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Pet Stores and Pet Supplies in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 44 listings
Pet stores like Petco carry pet supplies (food, grooming, toys, leashes, shelters, acquariums, etc) and some smaller ones carry live animals, fish, hamsters, turtles etc. Some specialize in one species such as reptiles. Horse supplies are usually found at a local "Tack shop".

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Requirements for bringing pets into USA:

Each airline has its own policy regarding transportation of pets; contact them with specific questions and also to reserve space for your pet on the flight.

Here are some general rules:

  • Dogs/cats must be at least 8 weeks old.
  • The pet must be fed and given water four hours before arrival on airplane.
  • All pets must wear an ID collar.
  • You must have a health certificate from a veterinarian that is dated at least 10 days before your departure.
  • Your pet must be vaccinated for rabies.

For more information: www.dot.gov

Pet Stores and Pet Supplies in New York

General Pet Stores (4 listings total)

Bird Jungle

401 Tel 212-242-1757

Dudley's Paw

Pet supply boutique for dogs, cats, offers a full line of veterinarian-recommended goods and gourmet treats
327 Greenwich St., Tribeca NY 10013 Fax 212-966-5167

Pamper Ur Pets

225 W. 16th St., Chelsea NY 10011 Tel 212-255-5523

Sutton Aviary

Everything for the birds: cages, bedding, food pellets, treats and vitamins. Raise spoon fed babies and board birds.
311 E. 60th St., Uptown East NY 10022 Tel 212-421-2122
Fax: 212-355-2859; Website: suttonpets.com

Pet Supplies & Pet Food (35 listings total)


Barking Zoo

172 Ninth Ave., Chelsea NY near 20th St., Tel 212-255-0658

Beasty Feast - [New York]

[New York] NY
Website: beastyfeast.com

Beasty Feast - Greenwich Village

Nice, convenient place with almost eveything you need to keep your dog or cat happy and content.
680 Washington St., Greenwich Village NY Bet. W. 10th & Charles, Tel 212-620-4055

Beasty Feast - West Village

630 Hudson St., West Village NY near Jane St., Tel 212-620-7099

Biscuits & Bath

Custom-made roll-up doggy futons, plus other cool pet toys.
140 W. 67th St., Lincoln Center NY 10023 Tel 212-712-9535

Calling All Pets

1590 York Ave., Yorkville NY 10128 Tel 212-249-7387

Classy Parrot Food Co.

Parrot Food & Supplies, Harrisons, Zupreem & More. Organic Foods, nutritional products, cages, stands. Come visit by appt.only Discounts for local visitors. Bird/Dog Boarding available. Call for info.
Tel 516-822-2886
Customer Services: 516-855-8369; E-mail: info@classyparrot.com
Website: classyparrot.com

Dogs, Cats & Co.

Personal store with cans and bags of food for your animal.
208 E. 82nd St., Yorkville NY near Second Ave., Tel 212-396-2585


Spoil your pootch at Fetch. Luxury dog items like velvet doggie beds and doggie cuisines.
43 Greenwich St., Financial District NY at Charles St., Tel 212-352-8591
Website: fetchnyc.com

Four Paws Club, The

...a 450-square-food dog and cat boutique that's so jam packed it feels like a small town general store... - New York Magazine Best Of New York
387 Bleeker St., West Village NY Tel 212-367-8265

Furry Paws - Lincoln Center

141 Amsterdam Ave., Lincoln Center NY at 66th St., Tel 212-724-9321

Furry Paws - Stuyvesant

310 E. 23rd St., Stuyvesant NY at Second Ave., Tel 212-979-0920

Furry Paws - Sutton Place

1039 Second Ave., Sutton Place NY at 54th St., Tel 212-813-1388

Furry Paws - Yorkville

1705 Third Ave., Yorkville NY 10128 Tel 212-828-5308

Just Cats

Strictly for the cat lover: every accessory for cats including clothing, collars, jewelry and toys. Cat collectibles also.
244 E. 60th St., Uptown East NY 10022 2nd/3rd Ave., Tel 212-888-2287

