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Women's Designer Clothing in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 124 listings
Women's Designer Clothing in New York

A/X Armani Exchange - Flatiron District

129 Fifth Ave., Flatiron District NY at 20th St., Tel 212-254-7230
Fax: 212-431-4669

A/X Armani Exchange - Midtown

645 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY at 51th St., Tel 212-980-3037
Fax: 212-980-0291

A/X Armani Exchange - Soho

If you dream of Armani but can't afford the Madison Avenue flagship, check out this line of casual, far less expensive playclothes.
568 Broadway, Soho NY Tel 212-431-6000
Fax: 212-431-4669; Website: armaniexchange.com

Agnes B. - Manhattan Valley

New York New York Agnes B. Men's and Women's clothing line for business to casual this decidedly French chic boutique is a great spot to find spartaes and suites for mixing and matching acheiving that effortless practical Parisian style
Manhattan Valley NY
Website: agnesb.com

Agnes B. - Upper East Side

1063 Madison Ave., Upper East Side NY 10028 Near 81st St., Tel 212-570-9333

Agnes B. - Flatiron District

13 E. 16th St., Flatiron District NY 10012 Near Union Square West, Tel 212-741-2585

Agnes B. - Soho

103 Greene St., Soho NY 10012 Near Prince St., Tel 212-925-4649

Agnona Boutique

Clothing created with the most sought-after fibers: superfine Australian wool, Peruvian alpaca, cashmere, camelhair and vicuna.
663 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10021 Tel 212-421-4488
E-mail: showroom@agnona.com; Website: agnona.com

Alexander McQueen

London's wild-child designer brings his ever-more-outrageous and theatrical designs to New York... - New York Magazine
417 W. 14th St., Chelsea NY near Ninth Ave., Tel 212-645-1797
Website: alexandermcqueen.com


New York New York Anik Features: Theory, Bianca Nero, Easel, Chaiken Clean look, ideal for serious businesswomen or hip moms
1355 Third Ave., Yorkville NY 10021 Near 77th St., Tel 212-861-9840

Ann Taylor

Characterized by stylish simplicity, the classic collections at Ann Taylor have become a standard source for all women.
Tel 800-342-5266
Fax: 866-232-9266; Website: anntaylor.com

Ann Taylor - Financial District

225 Liberty St., Financial District NY 10281 at the World Financial Center, Tel 212-945-1991

Ann Taylor - Flatiron District

149 Fifth Ave., Flatiron District NY 10010 Tel 212-253-1445

Ann Taylor - Fulton

4 Fulton St., Fulton NY 10038 at South St Seaport, Tel 212-480-4100

Ann Taylor - Lincoln Center

2015 Broadway, Lincoln Center NY 10023 at 69th St., Tel 212-873-7344

Ann Taylor - Midtown

575 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10017 Near 47th St, Tel 212-922-3621

Ann Taylor - Midtown

850 Third Ave., Midtown NY 10022 near 52nd St, Tel 212-308-5333

Ann Taylor - Midtown

1166 Sixth Ave., Midtown NY 10001 Tel 212-642-4340

Ann Taylor - Midtown

330 Madison Ave., Midtown NY 10017 Tel 212-949-0008

Ann Taylor - Soho

555 Broadway, Soho NY 10028 at 80th St, Tel 212-334-0486

Anna Sui

New York New York Anna Sui weddings casual affordable accessories and beauty products
113 Greene St., Soho NY 10012 Near Prince St., Tel 212-941-8406
Fax: 212-941-5758; Website: annasui.com

Anne Klein

417 West Broadway, Soho NY Near Spring St., Tel 212-965-9499

Arden B

Trendy, up-to-date fashion.
Website: ardenb.com

Arden B - Flatiron District

104 Fifth Ave., Flatiron District NY 10011 Tel 646-638-0361

Arden B - Lenox Hill

1130 Third Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 Tel 212-628-2003

Arden B - Soho

532 Broadway, Soho NY 10012 Tel 212-941-5697

Arleen Bowman Boutique

This friendly little shop's stasff dispenses hugs and kisses to its regular customers, along with Bowman's dressy designs in fabrics like velvet, linen, and silk... - New York Magazine
353 Bleeker St., West Village NY near W. 10th St., Tel 212-645-8740

