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Orchestras, Chamber Groups, Choral Groups in New York

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Orchestras, Chamber Groups, Choral Groups in New York

American Symphony Orchestra

American Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1962 by Leopold Stokowski with current music director and principal conductor Leon Botstein; part of Lincoln Center, this orchestra organizes the performances of thematically organized concerts and lecture/concert series
333 W. 39th St., Hell's Kitchen NY 10018 Tel 212-868-9276
Fax: 212-868-9277; Website: americansymphony.org

InterSchool Orchestras of New York

Orchestral and chamber music and orchestral education program for children of all ages and ablilities, bringing together students from all economic, cultural and racial backgrounds
1556 Third Ave., Carnegie Hill NY 10128 Tel 212-410-0370
Fax: 212-410-1606; E-mail: info@isorch.org
Website: isorch.org

New York Choral Society

881 Seventh Ave., Midtown NY 10019 Tel 212-247-3878

New York Philharmonic

The Philharmonic was founded in 1842 and since then, has performed over 400 world premieres including the Gershwin Piano Concerto in F in 1925 and the Stravinsky Symphony in 3 Movements in 1945. At first, the orchestra was composed of only men. In the 1960s, women began to join and today, the balance between the sexes is almost equal. Orchestral performances from September to June.
10 Lincoln Center Plaza, Lincoln Center NY 10023 Tel 212-721-6500
Fax: 212-875-5716; Subscription: 212-875-5656
Website: newyorkphilharmonic.org

Opera Orchestra of New York

One of New York City's cultural phenomena under the founder-conductor Eve Queler, known for important discoveries of repertoire and singers at Carnegie Hall
PO Box 231226, Tickets 212-799-1982
E-mail: oony@tiac.net; Website: oony.org

Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

Internationally renowned Orpheus orchestra presents an annual concert series at Carnegie Hall that illuminates both classic orchestral repertoire and new works by contemporary composers
490 Riverside Dr., Morningside Heights NY 10027
E-mail: info@orpheusnyc.com; Website: orpheusnyc.com

Park Swing Orchestra

Providing the perfect blend of swing, classic big band and music of the great song writers for almost 20 years by finest professional musicians in the New York area
150 W. 28th St., Flatiron District NY 10001 Tel 212-229-1642
E-mail: skpso@mindspring.com; Website: parkswingorc.com