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Medical Care: Doctors Directory: T-z in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 19 listings
Medical Care: Doctors Directory: T-z in New York

Scott J. Zevon, MD, FACS

To Dr. Zevon every patient is unique In consultation with a plastic surgery patient, Dr. Zevon listens closely to each patient's desire for change.
75 Central Pk. W., Upper West Side NY 10023 Tel 212-496-6600
E-mail: zevon.local@gmail.com; Website: drzevon.com

Teperman, Dr. Lewis William

Liver and kidney transplant.
NYU Med., Tel 212-263-8134

Todd, Dr. George

Sub-specialty in carotid-artery surgery, aneurysm. Hos. affil. = NY Pres., Ins. PHS
161 Fort Washington Ave., Washington Heights NY 10032 Office 638, Tel 212-305-5505
Fax: 212-305-4199; Website: cpmcnet.columbia.edu

Tortolani, Dr. Anthony

Thoracic surgery, minimally invasive cardiac surgery, cororary-artery surgery.
Weill Cornell, Tel 212-746-5155

Tranbaugh, Dr. Robert

Thoracic surgery, coronar-artery surgery, heart-valve disease.
Beth Israel, Tel 212-420-2584

Truchly, George MD

Shoulder & Spine Surgery.
227 E. 19th St., Stuyvesant NY 10003 Tel 203-661-1866

Tyras, Dr. Denis

Specialty in thoracic surgery (cardiothoracic surgery). Hos. affil. = St. Vincent's
153 W. 11th St., Greenwich Village NY 10011 Tel 212-604-7962

Ulin, Richard MD

Pediatric Orthopedics/Scoliosis. BrdCert in Ortho (92). Resident at Hosp for Jt Diseases. Fellow at Rancho Los Amigos/Downey/CA. Hosp Affil = Mt Sinai. Clin Prof at Mt Sinai. New pts with referral in 2-4 wks.
1095 Park Ave., Carnegie Hill NY 10128 Tel 212-860-0905

Wallack, Dr. Marc

Sub-specialty in melanoma, breast surgery. Hos. affil. = St. Vincent's, Ins. A-US, BCBS, OX, PHS, PRU
170 W. 12th St., Greenwich Village NY 10011 Tel 212-604-8344
Fax: 212-604-8355

Waller, John F. MD

Foot/Ankle Problems.
133 E. 58th St., Midtown NY 10022 Tel 212-583-2920
Tel: 212-860-3881; Fax: 212-980-5881

Wan, Dr. Livia

Gynecologist specializing in laparoscopic and vaginal surgery.
320 E. 30th St., Kips Bay NY 10016 Tel 212-683-8111
Fax: 212-683-8110

Ward, Robert MD

Ear, Nose & Throat. BrdCert in Oto (86). Resident at NY Hosp-Cornell (81). Fellow in Ped Oto at Children's Hosp/Bopston (86-87). HospAffil = Cornell-Presby. Assoc Prof at Cornell. New pts with referral seen immed.
186 E. 76th St., Upper East Side NY 10021 Tel 212-327-3000
Fax: 212-327-3004

Weiland, Dr. Andrew J.

Wrist-hand injuries, upper extremities.
Hosp. Special Surgery, NO HMO/PPO, Tel 212-606-1575

Weiner, Lon S MD

Trauma/Fractures Adult & Pediatric. BrdCert in Ortho (90). Resident in Ortho at Mt Sinai (82-87). Fellow in Pediatric Ortho at Hosp for Special Surg. (87-88). HospAffil = Lenox Hill (also Mt Sinai). New pts seen with referral immediately.
130 E. 77th St., Upper East Side NY 10021 Tel 212-434-4880

Weiss, Dr. Marshall

Tel 212-861-7755
Fax: 212-744-8143

Welland, Andrew J. MD

Speciality hand surgery, sub-speciality musculovascular surgery.
535 E. 70th St., Uptown East NY 10021 Tel 212-606-1575
Fax: 212-535-0426; Website: hss.edu

Whelan, Dr. Richard L.

Specialty in colon and rectal surgery. Hos. affil. = NY Pres., Ins. BCBS, CIG, OX, PHS, PRU.
161 Fort Washington Ave., Washington Heights NY 10032 Tel 212-305-6136
Fax: 212-305-0267; Fax: 212-305-1981

Wolfe, Dr. Scott W.

Wrist surgery, nerve reconstruction.
Hosp. Special Surgery, Tel 212-606-1529

Yurt, Dr. Roger

Sub-specialty in burn injuries, wound problems. Hos. affil. = NY Pres., Ins. A-US, BCBS, CIG, HIP, OX, PHS, PRU, U
25 E. 68th St., Lenox Hill NY 10021 Office L706, Tel 212-746-5410
Fax: 212-746-8991