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Law & Legal Officials in New York

Updated Oct 05 2014 04:43 PM EST with 6 listings
Law & Legal Officials in New York

NYS Office of Attorney General

120 Broadway, Financial District NY 10271 Tel 212-416-8078

District Prosecutors (1 listings total)

New York Injury Lawyers

A reference for getting injury lawyers specific to your needs.
Website: newyork-injurylawyers.com

Federal Prosecutors (1 listings total)

State Prosecutors (1 listings total)

District Attorney New York County (Manhattan)

1 Hogan Pl., Soho NY 10013 Tel 212-335-9000

Immigration Law (1 listings total)

William J. Unroch

Free initial consultation. Reasonable legal fees with a cap on total legal matters.
140 West End Ave., Lincoln Center NY Tel 212-496-9280
Fax: 212-496-9330; E-mail: attorneys@attorneysnyc.com
Website: attorneysnyc.com

U.S. Court Of International Trade

Federal Plaza, CivicCenter NY