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Chocolate Shops in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 37 listings
Chocolate is a classic candy that comes in many forms - milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, gourmet chocolate, nutty chocolate, chocolate truffles, and much more - and is a traditional Valentine gift. If you are looking for the best chocolate Valentines Day has to offer, look no further! Our listings provide many Valentines chocolate ideas and Valentines Day gift ideas for the perfect Valentines Day gift.
Chocolate Shops in New York

Black Hound

The elegant packages of chocolates and truffles in Shaker boxes make perfect gifts. Cookies, cakes, and pies are also available.
170 Second Ave., Lower East Side NY 10003 betw 10th & 11th St, Tel 212-979-9505
Fax: 212-979-5094; Toll-Free: 800-344-4417
E-mail: customerservice@blackhoundny.com; Website: blackhoundny.com

Chocolat Michel Cluizel

The best French fine-chocolate, sweets and choctails.
888 Broadway, Flatiron District NY 10003 at 19th St, 1st Floor, Tel 212-477-7335
Fax: 917-591-9485; E-mail: nyc@chocolatmichelcluizel.com
Website: chocolatmichelcluizel.com

Dylan's Candy Bar

Unique candies chocolates and more at this New York City shop.
1011 Third Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 Tel 646-735-0078
Tel: 866-939-5267; Website: dylanscandybar.com

FC Chocolate Bar (Madison Ave.)

Delicious chocolates many locations in New York City
714 Madison Ave., Midtown NY 10065 Tel 212-759-1600
Website: fcchocolatebar.com

Godiva Chocolatier

10 Columbus Circle, The Shops at Columbus Circle, Tel 212-823-9462

Godiva Chocolatier - [New York]

Even one piece of chocolate from Godiva brings smiles to a chocolate lover's face. Their distinctive gold box can be found in many shops throughout the city. Here you can pick your favorites.
[New York] NY Tel 800-946-3482
E-mail: letters@godiva.com; Website: godiva.com

Godiva Chocolatier - Fashion District

1460 Broadway, Fashion District NY 10036 Tel 212-840-6758

Godiva Chocolatier - Financial District

33 Maiden Ln., Financial District NY 10038 At Nassau St., Tel 212-809-8990

Godiva Chocolatier - Lenox Hill

793 Madison Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10021 betw E.67th & E.68th St, Tel 212-249-9444

Godiva Chocolatier - Midtown

560 Lexington Ave., Midtown NY 10022 betw 50th & 51st St, Tel 212-980-9810

Godiva Chocolatier - Midtown

200 Park Ave., Midtown NY 10017 Met Life Building, Tel 212-697-9150

Godiva Chocolatier - Midtown

745 Seventh Ave., Midtown NY 10019 at 50th St, Tel 212-921-2193

Godiva Chocolatier - Rockefeller Center

52 W. 50th St., Rockefeller Center NY 10020 Rockefeller Center, Tel 212-399-1875

Godiva Chocolatier - South St. Seaport

21 Fulton St., South St. Seaport NY 10038 South St Seaport Mall, Tel 212-571-6965

Godiva Chocolatier - Upper West Side

2325 Broadway, Upper West Side NY 10024 At 84th St., Tel 212-579-3197

Jacques Torres Chocolate

Chocolate wonderland where a unique assortment of the finest, freshest, richest truffles, bonbons and more awaits you at this shop.
66 Water St., Brooklyn NY 11201 Tel 718-875-9772
Website: mrchocolate.com

La Maison du Chocolat

La Maison takes its sweets seriously; at these prices, you will too.
1018 Madison Ave., Upper East Side NY 10075 betw 78th & 79th St, Tel 212-744-7117
Fax: 212-744-7141; Website: lamaisonduchocolat.com

La Maison du Chocolat

63 Wall St., Wall St. NY 10005 Tel 212-952-1123
Fax: 212-952-1133


Fresh Belgian chocolate.
485 Madison Ave., Midtown NY 10022 betw 51st & 52nd St, Tel 212-980-2608
Tel: 800-900-2462; Fax: 212-980-2609
Website: leonidas-chocolate.com

Leonidas - MANON Cafe

Espresso bar with Leonidas chocolates from Belgium with locations in down town New York City
3 Hanover Sq., Financial District NY 10004 At Manon Cafe, Tel 212-422-9600
Website: manoncafe.com

