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Gambling in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 17 listings
Bus tours to gambling in Connecticut and Atlantic City, NJ, gambling cruises beyond the 12 minute limit.

Two forms of gambling are legal in New York City: NYS Lottery, and Off-Track Betting (OTB) (betting on horse races, local and distant).
All other gambling for money is illegal without a state license. Such licenses are granted to charities for specific events. Small stakes informal bingo games are also played at church evenings and some recreation centers. Despite its efforts, bookmakers, illegal numbers games (private lottery) and private card games are rumored to thrive in some sections of the city.
But why take any risk, when just an hour or two away are the casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey and Connecticut?

Gambling in New York

Official Lotteries (1 listings total)

New York State Lottery offers many different forms of its lottery from "Instant Win" for small amounts to the multimillion dollar weekly lotteries. Most of these lottery tickets are sold in small "card shops" or news shops and are tied in automatically to the State Lottery Computer System. The Winning Numbers are announced on TV channel 7 (WABC), in the daily newspapers or listed on the official website, www.nylottery.org.

Official Betting Offices (13 listings total)

New York City has established a number of betting offices for betting on horse races, called Off-Track Betting, where you can place your bets and watch the results on TV monitors.

New York City Off-Track Betting - CivicCenter

110 LaFayette St., CivicCenter NY 10013

New York City Off-Track Betting - Clinton

828 Ninth Ave., Clinton NY 10019

New York City Off-Track Betting - Financial District

25 Park Pl., Financial District NY 10007

New York City Off-Track Betting - Fulton

17 John St., Fulton NY 10038

New York City Off-Track Betting - Harlem

215 W. 125th St., Harlem NY 10027

New York City Off-Track Betting - Lincoln Center

202 W. 72nd St., Lincoln Center NY 10023

New York City Off-Track Betting - Lower East Side

105 Delancey St., Lower East Side NY 10002

New York City Off-Track Betting - Midtown

42 W. 48th St., Midtown NY 10036

New York City Off-Track Betting - Midtown

714 Third Ave., Midtown NY 10017

New York City Off-Track Betting - Midtown South

331 Park Ave. So., Midtown South NY 10010

New York City Off-Track Betting - Theater District

Wagering on thoroughbred & harness racing from racetracks in NY & around the country. Th-Sa features racing from Australia. Telephone account wagering is available M-W 11:30-23, Th-Sa 11:30-2:30, Su 11:30-22.
1501 Broadway, Theater District NY 10036 Tel 212-704-5127
Tel: 800-782-8118; Customer Services: 212-221-5200
Website: nycotb.com

New York City Off-Track Betting - Uptown East

1318 Second Ave., Uptown East NY 10021

New York City Off-Track Betting - West Village

200 Varick St., West Village NY 10014

Gambling Clubs and Lounges (3 listings total)

Atlantic City Tour

Greyline Buses leave daily for Atlantic City.
900 Eighth Ave., Midtown NY 10019 Tel 212-397-2600

New York City OTB The Select Club

165 Water St., Financial District NY 10038 Reservations 212-785-0478

New York City OTB The Winners Circle

515 Seventh Ave., Fashion District NY 10018 at 38th St., Group Sales 212-221-5200
Reservations: 212-730-4900