Karens for People + Pets

1195 Lexington Ave., Upper East Side NY 10028 Tel 212-472-9440
Fax: 212-472-0560; Website: karensnyc.com

New World Aquarium

Fish store with lots of tanks and fish accessories.
204 E. 38th St., Kips Bay NY betw 2nd & 3rd Ave, Tel 646-865-9604
Website: newworldaquarium.net

NYC Pet Supply

A full line of pet supplies for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, fish, turtles, and iguanas.
Tel 212-496-6684
E-mail: seymour@nycpetsupply.com; Website: nycpetsupply.com

NYC Unleashed

162 W. 84th St., Upper West Side NY 10024 Tel 212-721-4585

Orvis Company Store

Quality beds and equipment for the rugged outdoorsy type of dogs.
522 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY at 44th St., Tel 212-827-0698
Fax: 212-827-0602; Website: orvis.com

Pet Bowl

Good pet supply store. Free delivery and delivery arrangements.
440 Amsterdam Ave., Upper West Side NY near 81st St,, Tel 212-595-4200

Pet Necessities

This store carries more than just the bare necessities. Food, toys, even doggy raincoats.
E. 100th St., East Harlem NY near Second Ave., Tel 212-988-0769

Pet Stop

564 Columbus Ave., Upper West Side NY 10124 Tel 212-410-4100

Petco - Carnegie Hill

147 E. 86th St., Carnegie Hill NY near Lexington Ave., Tel 212-851-8001

Petco - Flatiron District

Huge stores filled with affordable pet food and accessories.
860 Broadway, Flatiron District NY at 17th St., Tel 212-358-0692
Website: petco.com

Petco - Kips Bay

560 Second Ave., Kips Bay NY near 32nd St., Tel 212-779-4550

Petco - Upper West Side

2475 Broadway, Upper West Side NY Tel 212-877-1270

Peter's Emporium for Pets

236 E. 75th St., Yorkville NY 10021 Tel 212-772-3647
Tel: 212-772-3674

Petfood Palace

Flint River Ranch natural dog & cat foods delivered FREE to your door.
Tel 800-895-8956
E-mail: CustomerService@petfoodpalace.com; Website: petfoodpalace.com

Pets on Lex

Unique dog and cat accessories, complete line of food and supplies
1271 Lexington Ave., Upper East Side NY 10028 betw 85th & 86th St, Tel 212-426-0766
E-mail: info@petsonlex.com; Website: petsonlex.com

Poodle & The Dane

500 E. 88th St., Yorkville NY 10128 Tel 212-717-1710

Pupcake Studio

Fun shaped pupcakes, chicken flavor w/cream cheese icing
360 E. 4th St., Tel 212-477-9119
Tel: 917-655-7879; E-mail: anieves913@aol.com
Website: pupcakestudio.com

Spoiled Brats

Supplies, toys, treats for dogs, cats, fish and rabbits
340 W. 49th St., Clinton NY 10019 Fax 212-459-1615

Sutton Dog Parlour

Supplies for birds, cats and dogs
311 E. 60th St., Uptown East NY 10022 Tel 212-355-2850
Fax: 212-355-2859; Website: suttonpets.com

Jars Pet Palace

Unusual pet products, such as sun visors, flashing collars, and an ear piercing kit, scarves and sunglasses. Also a section on non-pet related signs, such as "Do Not Enter" and "One Way".
P.O.Box 808, Nashville, IN, Tel 812-988-8950
E-mail: info@jarspetpalace.com; Website: jarspetpalace.com

Aquarium Supplies & Fishes (1 listings total)

Aquatic Shop, The

Aquatic information and supplies
Website: theaquaticshop.com

Bird Jungle

401 Tel 212-242-1757


Buy every type of animal including lizards
Website: herp.com

Sutton Aviary

Everything for the birds: cages, bedding, food pellets, treats and vitamins. Raise spoon fed babies and board birds.
311 E. 60th St., Uptown East NY 10022 Tel 212-421-2122
Fax: 212-355-2859; Website: suttonpets.com