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Lighting Specialists in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 2 listings
Lighting specialists are available to help you with any type of commercial, residential or personal need. Some of the businesses listed below specialize in the needs of theater companies, artists and performers. Others have expertise in providing lighting needs for large public events, corporate meetings, outdoor landscape lighting and more.
Lighting Specialists in New York

Lite Brite Neon Studio

Serving the fine art, scenic arts & display industries since 1997.
Third Ave., Greenwich Village NY 11215 232 3rd Street, Tel 718-855-6082
Fax: 718-855-6083; E-mail: markjacobssr@yahoo.com
Website: litebriteneon.com

Residential Lighting Consultant

Residential lighting specialist: design, specification, installation
Tel 917-582-7822
E-mail: staci@studio87.com; Website: studio87.com