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Car Services in New York

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Car services are available for hire in your local city or town. Car services can take you on a long trip to go to the airport or on a local run to get home from a bar. You can call a car service for hire 24 hrs a day 7 days a week 365 a year.
Car Services in New York

American Dream Car & Limousine Service

Full service transportation company offering reliable service, late model luxury sedans, passenger vans, and stretch limousines 24 hours a day, seven days a week Car Services New York City
163 E. 92nd St., Carnegie Hill NY 10128 betw Lexington & 3rd Ave., Tel 212-426-1010
Tel: 888-546-6484; Fax: 212-426-5304
E-mail: info@americandreamlimo.biz; Website: americandreamlimo.biz

Andrea Town Car Taxi Service

Luxury service at low airport & out-of-town rates serving the tri-state area. Safe, reliable transportation available for all your business and special occasions.
40 --21 Thirty-Fifth Ave., Long Island City NY 11101 Tel 718-392-9191
E-mail: andreacarservice@hotmail.com; Website: andreacarservice.com

Car 24 Transportation

24 Hour New York City car service for local and out of town transportation, hourly rates, large variety of cars from corporate sedan to luxury limos and party buses
4110 24th St., Long Island City NY 10001 at Bridge Plaza, Tel 212-677-7777
E-mail: info@ctftransportation.com; Website: ctftransportation.com

Crestwood Car & Limousine Service

Since 1985 servicing NY, NJ, Connecticut, LI & all Tri State Area airports. Personalized service to meet all the transportation needs of you or your family. Fully licensed & insured drivers.
185 --08 Union Tpke., Fresh Meadows NY 11366 Tel 212-629-8700
Tel: 718-454-2900; Fax: 718-454-5116
E-mail: info@crestwoodlimo.com; Website: crestwoodlimo.com

Lindy's Taxi

Lindy's Airport Service Division has a fleet of Towncars with very professional and courteous drivers providing transportation to and from Suffolk County to all major NY Metro airports and piers.
Corporate Office 631-234-1300
E-mail: info@lindystaxi.com; Website: lindystaxi.com

Need A Charter

Car service in New York City and Greater Tri-State NY Area including Long Island, Westchester and Connecticut. Full range of vehicles available including vans, limo coaches, executive coaches, full-size coaches, super stretch limo and exotic limos.
110 --45 Queens Blvd., Forest Hills NY 11375 Tel 917-217-2119
Fax: 212-404-4789; E-mail: info@needacharter.com
Website: needacharter.com

New York Water Taxi

New York City Water Taxi provides commuter and tourism services for all of Manhattan with stops at West 44th Street Chelsea Pier 66 (Chelsea Piers recreation complex you can ice skate, golf, work our, bowl, sail and dine and you're steps from Chelsea's famous art galleries) Greenwich Village Hudson River Park, the West Village, NYC's original bohemian neighborhood World Financial Center World Trade Center Memorial, Battery Park City, the Winter Garden, Irish Hunger Memorial Battery Park Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Ferry, Castle Clinton, Museums of Jewish Heritage and the American Indian, Bowling Green South Street Seaport South Street Seaport Museum, Historic Tall Ships, Wall Street/New York Stock Exchange, Chinatown, Brooklyn Bridge, Fraunces Tavern Fulton Ferry Landing DUMBO, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, Grimaldi's, Brooklyn Heights Hunters Point Water Taxi Beach, Long Island City East 34th Street Midtown East, United Nations Building, Seven cross-town blocks from the Empire State Building
Financial District NY Customer Services 212-742-1969
E-mail: info@nywt.com; Website: nywatertaxi.com

Sunny Limos

Limousine services on Long Island for personal, corporate or group transportation in the Hamptons. Luxury limousines and SUVs and specially trained chauffeurs and drivers. The quality of service provided by Sunny Limo’s dedicated professionals is unequaled.
Tel 631-283-5377
Toll-Free: 800-786-6954; E-mail: info@sunnylimos.com
Website: sunnylimos.com

Car Services Dispatched By Radio

Taxi and For-Hire Vehicles


Taxi & Limousine Commission

Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC): The TLC licenses and regulates over 50,000 vehicles and approximately 100,000 drivers, performs safety and emissions inspections of the 12,187 medallion taxicabs three times each year, and holds numerous hearings for violations of City and TLC rules and regulations, making it the most active taxi and limousine licensing regulatory agency in the United States. It is the most active taxi and limousine regulatory agency in the United States. For more information about the TLC check out their website at TLC website. To file a compliment, a complaint or lost property report call 311.

Medallion Taxicabs

These are the famous New York City "yellow cabs". Currently there are 12,187 medallion taxicabs authorized to operate within New York City.


