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Planetarium in New York

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Planetarium in New York

American Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History is home to the Hayden Planetarium Space Show Rose Center for Earth and Space Four floors of exhibition halls here include the world-famous fossil halls with their skeletons of enormous dinosaurs and other creatures; the culture halls, representing a variety of indigenous peoples; and mammal, bird and reptile halls. The renovated Milstein Hall of Ocean Life showcases the profusion of life in Earth's "last frontier." Also here: Rose Center for Earth and Space, with Hayden Planetarium and exhibits on Earth and our universe. Click here to see a picture. Click here for a Location.
Central Pk. W., Central Park NY 10024-5192 79th St., Tel 212-769-5100
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Hayden Planetarium

The new Hayden Planetarium, housed inside the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History, is split into two sections. The top half features the Space Theater where the Space Shows take place, while the bottom half houses the Big Bang, "a multi-sensory re-creation of the first moments of the universe".
Central Pk. W., Central Park NY Tel 212-769-5900
Website: amnh.org