MANON Cafe - Financial District

Espresso bar with Leonidas chocolates from Belgium with locations in down town New York City
120 Broadway, Financial District NY 10271 Tel 212-766-6100
E-mail: info@manoncafe.com; Website: manoncafe.com

MANON Cafe - Financial District

Espresso bar with Leonidas chocolates from Belgium with locations in down town New York City
74 Trinity Pl., Financial District NY 10006 Tel 212-233-1111
E-mail: info@manoncafe.com; Website: manoncafe.com

MarieBelle Fine Treats and Chocolates - New York

656 Avenue of the Americas, New York NY 10011 Tel 212-359-5522
E-mail: Sales@mariebelle.com; Website: mariebelle.com

MarieBelle Fine Treats and Chocolates - Soho

Delicate handmade chocolates, no preservatives, are pleasing to everyone.
484 Broome St., Soho NY 10013 Tel 212-925-6999
Fax: 212-925-8554; Website: mariebelle.com

Martine's Candy Shop

Head to Martine's Chocolates two locations in New York City for chocolates candies and treats.
1000 Third Ave., Lenox Hill NY 10022 In Bloomingdale's, Tel 212-705-2347
Website: martineschocolates.com

Martine's Chocolate too

400 E. 82nd St., New York NY 10028 Tel 212-744-6289
Fax: 212-744-3604; Main Office: 212-772-0900
E-mail: Martine@martineschocolates.com; Website: martineschocolates.com

Minamoto Kitchoan

Traditional Japanese wagashi sweets.
608 Fifth Ave., Rockefeller Center NY 10020 At 49th St., Tel 212-489-3747
Fax: 212-489-6217; Website: kitchoan.com


Chocolates, truffles, creams, fruits and cordials are amongst the tasty treats to be found at Mondel Chocolates
2913 Broadway, Morningside Heights NY 10025 betw 113th & 114th St, Tel 212-864-2111
E-mail: mondelchocolates@yahoo.com; Website: mondelchocolates.com

Myzel Chocolates

Small store located on west 55th street in New York special flavors and delicious chocolates
140 W. 55th St., Midtown NY 10019 betw 6th & 7th Ave, Tel 212-245-4233

Neuchatel Chocolates

New York City is home to Neuchatel Chocolates which features creams, nut clusters, and chocolate covered fruit, potato chips, pretzels, animal crackers and delicious truffles.
55 E. 52nd St., Midtown NY 10018 At Park Ave Plaza, Toll-Free 800-597-0759
E-mail: info@neuchatelchocolates.com; Website: neuchatelchocolates.com

Neuhaus Belgian Chocolates - Midtown

Chocolates from Belgium since 1857 with three locations in New York City
2151 Broadway, Midtown NY 10023 75th St, Tel 212-712-2112
Fax: 212-712-0401; Website: neuhaus.be

Neuhaus Belgian Chocolates - Midtown

Chocolates pralines and more at this New York City Chocolate shop
569 Lexington Ave., Midtown NY 10022 Tel 212-593-0848
Fax: 212-593-0849; Website: neuhaus.be

Sweet Life, The

From halvah to jelly beans...and oh yes they have not forgotten chocolate, gift baskets avail.
63 Hester St., Lower East Side NY 10002 At Ludlow St., Tel 212-598-0092
Fax: 212-598-0095; Toll-Free: 800-692-6887
E-mail: thesweetlife@verizon.net; Website: sweetlifeny.com

Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland

If there was an award for the most elegant chocolate shop, it would have to go to Teuscher. Theirs are not just chocolates; they're imported art. Teuscher imports chocolates once a week from Switzerland. The chocolates are packed into handmade boxes so stunning that they add to the decor of many a customer's home.
Toll-Free 800-554-0924
Website: teuscher.com

Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland - Midtown East

25 E. 61st St., Midtown East NY 10021 At 61st St, Tel 212-751-8482
Fax: 212-751-0723; Toll-Free: 800-554-0624
E-mail: madisonavenue@teuscher.com; Website: teuschermadison.com

Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland - Rockefeller Center

620 Fifth Ave., Rockefeller Center NY 10020 betw 49th & 50th St, Tel 212-246-4416
Tel: 800-544-0924; Fax: 212-765-8134
E-mail: info@teuscherfifthavenue.com; Website: teuscherfifthavenue.com


172 W. 4th St., Greenwich Village NY 10014 Bet. 6th & 7th Aves., Tel 212-352-1171
Ticket Desk: 800-414-4718; E-mail: chocolateman@verizon.net
Website: varsanos.com

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