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Batteries in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 4 listings
Batteries in New York


Batteries for all your electronic needs can be found at OfficeMax on Long Island NY. Whether you need batteries for your digital camera, your cell phone or your notebook, long lasting Vivitar and Lenmar lithium batteries, rechargeable batteries and packaged Duracell batteries are available here.
Tel 800-283-7674
Website: officemax.com

Sixth Avenue Electronics

Tel 877-684-2831
Website: 6ave.com


Staples Long Island features many different kinds of batteries such as camcorder batteries, mobile phone batteries, laptop batteries, hearing aid batteries, portable dvd player batteries, and digital book batteries as well as battery accessories such as charging systems mobile phone chargers.
Tel 800-378-2753
Website: staples.com


40 The DSW Plaza, Tel 631-981-5125