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Stock & Commodity Exchanges in New York

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New York Mercantile Exchange; www.nymex.com. Learn more about the world's largest physical commodity exchange and center of global energy and metals trading, responsible for 85% of the futures and options business transacted in New York. Hear the sound of the trading floor as if you were in the visitors gallery.

Stock & Commodity Exchanges in New York

American Stock Exchange

The nation's second largest floor-based exchange. Important presence in common stocks, index shares and equity derivative securities.
86 Trinity Pl., Financial District NY 10006 Tel 212-306-1000
Website: amex.com

Nasdaq Stock Market

The fastest growing stock market in the U.S. Nasdaq is a screen-based market. It is the world's first electronic stock market . Click here for everything from quotes to market info.
1 Liberty Plaza, New York NY 10006 Tel 212-401-8700
Website: nasdaq.com

New York Board of Trade

Commodity exchanges in the United States
1 N. End Ave. # 13, New York NY 10282 Tel 212-748-4000
Website: nybot.com

New York Mercantile Exchange

Largest physical commodity futures exchange. You can click here to learn more about the workings of the exchange and other information.
1 North End Ave., Financial District NY 10282-1101 World Financial Center, Tel 212-299-2000
Tel: 212-299-2777; Website: nymex.com

New York Stock Exchange

This building officially housed the NYSE in 1865 and is the world's largest equities market place housed in a majestic Beaux Arts building. View the trading floor on the third floor and learn all about the history and rules of financial stock trading and exchange. Public entrance on Broad St. Click here to see a picture.
11 Wall St., Financial District NY 10005 Tel 212-656-3000
Website: nyse.com

Stock Exchanges in New York (1 listings total)

Nasdaq Marketsite

Keep track on 96 multimedia screes.
4 Times Sq., Theater District NY Tel 877-627-3271

Stock Trading Online (4 listings total)


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Website: americancentury.com


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