny.com

Klein Creative Communications

Publicity/gift bags for celebrity, press & special events in New York, Los Angeles and around the country.
Brooklyn NY Tel 646-472-5951
Fax: 646-472-7946; E-mail: info@kleincreative.com
Website: kleincreative.com


RocketScience works directly with advertisers, or functions as a phantom creative group for advertising agencies.
110 Greene St., Soho NY 10012 Tel 212-343-3345
E-mail: rcktscnc@spacelab.net; Website: rocketscientists.com

Marketing Research (2 listings total)

Blueliner Marketing

Internet marketing, website promotion, corporate branding, public relations.
627 Greenwich St., West Village NY 10014 Tel 212-924-7936
E-mail: info@bluelinermarketing.com; Website: bluelinermarketing.com

Pro Active International USA

575 Madison Ave., Midtown NY 10022 Suite 1006, Tel 212-605-0530
Fax: 212-605-0586