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Addresses, Finding in Metro New York Area

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Manhattan is an island. Most streets and avenues in Manhattan are organized in a grid. Streets run East-West across the island and are often called cross-streets while avenues run North-South up and down the island.
TYPTip: Knowing the nearest cross-street and avenue of an address is important. For example it determines which bus or subway line to use, it gives you an indication of how far away a restaurant or shop might be, and it is very helpful if you can give a cab driver the exact location for an address. If you tell a driver to take you to 56th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, he/she will know exactly where to go.

Finding the nearest avenue from a street address north of 8th Street

1) Fifth Avenue divides Manhattan street addresses into East and West. Avenues with numbered names less than 5 are east of 5th Avenue, and those greater than 5 are west of 5th Avenue.
2) Street addresses increase by 100 for each numbered avenue as they move away from 5th Avenue. Going west of 5th Avenue is easy. Street addresses from 1-99 are between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue to the west, and so on across Manhattan to the Hudson River. Going east is more complicated because of the named avenues Madison, Park, and Lexington. Street 1-99 are between 5th and Park, 100-199 are between Park and 3rd, then 200-299 between 3rd and 2nd, etc.


An example: The address 240 west 16th Street is between 7th and 8th Avenues because it is 2 blocks east of 5thAvenue.

Finding the nearest cross street from an avenue address. Avenues can be miles long; this method helps you find the nearest cross street for addresses north of 14th Street.

1) Cross-out the last number in the address.
2) Divide that number by 2, unless otherwise noted on the following chart.
3) Add the result to the number listed next to the Avenue on the following charts.
4)This new number is the approximate cross street of your desired address.

Example: To find the location of 45 Columbus Avenue, first cross-out the 5 in 45 and divide the 4 by 2. This gives you a result of 2. Now add the result to the number listed next to Columbus Avenue on the chart, which is 60. This yields 60+2=62. Therefore, the nearest cross street to 45 Columbus Avenue is 62nd Street.

Manhattan Avenue Cross-Street Chart

Avenue A, B, C, D, 1st, 2nd 3
Third Avenue 10
Fourth Avenue 8
Fifth Avenue
1-200...........13 775-1286........18
201-400.......16 1287-1500.......45
401-600.......18 2000 and up........ 24
601 - 774.......20
Sixth Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) 12
Seventh Avenue to 110 St 12
Seventh Avenue above 110 St 20
Eighth Avenue 10
Ninth Avenue 13
Tenth Avenue 14
Broadway 23rd-192nd St 30
Columbus Avenue 60
Central Park West (divide by 10, not 2) 60
Lexington Avenue 22
Madison Avenue 26
Park Avenue 35
Riverside Avenue
  72nd-165thStrs. (divide by 10, not 2)
St. Nicholas Avenue 110
West End Avenue 60
York Avenue 4

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Addresses, Finding in Metro New York Area

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