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Post Offices in New York

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The United States Postal Service

The United States Postal Service, a public corporation, offers a reliable (and by world standards, inexpensive) system of mail delivery to any address in the United States. Post Offices are widely available throughout the country with at least one for each zip code. All post offices accept domestic and international letters and parcels and offer three basic levels of service: surface, priority and express. The most up-to-date information about services and rates is found on www.usps.gov, the website for the United States Postal Service.

Usual Hours: Most post offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 p.m. with some locations open on Saturday from 8:30 am to 1:00 p.m. with full services. In addition some post offices have self service stations that are available after these hours. In many major cities, the main post office is open 24 hours a day, seven day a week.

Usual Services Provided: Most post offices provide postal mailboxes, self-service stations and distribution of tax forms and passport applications in addition to the standard domestic and international services.

Standard Services Within the United States (Domestic):
First Class Mail This is the service with which most of us are familiar, covers personal correspondence, bills and statements weighing under thirteen ounces.
Priority Mail A two-day delivery service. No special documentation is needed to use priority mail, but there are restrictions on the size of the package that may be sent. The package must weigh seventy pounds or less, and have a volume of 108 inches or less.
Express Mail A service that delivers seven days a week with a guaranteed refund if delivery occurs later than noon. A special form specifying delivery conditions, telephone numbers, payment method and value is required. The mailer receives a slip confirming deposit and delivery status can be tracked.
Parcel Post This service allows customers to ship packages and books. The rates and delivery time are determined by the destination of the package.
Bound Printed Matter Pages bound with a permanent fastening. Items shipped through this service must weigh between one and fifteen pounds.
Special Standard Mail (Book Rate) A service that allows the customer to mail books, film, sound recordings, and loose-leaf binders containing medical or computer information.
Certificate of Mailing This service gives the consumer evidence of mailing, but not of the receipt of the mailing.
Certified Mail This service provides the mailer with a mailing receipt. A record of the mailing is kept in the post office.
Collect On Delivery The mailer can collect the price of goods and/or postage ordered by the addressee.
Delivery Confirmation (Retail) The customer receives confirmation of delivery of the product when it has occurred.
Insured Mail This service provides insurance coverage against loss or damage of the letter or package.
Money Order A money order is a safe and convenient way to transfer funds.
Return Receipt for Merchandise This service provides the mailer with both mailing and return receipts.
Registered Mail Provides the maximum service for your valuables. Registered mail is only available for First Class or Priority Mail.
Restricted Delivery Permits the mailer to direct delivery only to the addressee or an authorized agent.
Return Receipt Provides evidence of the delivery and returns the recepient's new delivery address if any changes have been made.
Address Changes Provides a change of address and helpful tips on how to handle a move.
Zipcodes Allows the customer to find a zipcode by address or to associate a zipcode with a particular location.
Track and Confirm Allows the consumer to track the location and confirm Priority Mail or Parcel Post deliveries.

Mailing Online: Easy way to prepare First Class and Advertising mail with the click of a mouse.

eBillPay: Pay all your bills online, 24-7.

PosteCS: Send your documents securely over the internet.

Global Express Guaranteed: Expanded list of international delivery destinations.

Business Mail 101: A tool for mailers that will help your business or organization
First Class Mail This service covers business mailings of cards, letters, flats and parcels.
Periodicals Includes piece rates, discounts and perferred rates for non-profits and classrooms and an address correction service.
Express Mail Express mail at special prices for businesses sending larger packages.
Standard Mail Standard mail service rates by the piece and the pound, including parcel post, for profit and non-profit companies.
Services The Postal Service offers additional services for businesses. These include address sequencing, business reply mail, certificates of mailing, certified mail and collect on delivery.
Bulk Mailing A service that allows businesses to mail large quanities of material.
Postal Business Center Locater Allows the customer to find Postal Business Centers that provide personalized service and help with unique business needs.
Address Management Systems Locator Allows the customer to locate local Address Management Systems Offices.
Business Mail Entry Office Locator Allows the consumer to find local Business Mail Entry Offices.
Direct Mail Everything a business needs to set up a direct mail campaign.
PostageNow(Tm) This service allows the customer to use electronic payment options to purchase postage when it's needed.

International Postal Rates and Fees
Canada and Mexico Information on special rates for mailing letters and packages to Canada and Mexico.
All Other Countries Information on special rates for mailing letters and packages to all countries other than Canada and Mexico.
Express Mail International Service A high-priority mail service to almost 200 countries and territories.
Postcard and Stamped Card Rates
International Mail Manual Answers to all your questions about the vageries of the international mailing process. One warning, this is written in post office lingo and may at times be a little bit difficult to decipher. Adobe Acrobat is needed to view this site. It can be downloaded onsite.
International Country Listings Listings of all the countries to which mail can be sent. Adobe Acrobat is needed to view this information. It can be downloaded onsite.
International Rates Rates for all International services, including special services. Adobe Acrobat is necessary to read these listings. It can be downloaded onsite.

