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Tools in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 10 listings

Ace Hardware

Major chain store in New York established 1944 features large selection of hand and power tools, hardware, home goods, plumbing & electrical supplies, locksmiths, paints and more materials
Tel 866-290-5334
E-mail: info@acehardware.com; Website: acehardware.com

Ace Hardware - Greenwich Village

130 Fourth Ave., Greenwich Village NY 10003 betw 12th & 13th St, Tel 212-673-4292

Ace Hardware - Tribeca

160 West Broadway, Tribeca NY 10013 near Thomas St., Tel 212-571-3788

Hand Tools for The Homeowner (1 listings total)

Tribeca Hardware True Value

All brands tools, hardware and supplies
154 Chambers St., Tribeca NY 1007 Tel 212-240-9792
E-mail: tribecahardware@rcn.com; Website: truevalue.com

Zak Tools

Tools and supplies for jewelry making and repair
55 W. 47th St., Midtown NY 10036 Tel 212-768-8122
Fax: 212-764-7847; Website: zaktools.com

Power and Battery Driven Hand Tools (5 listings total)

Northern Tool FREE Shipping

Century Hardware

All major brand name power tools and accessories
4309 Broadway, Hudson Heights NY 10033 at 184th St., Tel 212-927-9000
Website: centuryhardware.com

M & D Shapiro True Value Hardware

Power, hand and electrical tools
63 Bleeker St., Noho NY 10012 Tel 212-477-4180
Website: truevalue.com

Metropolitan Lumber and Hardware

Bosh, Delta and other brand power tools, building materials, and hardware
617 Eleventh Ave., Clinton NY 10138 Tel 212-246-9090
Website: themetlumber.com

New York Home Center True Value

Power, electrical and hand tools, hardware, home safety devices
71 Allen St., Chinatown NY 10002 Tel 212-966-7733
Website: truevalue.com

Weinstein & Holtzman

Construction supplies and tools needed to complete any project
29 Park Row, CivicCenter NY 10038 Brookyn Bridge, Tel 212-233-4651
Fax: 212-571-5301; Website: doorsframesandhardware.com