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Photography Cameras, Lenses, and Supplies in New York

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Photography Cameras, Lenses, and Supplies in New York

17th St Photo

Large selection of photographic equipment for amateur and professional. Buy, sell or trade.
34 W. 17th St., Flatiron District NY 10011 Tel 212-366-9870
Fax: 212-366-9872

42nd Street Photo

Major brand profession cameras and lenses.
378 Fifth Ave., Fashion District NY near 35th St., Tel 212-594-6565
Website: 42ndphoto.com

Abe's of Maine

Cameras and electronics.
Brooklyn, NY, Tel 718-645-1818
Customer Services: 718-382-8596; Customer Services: 800-992-2379
Fax: 718-998-5216; Toll-Free: 800-531-2237


Sells and rents photographic equipment.
42 W. 18th St., Flatiron District NY 10011 Tel 212-627-8487
Fax: 212-929-9013; Website: adoramacamera.com

Alkit Camera Shop

222 Park Ave., Midtown NY 10017 Tel 212-674-1515
Fax: 212-533-8044; E-mail: alkit@aol.com

Bel Air Camera

LA's Discount Camera & Video Superstore.
Order 800-200-4999
24 Hours: 310-208-7472; Information: 310-208-5150
Website: belaircamera.com

Best Buy

New York City NY photography equipment and supplies from best brands Canon, Sony, Kodak, Olympus; digital cameras, film cameras, photo printers, digital photo frames, web cams, camcorders and more products. Everything for the photo hobbyist at Best Buy New York City.
Tel 888-237-8289
Website: bestbuy.com

Best Buy

1880 Broadway, Tel 212-246-9734

Best Buy

1280 Lexington Ave., Tel 917-492-8870

Best Buy

517 E. 17th St., Tel 212-366-1373

Best Buy - Flatiron District

60 W. 23rd St., Flatiron District NY Tel 212-366-1373

Best Buy - Greenwich Village

622 Broadway, Greenwich Village NY 10012 Tel 212-673-4067

Best Buy - Midtown

529 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10017 at E. 44th St., Tel 212-808-0309

Brooklyn Camera Exchange

View all our inventory at www.brooklyncam.com.
Toll-Free 888-570-6009
Fax: 516-678-5894; Tel: 516-678-5333
E-mail: brooklycam@worldnet.att.net; Website: brooklyncam.com


16 W. 19th St., Flatiron District NY 10011 Tel 212-989-8500
Fax: 800225638; Website: calumetphoto.com


Full line to satisy you photographic needs.
119 W. 170th St., Washington Heights NY 10011 24 Hours 212-463-0093
Customer Services: 212-255-3744; Information: 212-675-8600
Toll-Free: 800-221-2253; Wholesale: 212-924-8660
E-mail: bestdeal@cambridgeworld.com; Website: cambridgeworld.com

Camera Discount Center

45 Seventh Ave., Greenwich Village NY 10011 Tel 212-206-0077
Fax: 212-463-0093

Camera Traders, Ltd.

We buy we sell we trade new or used photo equipment.
119 W. 72nd St., Upper West Side NY 10023 Tel 212-496-8120
Fax: 212-724-4926; Toll-Free: 800-336-1309
Website: cameratradersltd.com

Camera Zone

We accept all school and government BIDS and POs.
Brooklyn, NY, Fax 718-491-4418
Toll-Free: 800-317-8883; Toll-Free: 800-897-4793
Website: thecamerazone.com

CCI Camera City Inc.

All merchandise is factory fresh and guarteed new.
Brooklyn, NY, 24 Hours 718-627-8493
Customer Services: 718-627-6427; Tel: 800-753-1272
Customer Services: 718-627-4224; Information: 718-627-5600
E-mail: ccicam@aol.com; Website: ccicameracity.com

Classic Connection

Wide selection of Photographical equipment.
Toll-Free 888-534-2272
Fax: 203-371-2354; Tel: 203-371-2352
Tel: 203-371-2353; E-mail: sam@classicconnection.com
Website: classicconnection.com

Columbus Camera Group inc.

Every brand of photographic equipment.
Order 800-325-7664
24 Hours: 614-267-1037; Information: 614-267-0686
E-mail: colscamr@infinet.com; Website: columbuscamera.com

Comp USA

Large selection of computers and accessories, supplies, software, cameras and more
Tel 800-266-7872
Website: compusa.com

Dan Black

Specializing in Leica.
Narbeth, PA, Tel 610-664-7345
Fax: 610-667-5950; E-mail: mrdblack@aol.com

Discovery! Cameras and Electronics

Satisfaction guaranteed within 21 days or money back.
Linden, NJ, Tel 908-925-8811
24 Hours: 908-925-0105; Customer Services: 908-925-8548
Int'l Tel: 908-925-8833; Toll-Free: 800-575-1353

Family Photo & Video

Shop with confidence at family photo & video.
Brooklyn, NY, 24 Hours 718-998-6650
Toll-Free: 800-254-7468; Tel: 718-645-1298
E-mail: info@familyphotoandvideo.com; Website: familyphotoandvideo.com

Film Shop

Widest selection of film available anywhere.
Tel 800-631-0300
Website: filmshop.com

Foto Care

Not only for professional photographic equipment. Helpful to the beginner too.
W. 21st St., Tel 212-741-2990