Calculate Your Domestic and International Rates:
Domestic Rate Calculator This is an on-line service that determines the postage due based upon the customer's answer to simple questions. International Rate Calculator An on-line service that calculates the postage due on items sent out of the country based upon answers to simple questions.

Main Post Office (James A. Farley Post Office) (10001)

Open 24hrs a day for postal information; passport applications accepted.
421 Eighth Ave., Chelsea NY 10001 at 33rd St., Tel 212-330-2902
Tel: 800-275-8777; Website: usps.gov

Post Office Answer Line

Tel 800-275-8777
Website: usps.com

Postal Data Center

Tel 212-330-4187

Postal Data Center - Financial District

150 Broadway, Financial District NY 10038 Tel 212-330-4193

Grand Central (10017)

450 Lexington Ave., Midtown NY 10017 Tel 212-330-5733
Fax: 212-330-5732; Website: usps.com

Port Authority Convenience

625 Eighth Ave., Chelsea NY 10011 Tel 646-472-0501
Tel: 800-275-8777; Website: usps.com

United Nations (10017)

This Post Office is only accessible to persons with access to the Secretariat Building. Click here for an Area Map.
100 UN Plaza, Turtle Bay NY 10017 Tel 212-963-7353
Website: un.org

District Post Offices (52 listings total)


New York City, like every area in the U.S., is divded into postal areas in order to expedite mail delivery. Each area is given its own zip code and each zip code area has its own Post Office. Following is a list of each Post Office in Manhattan. The number next to the name of each of these Post Offices is that Post Office's zip code & hence delivery area.

Click here for a Map of Manhattan divided by Zip Code.

Ansonia (10023)

178 Columbus Ave., Lincoln Center NY 10023 at 68th St., Tel 212-361-1697
Website: usps.com

Audubon (10032)

511 W. 165th St., Washington Heights NY 10032-9998 Tel 212-568-2387
Website: usps.gov

Bowling Green (10004)

25 Broadway, Financial District NY 10004 Tel 212-330-5155
Tel: 800-275-8777; Website: usps.com

Bryant (10036)

23 W. 43rd St., Midtown NY 10036 Tel 212-279-5960
Website: usps.gov

Cathedral (10025)

215 W. 104th St., Upper West Side NY 10025 Tel 212-662-0355
Website: usps.gov

Cherokee (10021)

1483 York Ave., Yorkville NY 10021-8840 Tel 800-275-8777
Website: usps.gov


No mail delivery service at this location. You can purchase stamps, however.
6 Doyers St., Chinatown NY 10013 Tel 800-275-8777
Website: usps.gov

Church St. Station Postal Delivery (10007)

90 Church St., Financial District NY 10007 Tel 212-330-5001
Fax: 212-330-5091; Website: usps.gov

College (10030)

217 W. 140th St., Harlem NY 10030 Tel 800-275-8777
Website: usps.gov

Colonial Park (10039)

99 Macombs Pl., Harlem NY 10039 Tel 212-368-9849
Website: usps.gov

Columbia (10025)

1123 Amsterdam Ave., Morningside Heights NY 10025 Tel 800-275-8777
Website: usps.gov

Columbus Circle (10023)

27 W. 60th St., Lincoln Center NY 10023 at Columbus Circle, Tel 212-265-8748
Website: usps.gov

FDR (10022)

909 Third Ave., Sutton Place NY 10022 Tel 212-330-5508
Tel: 800-275-8777; Fax: 212-330-5580
Website: usps.gov

Ft. George (10040)

4558 Broadway, Fort George NY 10040 Tel 212-942-5266
Website: usps.gov

Ft. Washington (10032)

3771 Broadway, Washington Heights NY 10032 Tel 800-275-5777
Website: usps.gov

Gracie (10028)

229 E. 85th St., Yorkville NY 10028 Tel 212-988-6680
Fax: 212-879-8475; Website: usps.gov

Grand Central (10017)

450 Lexington Ave., Midtown NY 10017 Tel 212-330-5733
Fax: 212-330-5732; Website: usps.com

Greeley Square (10001)

40 W. 32nd St., Midtown South NY 10001 Tel 800-275-8777
Website: usps.gov

Hamilton Grange (10031)

521 W. 146th St., Audubon NY 10031 at 112th St., Tel 212-281-1538
Website: usps.com

Hell Gate (10029)

Also known as Oscar Riveria Station.
153 E. 110th St., East Harlem NY 10029 Tel 212-860-1896
Website: usps.gov

Inwood (10034)

90 Vermilyea Ave., Inwood NY 10034 Tel 212-567-7821
Website: usps.gov

James A. Farley (10001)

