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Shopping is one of the main attractions of New York City, and one of the major focuses of this website. There are thousands of shops in NYC, and a large number of them are listed on this site, for everything from furniture to clothing to jewelry to electronics. Shopping in NYC can be overwhelming, so we will attempt to make it somewhat easier with a breakdown of different types of items you may be shopping for, as well as explaining the more popular shopping areas and what you will find there.

There are several specialty sections of this site devoted to shopping for items in a particular category, including helpful information such as size charts and links to other related categories. Click on these links for more information and shop listings:


TYPHints: Check HOLIDAYS and HOURS open before planning when and where to shop.

The rest of the shops listed on this site are broken down into categories in the style of the yellow pages. Click on these links for helpful essays and listings in specific categories:

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New York City is known for various shopping districts. See below for detailed information on which neighborhoods are best for which item.

Some Basic Tips for Shopping (1 listings total)

Better Business Bureau Visitor's Guide to New York City

Steer clear of the "bad apple" shops with these tips from the BBB.
Website: newyork.bbb.org

Where To Shop (streets and Areas)

Shopping and Business Districts

Garment District: 25th Street to 40th, Fifth Avenue to Ninth Avenue. Filled with small shops specializing in all areas of clothing needs – buttons, zippers, and trimming to finished pieces of clothing to fur.

Diamond and Jewelry Districts: West 47th between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue is the world's largest market for diamonds. A second, smaller and older jewelry district focused more on jewelry in general is located at the northwest corner of Bowery and Canal Street.

The Flower District: This small stretch from 26th to 29th, along and off Sixth Avenue, is home to a large concentration of NYC's wholesale and retail florists. A virtual oasis of beauty in the middle of Manhattan, this is a wonderful area to stroll of a warm spring morning. Virtually any plant can be found at or ordered through these vendors.

Book Row: Fourth Avenue between 9th and 14th Streets. Once home to as many as 25 bookstores, this area now contains only two – but they are good ones. The famous Strand Book Store, boasting eight miles of books, and Alabaster Used Books. There are many, many independent and specialty bookstores throughout the city in addition to the monsters like Barnes and Noble and Borders.

Soho: Meaning "South of Houston", Soho stretches from Houston Street south to Canal, from Lafayette to Sixth Avenue. This area used to be known for it's art galleries, but sadly many of them have relocated to Chelsea. But not to worry – the storefronts are not empty for long, because trendy chains and boutiques are now Soho's main draw. Everything from underwear to jackets, hats to shoes can be found on the streets of Soho. Stores run the gamut, from cheap T-shirt vendors to high-end designers. There are also some jewelry stores, and many jewelry vendors on the sidewalks. There are also many artists selling their goods on the sidewalks.

Chelsea: Encompassing the area between 14th and 34th Streets, west of Sixth Avenue. According to one source, there are over 190 galleries in Chelsea. So if you want art, head to Chelsea. It is becoming increasingly trendy, spawning unique boutiques and many yummy restaurants.

Flatiron District: From 14th to 34th Streets, between Sixth and Park Avenues. Home to a growing number of furniture and textile stores, the Flatiron district is the place to go for home furnishings. It also has a variety of other shopping venues from small hip boutiques to large chains such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Fifth Ave: This stretch of Avenue from 49th Street to 59th Street is where all of the biggies reside - Sax Fifth Ave, Lord & Taylor, Bergdorf Goodman, Gucci, Cartier,Trump Towers, and FAO Schwartz. It is also the location of countless movie scenes, annual parades, and reknowned Christmas displays. In addition to the shopping, there is great sightseeing such as Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and the Plaza, as well as the entrance to Central Park at 59th St.

The Village: Houston Street to 14th Street, from the East River to the Hudson. Anything quirky or unusual can be found in the Village. There are many vintage clothing shops, consignment shops, record shops, poster shops, and shoe stores in addition to a variety of other shopping venues. There are also many artists selling their wares on the street, everything from jewelry to paintings.

Chinatown: Exotic shops offer strange foods, herbs, and souvenirs; bargains on clothing and leather are plentiful. All different Asian cultures are represented in this growing area. There are literally dozens of street vendors hawking everything you could imagine, from $2 NYC T-Shirts to fresh fish. The best authentic Asian food is found here as well.