Regulations: In order to legally pick up customers, the cab must have a city issued medallion displayed on the front. Information on the process of becoming a taxi medallion owner is availble from the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission's Owner Section, or on-line at the How To Become A Taxi Medallion Owner portion of the TLC website. In addition, a yellow cab must have a fare meter, and a posting with the driver's license, photograph and the cab's medallion number displayed on the dividing shield. If these are not available you may be riding in an unauthorized gypsy cab. (See below for more information on gypsy cabs.) Yellow medallion taxis are the only transport service allowed to cruise for, and to accept street hails. It is illegal for a taxicab driver to refuse to take a passenger to a destination, disregard traffic and safety laws, accept hails while their off-duty light is on, or to charge more than the regulation fare. A complaint may be lodged against any driver who violates regulations. (See below for more information on the process of filing a complaint.) Cab drivers must have have a TLC Taxicab Operator's License. Information on obtaining a taxi driver's license is available at the TLC Licensing Division or on-line at the How To Apply For A Taxi Driver's License section of the TLC website. You can print out the entire set of TLC regulations for Taxi Drivers and Owners at the TLC website.

Taxi Rider's Bill of Rights: The TLC has instituted a rider's bill of rights to ensure that passengers receive safe, comfortable service. Riders may travel to any destination in the five boroughs and may direct the route used. Air conditioning and a radio-free trip must be available on demand. The taxi must be clean and the air free of smoke or incense. The driver should be courteous, English-speaking and should know and obey traffic safety laws. The passenger may refuse to tip if service is not up to standard. For more information on the Passengers Bill of Rights call the 24-hour Consumer Hotline at (212) 692-8294 or see the Taxi Rider's Bill of Rights section of the TLC website. If, for some reason, the taxicab driver violates the standards set forth in the Taxi Rider's Bill of Rights, a complaint may be lodged against driver. You must have the receipt for your ride, since it contains necessary information such as the driver's name, driver number and the medallion number. Call the Consumer Hotline at (212) 692-8294 or place your complaint on-line using the On-Line Complaint Form available at the TLC website.

Fares: Fares are set by the Taxi & Limousine Commission. Metered Rates of Fare are set at $2.50 upon entry and $.40 for each additional one-fifth of a mile when the taxicab is traveling at six or more miles an hour, or 120 seconds (at the rate of $0.20 per minute) when the cab is stopped or travelling at less than six miles an hour. There is also a night surcharge of $.50 when traveling between the hours of 8:00 PM and 6:00 AM. Tolls enroute to destinations within New York City are the responsibility of the passenger. Return tolls within New York City are not charged (with the exception of the Verrazano Narrows, the Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial, and the Cross Bay Veterans Bridge. Tolls to and from destinations outside New York City are the responsibility of the passenger. There are special rates for Trips Beyond the City. For trips to Westchester and Nassau Counties the fare is the metered amount within the city limits plus twice the amount shown on the meter for the portion of the trip outside New York City limits. For trips to Newark Airport is the metered amount plus a $15.00 surcharge. To other destinations outside New York the fare is a flat rate set by the driver and the passenger at the start of the trip. More information on taxicab fares is available at the Taxi Rate of Fare page of the TLC website.

Handicapped Access: Drivers are required to assist disabled passengers and may not engage the meter until the passenger is settled.

Tipping: The passenger should tip the driver between fifteen to twenty percent of the total cost of the trip. If the service is poor tip less. For extremely poor service do not tip. Tipping is not required.

Hailing A Taxi: Each New Yorker has an individual style of hailing a cab. Despite what you may have heard, it's not terribly difficult. Remember, the cabbies are looking for people to pick up. Simply stand on a corner, close enough to the street to be seen by oncoming drivers and raise your hand. Waving can be helpful, but is not necessary. Once you have succeeded in hailing a cab, get in and give the driver the desired address. Giving the nearest intersection to your desired stop makes the driver's job easier.

Taxi Stands: Dispatcher-operated taxi stands are available at major Manhattan transportation terminals, such as the Port Authority Bus Terminal, Penn Station, Grand Central Terminal, Peter Minuit Plaza, the World Trade Center and the Citicorp Center. There are also 207 other taxi stands located at major transit hubs, office and retail centers, hospitals and hotels throughout Manhattan.

Lost And Found: An on-line Lost Property Form is available at the TLC website.

Gypsy Cabs: These are private cars that roam the city looking for fares. Gypsy cabs are run by individuals who use their own cars. In recent years, gypsy cab companies with radio dispatched drivers have begun operating. These services are all illegal and you should avoid using them. The level of service is generally poor and getting into a gypsy cab can be dangerous.

Other Information on Cabs and Cab Drivers: You can find more information about the current taxi service and the how it can be improved at Taxi Regulation and Policy.

For Hire Vehicles (Liveries, Black Cars, Limos)

These are dispatched services for which you must call in advance. The cars are often black sedans, generally Lincoln Continentals in very good condition. They can be any model ranging from station wagons to ultra-stretch limousines. A car service can often provide cheaper service to destinations outside the city than than a "yellow cab". There are many black car services in New York City. Most accept credit cards, or you can set up your own account with them and pay on a monthly basis.

Regulations: For-hire vehicles can be any color except yellow and they are only allowed to provide pre-arranged service. The driver's license and the car's TLC registration must be prominently displayed inside the vehicle.

Fares: The TLC does not regulate the fares for-hire vehicles companies can charge.

Other Available Services:

The Taxi and Limousine Commission also licenses Paratransit Vehicles (Ambulettes) and Commuter Vans.

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