Armani Exchange - Flatiron District

129 Fifth Ave., Flatiron District NY 10003 Tel 212-254-7230
Fax: 212-254-7678

Armani Exchange - Midtown

645 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10022 51st St., Tel 212-980-3037
Fax: 212-980-0291

Armani Exchange - Midtown

Customer service department. Armani Exchange is the more affordable collection of Armani designs. The clothing line is simple and classic, meant to be interchangeable with any other piece of clothing.
645 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10022 Fax 212-980-0291
Tel: 212-980-3037; E-mail: custserv@armaniexchange.com
Website: armaniexchange.com


Balenciaga by Nicholas Ghesquiere.
542 W. 52nd St., Clinton NY 10001 Tel 212-206-0872
Fax: 212-255-1951; Website: balenciaga.com

Barbara Bui

French designer, perfect for the career women - simple, classic, casual.
117 Wooster St., Soho NY 10012 Near Prince St, Tel 212-625-1938
Website: barbarabui.fr

bebe - Flatiron District

Distinctive and inspirational fashion bearing an unmistakable hint of sensuality.
100 Fifth Ave., Flatiron District NY 10011 Tel 212-675-2323
Website: bebe.com

bebe - Uptown East

1127 Third Ave., Uptown East NY 10022 Tel 212-588-9060
Website: bebe.com

Bergdorf Goodman

One of the most elegant shopping experiences for women in New York. Designer clothing from the stylish to the trendy. Also check out the ground floor for all beauty and skin care needs.
754 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10019 at 58th St., Tel 212-872-8957
Information: 212-753-7300; Toll-Free: 800-558-1855
Website: bergdorfgoodman.com

Betsey Bunky Nini

Southhampton meets the Upper East Side. This casual-chic boutique stocks everything a fashionable fall shopper could need.
980 Lexington Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 Near 71st St, Tel 212-744-6716

Betsey Johnson - Lincoln Center

248 Columbus Ave., Lincoln Center NY 10023 Near 71st St., Tel 212-362-3364

Betsey Johnson - Soho

138 Wooster St., Soho NY 10012 near Houston St, Tel 212-995-5048
Fax: 212-253-0982

Betsey Johnson - Upper East Side

1060 Madison Ave., Upper East Side NY 10028 Near 81st St., Tel 212-734-1257

Betsey Johnson - Uptown East

251 E. 60th St., Uptown East NY 10022 Near Lexington Ave, Tel 212-319-7699

Betsy Bunky Nini

980 Lexington Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 betw 71th & 72nd St, Tel 212-744-6716

Bottega Veneta

Newest fashion collection ready to wear--bags, shoes & accessories.
699 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10022 at 55th St., Tel 212-371-5511
Website: bottegaveneta.com


...cutting-edge fashion from designers like Alessandro Dell'Acqua, Atsuro Tayama, and Anna Molinair. - New York Magazine
244 Mulberry St., NoLita NY near Prince St., Tel 212-625-8400

Boutique Giorgio Armani

Chic, luxurious and very trendy clothing. The place for the latest in fashion.
760 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 at 65th St, Tel 212-988-9191
Fax: 212-472-8795; Website: giorgioarmani.com


Brioni's flagship store in NYC.
57 E. 57th St., Midtown NY 10022 Tel 212-376-5777
Fax: 212-376-5778; Website: brioni.it

Calypso Christiane Celle

Floating bright designs and comfortable styles are the signitures at Calypso offering stylish apparel and accessories
Tel 212-219-8900
E-mail: info@cccalypso.com; Website: calypso-celle.com

Calypso Christiane Celle Meatpacking District

654 Hudson St., Meatpacking District NY 10014 at Gansevood St., Tel 646-638-3000

Calypso Christiane Celle Flagship Store

815 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10065 near E. 68th St., Tel 212-585-0310

Calypso Christiane Celle NoLita

280 Mott St., NoLita NY 10012 at Prince St., Tel 212-965-0990

Calypso Christiane Celle Soho

191 LaFayette St., Soho NY 10013 at Broome St., Tel 212-941-6512

Calypso Christiane Celle Tribecca

137 West Broadway, Tribeca NY 10013 betw Thomas & Duane St, Tel 212-608-2222

Calypso Christiane Celle Upper East Side

935 Madison Ave., Upper East Side NY At 74th St, Tel 212-535-4100

Carolina Herrera

Great looks for both day and evening wear.
954 Madison Ave., Upper East Side NY at 75th St, Tel 212-249-6552
Website: carolinaherrera.com