South Street/Fulton Fish Market: South Street Seaport is home to many chain stores and restaurants, mostly the same type you'd find at your local mall. But the view is great, and there are several old ships and other museums to visit. Fulton Fish Market is the largest fish market in the country, and opens at 4 am to offer early risers the still-flopping catch of the day. Fish store and restaurant owners from around the city come here for their fish.

Guide Books on Shopping in for New York City

Guides to Shopping:
The Bookworm's Big Apple Guide to Manhattan's Booksellers: 1994, **** For Shopping.

A great guide to find bookstores in New York.
By: Susan Paula Barile
Columbia University Press, New York, 1994, 234pp, $19.95.
ISBN: 0231084951.
Buy now at: www.amazon.com Buy now at: www.bn.com
Mr. Cheap's New York, 2nd Edition: 2000, **** For Shopping.

A great guide to find cheap stores in New York.
By: Michelle Roy Kelly and Jennifer M. Wood
Adams Media Corporation, Canada, 2000, 320pp, $9.95.
ISBN: 1580622712.
Buy now at: www.amazon.com
Buy now at: www.bn.com
Gerry Frank's Where to Find It, Buy It, Eat It in New York: 2004-2005 Edition:, *** For Shopping.

Gerry's frankly speaking.
By: Gerry Frank
Gerry's Frankly Speaking, 13th Edition, 2003, 584pp, $16.95.
ISBN: 1879333171.
Buy now at: www.amazon.com
Buy now at: www.bn.com
Suzy Gershman's Born to Shop: New York 10th Edition, *** For Shopping.

The best of Manhattan's shopping scene, from world renowned department stores and hip boutiques to designer resale shops and hip vendors.
By: Suzy Gershman
2004, 3864K - Download, $15.99.
Buy now at: www.amazon.com
Buy now at: www.bn.com
New York's 100 Best Little Places to Shop, *** For Shopping.

A comprehensive guide to chic little boutiques and unique specialty stores.
By: Eve Claxton
City and Co., 2000, 160pp, $15.00.
ISBN: 1929439059.
Buy now at: www.amazon.com Buy now at:www.bn.com
New York Neighborhoods, 3rd: A Food Lover's Walking, Eating, and Shopping Guide, *** For Shopping.

Walking, eating, and shopping guide to ethnic enclaves in New York's Five Boroughs.
By: Eleanor Berman, John Colburn
Globe Pequot Press, 2004, 320pp, $14.95.
ISBN: 0762730285.
Buy now at:www.amazon.comNew York Shopping Guide
Buy now at: www.bn.com
Insight Shopping Guide New York, *** For Shopping.

By: Brian Bell
Insight Guides, Jan. 2003, 128pp, $9.95.
ISBN: 9812348786.
Buy now at: www.amazon.com Buy now at: www.bn.com
Where to Wear New York 2005, *** For Shopping.

A comprehensive guide to shopping in NYC.
By: Kara Alaimo, Balint Bognar, Greg Zinman
Where to Wear, November, 2004, 387pp, $10.17.
ISBN: 0971554439.
Buy now at: www.amazon.com Buy now at: www.bn.com
Dress Like A Million Bucks: While Spending Only Pennies, *** For Shopping.

"An insider's guide to finding designer bargains at drop-dead prices in NY." Contains over 230 listings with addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation, and type and pricing of merchandise available. Covering the five boroughs of NYC, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties, and South Western Connecticut.
By: Pamela Parisi
InstantPublisher.com, 2002, 198pp, $14.95.
ISBN: 1591960339.
Buy now at: www.theeleganttightwad.com Buy now at: www.bn.com
New York: Shop - Eat - Sleep, *** For Shopping.

200 hottest spots in Manhattan.
By: Zahra Sethna
Mo' Media, 2002, 221pp, $15.00.
ISBN: 9057670895.
Buy now at: www.amazon.com Buy now at: www.bn.com

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Better Business Bureau Visitor's Guide to New York City

Steer clear of the "bad apple" shops with these tips from the BBB.
Website: newyork.bbb.org


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