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Closet Organizers in New York Closet Design (service)

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 2 listings
Hiring a closet organizer can help you get your pantry, bedroom, kids' room streamlined and customized to your needs and lifestyle. Closet designers will create efficient spacing in your walk in closet.
Closet Organizers in New York Closet Design (service)


Organizational firm specializing in mapping out closet, bathroom & commercial spaces, such as retail or showrooms.
31 Union Sq., Union Square NY 10003 Main Public Transportation Hub, Tel 212-337-9771
Tel: 212-352-9723; E-mail: info@clos-ette.com
Website: clos-ette.com

Closet Lady, The

Custom closet organizing for over 18 years.
1 Lincoln Plaza, Tel 212-362-0428
E-mail: cllady@aol.com; Website: closetlady.com