Chanel Boutique

World known house of French designer fashion. The very best in quality: ready-to-wear, accessories, and jewelry to fragrances and cosmetics
Tel 800-550-0005
Website: chanel.com

Chanel Boutique - Midtown

15 E. 57th St., Midtown NY 10022 Fax 212-715-4150
Tel: 212-355-5050

Chanel Boutique - Soho

139 Wooster St., Soho NY 10022 Tel 212-355-5050
Fax: 212-355-2305

Chanel Boutique - Soho

139 Spring St., Soho NY 10012 Tel 212-334-0055
Fax: 212-334-6690

Chloe Boutique

One of the world's top fashion designer's, Chloe's clothing is the ultimate flirt.
850 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY at 70th St., Tel 212-717-8220
Fax: 212-717-0193; Website: chloe.com

Christian Dior

Dior provides some of the worlds most elegant clothing and accessories.
21 E. 57th St., Midtown NY 10022 betw 5th & Madison Ave, Tel 212-931-2950
Website: dior.com

Chrome Hearts

Very upscale leather, cashmere, silk... gear
159 E. 64th St., Lenox Hill NY near Lexington, Tel 212-327-0707
Website: www.chromehearts.com

Custo Barcelona

Distinctive, original and innovative style of clothing dsigned by brothers Custodio.
472 Broome St., Soho NY Tel 212-274-9700
E-mail: custo-newyork@custo-barcelona.com; Website: custo-barcelona.com

D.L. Cerney

Drop in and listen to some cool jazz tunes while checking out some of the cutest retro-inspired designs around.
13 E. 7th St., East Village NY 10003 Near 3rd Ave, Tel 212-673-7033

Dennis Basso

Flagship store.
765 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 Tel 212-794-4500
Fax: 212-288-2947

Derek Lam

Tel 212-741-0141
Fax: 212-741-0630; E-mail: info@dereklam.com
Website: dereklam.com

Diane Von Furstenberg

One-stop shopping for the glamourous designer's greatest hits... - New York Magazine
385 W. 12th St., Meatpacking District NY 10014 betw Washington & West St, Tel 646-486-4800
Website: dianevonfurstenberg.com

DKNY - Donna Karan

One of New York's premier Donna Karan designer's clothing and accessories feauturing a full line of eclectic, fashionable and unique collection.
Unnamed Street 7090, ny id 21331, Tel 800-231-0884
Website: dkny.com

DKNY - Donna Karan - Lenox Hill

655 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 at 60th St., Tel 212-223-3569

DKNY - Donna Karan - Soho

420 West Broadway, Soho NY 10012 betw 40th & 41st St, Tel 646-613-1100

Dolce & Gabbana

Milanese design duo designing great men's and women's clothing from business wear to casual wear. New York City designer boutique for Dolce & Gabana.
825 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 Tel 212-249-4100
Fax: 212-249-7801; Website: dolcegabbana.com

Elie Tahari Soho

Tasteful, well-tailored fashion for career oriented women.
417 West Broadway, Soho NY 10012 Tel 212-334-4441
Website: elietahari.com

Emilio Pucci

Italian designer known for his vivid prints and jet set styles.
Website: emiliopucci.com

Emporio Armani

410 West Broadway, Soho NY 10022 Tel 646-613-8099
Fax: 646-613-8292


European designer celebrated for her elegant designs.
715 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10022 at 56th St., Tel 212-755-2200
Fax: 212-832-3750; Website: escada.com


Modern fabrics and design.
720 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 Bet. 63rd &64th Sts., Tel 212-317-9096
Website: etro.it

Gianfranco Ferre

Stunning creations by one of the top European designers.
870 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 at 71st St., Tel 212-717-5430
E-mail: pressferre@gianfrancoferre.com; Website: gianfrancoferre.com

Guess - Fulton

Clothes for the stylish and young hip.
23 --25 Fulton St., Fulton NY 10038 at the South St Seaport, Tel 212-385-0533
Website: guess.com

Guess - Soho

Clothes for the stylish and young hip.
537 Broadway, Soho NY 10012 Tel 212-226-9545
Website: guess.com