421 Eighth Ave., Chelsea NY 10001 at 33rd St., Tel 212-330-2902
Website: usps.gov

Knickerbocker (10002)

128 East Broadway, Lower East Side NY 10002 Tel 212-608-3598
Website: usps.gov

Lenox Hill (10021)

217 E. 70th St., Uptown East NY 10021-5216 betw 2nd & 3rd Ave, Tel 212-330-5561
Website: usps.gov

Lincolnton (10037)

2266 Fifth Ave., Midtown South NY 10037 Tel 212-281-9781
Website: usps.gov

London Terrace (10011)

232 Tenth Ave., Chelsea NY 10011 Tel 800-275-8777
Website: usps.gov

Madison Square (10010)

149 E. 23rd St., Kips Bay NY 10010 Tel 212-673-3771
Fax: 212-673-2407; Website: usps.gov

Manhattanville (10027)

365 W. 125th St., Manhattanville NY 10027 Tel 212-662-1540
Website: usps.gov

Midtown (10018)

223 W. 38th St., Fashion District NY 10018 betw 7th & 8th Ave, Tel 212-819-9604
Website: usps.gov

Morningside (10026)

232 W. 116th St., Harlem NY 10026 Tel 800-275-8777
Website: usps.gov

Murray Hill (10016)

115 E. 34th St., Murray Hill NY 10016 betw Lexington & Park Ave, Tel 800-275-8777
Website: usps.gov

Old Chelsea (10011)

217 W. 18th St., Chelsea NY 10011 Tel 212-675-0548
Website: usps.gov

Oscar Garcia Rivera Station (10029)

Also known as Hell Gate Station.
East Harlem NY 10029 Tel 212-860-1896
Tel: 800-275-8777; Website: usps.com

Park West (10025)

693 Columbus Ave., Upper West Side NY 10025 Tel 212-866-1981
Website: usps.gov


Covers area bordered by W. 86th St. to Cathedral Parkway between Central Park West and Hudson River
70 W. 10th St., Greenwich Village NY 10011 Tel 212-475-2534
Website: usps.gov

Peter Stuyvesant (10009)

432 E. 14th St., Stuyvesant NY 10009-3486 Tel 800-275-8777
Website: usps.gov


MTN Hudson River, W. 43rd to 8th Ave, 8th Ave to W. 45 St. to Lexington Ave., along Lexington Ave. to 59th St. (Central Park So).
185 Clinton St., Lower East Side NY 10002 Tel 212-254-9270
Website: usps.gov

Planetarium (10024)

127 W. 83rd St., Upper West Side NY 10024 betw Columbus & Amsterdam Ave, Tel 212-873-5698
Website: usps.gov

Port Authority Convenience

625 Eighth Ave., Chelsea NY 10011 Tel 646-472-0501
Tel: 800-275-8777; Website: usps.com

Prince (10012)

Covers area bordered by E. 59 St. to E. 96 St between River and 5th Ave.
103 Prince St., Soho NY 10012 Tel 800-275-8777
Website: usps.com

Radio City (10019)

322 W. 52nd St., Clinton NY 10019-9998 Tel 212-265-3672
Fax: 212-265-6572; Website: usps.gov

Rockefeller Center (10020)

610 Fifth Ave., Rockefeller Center NY 10020 Tel 212-265-3854
Website: usps.gov

Roosevelt Island (10044)

694 Main St., Tel 800-275-8777
Website: usps.gov

Sgt. Riayan A. Tejeda Station

Also known as Washington Bridge Station.
555 W. 180th St., Harlem NY 10033 Tel 212-568-2690
Toll-Free: 800-275-8777; Website: usps.com

Times Square (10036)

340 W. 42nd St., Hell's Kitchen NY 10036 Tel 212-502-0421
Website: usps.gov

Tompkins Square

244 E. 3rd St., Alphabet City NY 10009 Tel 212-673-6415
Website: usps.gov

Triborough (10035)

167 E. 124th St., East Harlem NY 10035 Tel 212-534-0865
Website: usps.gov


5 Tudor City Pl., Kips Bay NY 10017 Tel 800-275-8777
Website: usps.gov

Village (10014)

Covers area bordered by W. 59 St to W. 86 St. between Hudson River and Central Park West.
201 Varick St., West Village NY 10014 Tel 212-645-0327
Website: usps.gov

Wall Street (10005)

Click here to see a street map.
73 Pine St., Financial District NY 10005 Tel 212-425-5875
Website: usps.gov

Washington Bridge (10033)

Also known as Sgt. Riayan A. Tejeda Station
555 W. 180th St., Washington Heights NY 10033 Tel 212-568-2690
Website: usps.gov

Yorkville (10128)

1619 Third Ave., Yorkville NY 10128 betw 90th & 91st St, Tel 212-369-2747
Website: usps.gov