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Architecture in New York

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Some Architectural Landmark Buildings

Chrysler Bldg at 42nd St. & Lex
Empire State at 350 5th Ave & W34th
Flatiron Bldg at intersection of B'way, 5th Ave. & 23rd St.
Grand Central Station at 42nd St. betw Madison & Lex Aves.
Guggenheim Museum at 1071 5th Ave. & 89th St.
The Lipstick Bldg at 885 3rd Ave.
Rockefeller Ctr at 5th Ave. & 50th St.
Seagram Bldg at 375 Park Ave. & E. 53rd
United Nations on First Ave. betw 42nd & 48th
Woolworth Bldg at 233 B'way

Books on Architecture in The City

Art in Focus: The Best of New York's Artistic Attractions by Anna Gendel. Colorful but not very descriptive with b&w photos. Studio Editions LTD, London 128 pp, 8 in, 9 oz. $12.95.

New Yorks's 50 Best Secret Architechtural Treasures by Eric Nash. Very nice pen and pencil drawings. City & Company NY, New York, 127 pp, 4 oz. $9.95.

Architecture in New York

Ferrium Design Studio, Inc.

Full service residential interior design firm working throughout the Tri-State area.
688 Avenue of Americas, Greenwich Village NY 100102428572 Tel 212-242-8572
E-mail: info@ferriumdesignstudio.com; Website: ferriumdesignstudio.com


Art in Focus: The Best of New York's Artistic Attractions,
Anna Gendel, Studio Editions LTD, London, 128 pp. , 8 in 9 oz, maps, Colorful but not very descriptive, B/W art photos. $ 12.95.

New York's 50 Best Secret Architectural Treasures,
Eric Nash, City & Company NY, NY, 127 pp , 4 oz, pen & pencil drawings - very classy. $ 9.95.

Guides and Tours (84 listings total)

Many people’s favorite building out of the New York City Skyline is the Chrysler building. It sits in midtown Manhattan between 42nd and 43rd streets on Lexington Avenue. Construction was completed in 1930, and to this day remains the tallest brick building in the world. Its art deco style and incredible lighting scheme is something not to be missed by every first time visitor to New York City. Click here for parking lots near by. Other great architectural attractions in the area include: Chanin Building (also noted for its art deco style) on E 42nd, Daily News Building, and the Ford Foundation Building.

127 John Street

This office tower is equipped with a whimsical-and now somewhat retro-lobby and plaza designed to delight pedestrians. You can climb on canvas-and-pipe structures without losing track of the time; just glance over at the 45-by-50-ft digital clock
127 John St., Fulton NY 10038

135 E. 57TH Street

This classically inspired pile has a 32-story concave curve that creates a corner plaza worthy of Delphi.
135 E. 57th St., Midtown NY 10022

140 Broadway

A more successful version of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill's earlier Chase Manhattan Bank Tower & Plaza, this sleek, elegant glass skyscraper rises 52 orderly stories above an attractive travertine plaza-home to Isamu Noguchi's delicately balanced red sculpture "Cube".
140 Broadway, Financial District NY 10005

17 State Street

17 State St., Financial District NY 10004

666 5TH Avenue

This embossed-aluminum skyscraper is most notable for the Isamu Noguchi waterfall in its arcade and the sculpted Noguchi ceiling in its lobby.
666 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10103

77 Water Street

77 Water St., Financial District NY 10005

919 Third Avenue

Brown-glass office structure, with redbrick 1890 building that seems to stand as its sentry box. It is also famed for its watering hole.
919 Third Ave., Sutton Place NY 10022

American Radiator Building

A black brick building with a gold crown formerly lit in the evenings & the first NYC skyscraper designed by architect Raymond Hood. NYCL '88
40 W. 40th St., Fashion District NY

American Stock Exchange

There are many different walking tours for this area of New York City where you can see an art deco facade which was added to the modest building in 1930 which depicts some scenes of commerce and industry
86 Trinity Pl., Financial District NY 10006 Tel 212-306-1000
Website: amex.com

Ansonia Hotel

An exuberant architectural masterpiece, complete with turrets, a mansard roof, and filigreed-iron balconies. Also the apartments inside are soundproof.
2109 Broadway, Upper West Side NY 10023

Architectural League of New York Urban Planning

Exhibitions on architecture and related exhibits. Admission is free.
457 Madison Ave., Midtown NY Tel 212-753-1722

AT&T Headquarters

32 Sixth Ave., Midtown South NY

Bankers Trust Building

14 Wall St., Financial District NY

Barclay Vesey Building

140 West St.,

Beaux-Arts Apartments

307 E. 44th St., Turtle Bay NY

Beaux-Arts Institute of Design

304 E. 44th St., Turtle Bay NY

Beekman Tower****

Art Deco tower built in 1928.
3 Mitchell Pl., Turtle Bay NY 10017 at 49th St & 1st Av, Tel 212-355-7300
Tel: 800-637-8483; Fax: 212-753-9366