Helene Arpels

Handmade sweaters and dresses produced exclusively for the store, deluxe and expensive
470 Park Ave., Midtown NY 10021 betw 57th & 58th St, Tel 212-980-9576
Fax: 212-832-0014

Henri Bendel

Exceptional designer fashions, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and speciality items in this elegant landmark store.
712 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10019 betw 55th & 56th St, Tel 212-247-1100
Tel: 800-423-6335; Website: henribendel.com

Hugo Boss - Lincoln Center

One of the worlds top designers known for creating a stylish look.
10 Columbus Circle, Lincoln Center NY The Shops at Columbus Circle, Tel 212-485-1900
Fax: 212-485-1919; Website: hugoboss.com

Hugo Boss - Midtown

One of the worlds top designers known for creating a stylish look.
717 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10022 Tel 212-485-1800
Fax: 212-485-1818; Website: hugo.com

J. Mendel Furs

Known for the J. Mendel for Legend mink coats.
723 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 Tel 212-832-5830
Website: legendmink.com

Jackie Rogers

Once a Chanel model, now known for her day suits and dresses and evening dresses and gowns.
202 W. 40th St., Fashion District NY 10021 Tel 212-768-2768
Website: jackierogers.com

Jean Paul Gaultier

759 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 at 66th St., Tel 212-249-0235
Website: jeanpaulgaultier.com

Jeffrey New York

Featuring top-name designers for women. Smaller selection of high-fashion clothing for men.
449 W. 14th St., Chelsea NY betw 9th & 10th Ave, Tel 212-206-1272

Jill Anderson

Modern meets antique at this American designer's East Village shop. Popular and affordable.
331 E. 9th St., East Village NY betw First & Second Ave, Tel 212-253-1747
Fax: 212-253-8289; E-mail: jillanderson@mindspring.com
Website: jillanderson.com

Jussara Lee

Discover great affordable clothing from one of NY's top designers.
11 W. 12th St., Greenwich Village NY Tel 212-242-4128
Fax: 212-242-4129; Website: caipirinha.com

Lacoste Boutique

Women's brightly colored clothes.
134 Prince St., Soho NY 10012 Tel 212-226-5019
Fax: 212-226-5020; Website: lacoste.com


Discover hard to find designers such as Liberty of London and the Japanese label Antipast. Also check out their one of a kind vintage jewelry pieces.
109 Thompson St., Soho NY nr Prince St, Tel 212-966-4827

Linda Dresner

Chic NYC boutique providing New York women with the ultimate fashion experience.
484 Park Ave., Midtown NY nr 58th St, Tel 212-308-3177


Upscale off-price specialty retailer store offering unique selections of designer clothing, sportswear, swim, shoes, accessories including Michael Kors straw handbags, Steve Madden sandals, Valentino, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein and other designer brands
Website: loehmanns.com


2101 Broadway, Upper West Side NY 10023 betw 73rd St & 74th St, Tel 212-882-9990

Mac & Jac

209 W. 38th St., Fashion District NY 10018 Tel 212-354-4282
Website: macandjac.com

Marina Rinaldi

Clothing for woman from sizes 10-22. Maxmara fabrics.
800 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY betw 67th & 68th St, Tel 212-734-4333

Max Mara

Conservative yet stylish Italian clothing. Designed to withstand the the passage of time (a fickle fashion world).
813 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 at 68th St., Tel 212-879-6100


Maxstudio brings leading edge fashion design to today's women.
426 West Broadway, Soho NY 10012 Tel 212-431-8995
Fax: 212-431-8732; Website: maxstudio.com


Turkish designer Buket Hasman's feminine yet sporty and fun pieces range from sequined tube tops to baseball shirts.
23 Clinton St., Lower East Side NY Tel 212-228-3336

Miu Miu

Miu Miu brand is the sister line of Prada with more daring and fun - features the basic premise of slip dresses, sheer fabrics, and high wedge shoes
Website: miumiu.it

Miu Miu - Lenox Hill

831 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10012 at Greene St., Tel 212-249-9660
Fax: 212-249-9701

Miu Miu - Soho

100 Prince St., Soho NY 10012 betw Green & Mercer St, Tel 212-334-5156
Fax: 212-334-5298

Narciso Rodriguez

Brighly colored clothes designed in his signature minimalistic style.
30 Irving Pl., Gramercy Park NY 10003 Tel 212-533-0870
Website: narcisorodriguez.com