Gemini Photo

Large selection at unbeatable prices.
55 W. 39th St., Fashion District NY 10018 Tel 212-398-4693
Tel: 212-398-5856; Fax: 877-398-5856
Toll-Free: 800-488-8656; Website: geminiphoto.com

George Ury

Fine photographic equipment.
Naperville, IL, Tel 630-420-2925
Fax: 630-420-2935; E-mail: Georgeury@aol.com


We're not just film...We're more, much more.
186 21st St., Brooklyn NY 11232 Toll-Free 800-235-1002

J&L Photo

Brooklyn's top provider of photography supplies.
Brooklyn, NY, Tel 718-421-3808
Fax: 718-421-4869; Toll-Free: 800-257-0600

Ken Hansen Photographic

509 Madison Ave., Midtown NY 10022 Tel 212-317-0923

Lens and Repro

buy, sell, trade and rent photographic equipment. authorized dealers for high end cameras. Helpful service for the professional or amateur.
33 W. 17th St., Flatiron District NY 10011 Tel 212-675-1900
Fax: 212-989-5018; Website: lensrepro.com

Marine Park Camera Video

Shopping with us is as pleasant as a walk in the park.
Toll-Free 800-300-0615
Website: marineparkcameras.com

Photo Gizzmo

Specializing in new and previously owned large and medium format cameras and lenses
134 W. 26th St., Flatiron District NY 10001 Tel 212-463-0130
Fax: 212-463-0273


Everything we sell is brand new and factory fresh.
Linden, NJ, 24 Hours 908-486-7888
Customer Services: 908-486-7158; Toll-Free: 800-642-7295


Deer Park, NY, Toll-Free 800-722-0047

Smile Photo

Full line of Photographic equipment.
29 W. 35th St., Fashion District NY 10001 Tel 212-967-5900
24 Hours: 212-967-5912; 24 Hours: 800-699-2836
Order: 800-516-4203; E-mail: sales@smilephotovideo.com
Website: smilephotovideo.com

Spectra Photo Digital

Full service photo and digital services lab. Photographic supplies.
77 Christopher St., West Village NY 10014 Tel 212-989-0626
Fax: 212-366-4841; E-mail: spectra@interport.net


At Staples you will find photography equipment such as digital cameras, memory cards, and camera cases at any of their locations across Long Island. Canon Power shots, Flip video, Kodak Easy Share, photo printers, webcams, and cameras by Sony and Olympus as well as security cameras can be found at Staples Long Island locations.
Tel 800-378-2753
Website: staples.com


40 The DSW Plaza, Tel 631-981-5125

Sunset Camera Inc.

The professionals choice for all photographic equipment.
Fax 718-832-5233
Information: 718-832-0700; Toll-Free: 800-354-0999
Toll-Free: 800-564-0700


Over 600 items for the professional photographer.
50 Washington St, Brooklyn, NY, Tel 718-222-9870
E-mail: info@tenba.com; Website: tenba.com

Tristate Camera and Video

Known for great prices since 1977.
50 W. 20th St., Flatiron District NY 10011 corner of 6th Ave., 24 Hours 212-633-7718
Customer Services: 212-633-6807; Information: 212-633-2290
Toll-Free: 800-221-1926; E-mail: Tscamvid@aol.com
Website: tristatecamera.com


Offering audio & video technology, cellular service, office equipment, music & movies, new digital products & Cablevision's high-speed cable modems & data service, "The Wiz" carries such manufacturers as: Sony, 3Com, Panasonic, RCA, Mitsubishi, Fuji, Aiwa & Compaq.
Tel 732-650-3200
Tel: 800-253-0186; E-mail: custserv@thewiz.com
Website: thewiz.com

Wiz - Greenwich Village

726 Broadway, Greenwich Village NY 10003 Tel 212-677-4111

Wiz - Midtown

555 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10017 Tel 212-557-7770

Wiz - Midtown South

871 Sixth Ave., Midtown South NY 10001 Tel 212-594-2300

Wiz - Sutton Place

212 E. 57th St., Sutton Place NY 10022 Tel 212-754-1600

Wiz - Union Square

17 Union Sq. W., Union Square NY 10016 Tel 212-741-9500

Wiz - Upper West Side

2577 Broadway, Upper West Side NY 10025 Tel 212-663-8000

Camera Repairs (6 listings total)

Camera Discount Center

45 Seventh Ave., Greenwich Village NY 10011 Tel 212-206-0077
Fax: 212-463-0093

Carlick Imaging

920 Broadway, Flatiron District NY 10010 Tel 212-777-5900
Fax: 212-292-5555; Website: carlickimaging.com

Nippon Photo Clinic

Estimates given for repairs, lens cleaning, no video cameras repaired.
920 Broadway, Flatiron District NY 10010 Tel 212-982-3177
Fax: 212-982-1715; E-mail: nippon@aol.com

Professional Camera Repair Service

37 W. 47th St., Midtown NY 10036 Tel 212-382-0550
Fax: 212-382-2537

Willoughby's Konica Imaging Center - Murray Hill

50 E. 42nd St., Murray Hill NY 10017 Tel 212-681-7844

Willoughby's Konica Imaging Center - Murray Hill

385 Fifth Ave., Murray Hill NY 10016 In New York 212-213-1515
Fax: 212-564-1608; In USA: 800-378-1898