Nicole Farhi - Chelsea

75 Ninth Ave., Chelsea NY Tel 646-638-0115
Website: nicolefarhi.com

Nicole Farhi - Lenox Hill

Outpost of talented London designer best known for fabulous knitwear.
10 E. 60th St., Lenox Hill NY Near Madison Ave, Tel 212-223-8811
Website: nicolefarhi.com

Nicole Miller

Feminine, funky colorful designs from one of NYC's best known designers. Great accessories. Also ideal dresses for bridesmaids.
780 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 Near 67th St, Tel 212-288-9779
Fax: 212-517-3485; Website: nicolemiller.com

Nicolina of New York

Clothing designed by the owner are a special feature of a stock that includes all manner of accessories and novelty ready-to-wear.
247 W. 46th St., Theater District NY 10036 Tel 212-302-6426

Olive & Bette's

Cheerful boutiques housing trendy clothing from NYC's top designers.
E-mail: oliveandbettes@hotmail.com; Website: oliveandbettes.com

Philosphy di Alberta Ferretti

Wonderful SoHo boutique featuring the less expensive, more casual Diffusion line of Alberta Ferretti.
452 West Broadway, Soho NY nr Prince St, Tel 212-460-5500
E-mail: philosophy@aeffeusa.com; Website: philosophy.it


Prada is one of biggest boutique in the world featuring Italian design and fashion styles in women's apparel and accessoris; women's collections include pale gossamer dresses, occasional flashes of brightly colored trim, and stark black technofabric suits
Website: prada.com

Prada - Midtown

724 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10019 near 56th St., Tel 212-664-0010
Fax: 212-664-0020

Prada - Soho

575 Broadway, Soho NY 10022 near Prince St., Tel 212-334-8888
Fax: 212-274-1043

Prada - Lenox Hill

841 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 near 70th St., Tel 212-327-4200
Fax: 212-327-4300

Prada - Midtown

45 E. 57th St., Midtown NY 10019 Tel 212-308-2332
Fax: 212-980-1278

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren's collection for women is focusing on elegant and romantic apparel in fresh and feminine colors, shoes & accessories in tradition of casual elegance
Unnamed Street 7090, ny id 21331, Tel 888-475-7674
E-mail: CustomerAssistance@RalphLauren.com; Website: ralphlauren.com

Ralph Lauren - Lenox Hill

This location is closed for renovation, new store is opening fall 2009; look for the temporary location at 1055 Madison Ave.
888 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 betw 70th & 71st St, Tel 212-434-8000

Ralph Lauren - Soho

381 West Broadway, Soho NY at Broome St., Tel 212-625-1660

Ralph Lauren

380 --381 Bleeker St., Tribeca NY 10014 at Charles St., Tel 212-645-5513
Tel: 646-638-0684


Ramosports coats and jackets.
214 W. 39th St., Fashion District NY 10018 Tel 212-253-4930
Website: ramosport.com

Roberto Cavalli

Check out this store. These sexy, creative designs are all the rage.
745 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10151 Tel 212-303-5533
Website: robertocavalli.com

Salvatore Ferragamo

Ferragamo's flagship store--Parisian inspired women's wear, shoes, purses, accessories and men's wear.
665 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10022 near 53rd St, Tel 212-759-3822
Tel: 800-628-8916; Fax: 212-308-4493
Website: ferragamo.com

Stella McCartney

Feminine clothing with attitude.
429 W. 14th St., Chelsea NY 10014 Tel 212-255-1556
Website: stellamccartney.com

Tracy Feith

Trendy NYC boutique supplying seasonless, sexy clothing for chic New Yorkers. Check out their great accessories.
209 Mulberry St., NoLita NY 10012 betw Spring & Kenmare St, Tel 212-334-3097


One of the worlds most celebrated designers creatively designs the epitome of glamour.
747 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 at 65th St, Tel 212-772-6969
Website: valentino.it

Yves Saint Laurent

Elegant Yves Saint Laurent's traditional clothing for women, expensive but high quality with special designs of classic simplicity
Website: ysl.com

Yves Saint Laurent - Midtown

3 E. 57th St., Midtown NY 10022 betw 5th & 6th Ave., Tel 212-980-2970
Fax: 212-980-2890