Carnegie Hall and Weill Recital Hall

Guided tours available; since 1891 the hall has been host to the world's greatest orchestras, conductors and soloists. Weill Recital Hall is at 154 W. 57th St. Carnegie Hall seats 2,800 and the smaller Weill Recital Hall seats 250. The building was designed by William Burnet Tuthill and opened to great fanfare from New York society who adored its European Renaissance-style architecture. Andrew Carnegie funded its construction and its artistic legacy is set in stone. The website has information on the hall including what's new and notable, tickets, and a concert calendar. Take a virtual tour.Stages dramatic & small ensemble productions. Seating Chart, a href="seat/linc.html">Lincoln Center Complex
881 Seventh Ave., Midtown NY 10019 at 57th St., Admin 212-903-9600
Archives: 212-903-9629; Box Office: 212-247-7800
Catering: 212-903-9790; Group Sales: 212-903-9705
Rentals: 212-581-6539; Rentals: 212-903-9710
Reservations ( Dining ): 212-903-9689; Subscription: 212-903-9700
Website: carnegiehall.org

Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Construction on this magnificent cathedral began in 1892, and to date the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine remains unfinished. The mother church of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, the cathedral also hosts a number of public programs, including concerts, dance recitals, readings, exhibits, a poetry program and public tours.
1047 Amsterdam Ave., Morningside Heights NY 10025 at 112th St., Admin 212-316-7490
Box Office: 212-662-2133; Fax: 212-932-7348
General Info: 212-316-7540; Tour Info: 212-932-7347
E-mail: pastor@stjohndivine.org; Website: stjohndivine.org

CBS Building

Framed in concrete & covered with dark granite, this 38-story midtown high-rise is sometimes known as the Black Rock.
1 W. 52nd St., Midtown NY 10019

Century Apartments

25 Central Pk. W., Central Park NY

Chanin Building

The Chanin Building is an Art Deco winner. Most notable are its stylized ornamentation & intricate detail, ranging from the terra-cotta bas-relief & bronze frieze on the lower facade to the bronze grills and "jeweled" clocks in the lobby.
122 E. 42nd St., Murray Hill NY 10168

Chrysler Building

Sporting stainless steel cladding, snarling gargoyles and shining spire, the Art Deco masterpiece is still one of the city's most beautiful and unusual structures. Click here to see a picture.
405 Lexington Ave., Midtown NY 10017 At 42nd St., Tel 212-682-3070
Website: greatbuildings.com

Citicorp Center

"King Arthur would have seen this thrusting Excalibur as the hearth of a great city, incandescent in its shininess, awesome, powerful in its cut. An engineering marvel of stilts, tuned-mass dampers and diagonal trusses with a kitchen sink thrown in with a sunken plaza, a nestled church, double-deck elevators and an atrium, this mighty tower is the city's lonely but rich, high-tech orphan." FromThe City Review
601 Lexington Ave., Midtown NY 10022 From 53rd to 54th St, Tel 212-559-6758
Website: thecityreview.com

City Hall

New York's City Hall has been a city landmark for nearly 200 years. The structure contains a number of objects gathered through its long history, including Washington's writing desk in the Govenor's Room and a number of paintings by Morse, Peale and other well-known artists. Click here for a Location
CivicCenter NY Tel 212-788-6865
Website: ci.nyc.ny.us


The Cloisters is made up of a historic building and its cloistered gardens; Take a guided tour and discover the art and architecture of medieval Europe. Inside visitors will see sculpture, tapestries, illuminated manuscripts, gold and silver work, stained glass and more. Lectures and programs are held on Saturdays, and music concerts are presented in the 12th-century Fuentiduena Chapel.
Fort Tryon Pk., Tel 212-923-3700
E-mail: cloisters@metmuseum.org; Website: metmuseum.org

Crown Building

Formerly the Heckscher Building, check out the building illumined even at dusk & you'll have no doubt as to the origin of its current name!
730 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10019 betw 56th & 57th St,
Website: thecityreview.com

Daily News Building

The relief above the entrance depicts light dawning on the urban populace; check out the lobby, which houses a huge, revolving globe and a floor that resembles a gigantic compass.
220 E. 42nd St., Kips Bay NY 10017

Empire State Building

At 102 stories tall, the Empire State Building commands an inspiring view of Manhattan. Each year, over 3.5 million people come here for the view from the 86th-floor observatory, where they can take in the sights of the city from a glass-enclosed pavilion or the encircling open-air promenade. Click here to see a picture.
350 Fifth Ave., Midtown South NY 10118 At 34th St., Tel 212-736-3100
Fax: 212-967-6167; E-mail: info@esbnyc.com
Website: esbnyc.com

Equitable Building

The 40-story Equitable Building swallowed up so much airspace from such a small plot of land (less than one acre) that it inspired the nation's first zoning laws in 1916.
120 Broadway, Financial District NY 10005

Exxon Building

At 54 stories, it is the second tallest skyscraper in Rockefeller Center. Click here for a picture.
1251 Sixth Ave., Rockefeller Center NY 10020 betw W.49th & W.50th St,

Federal Hall National Memorial

This location was home to NYC's City Hall of the 1700's. That building was demolished, however, in 1812 & the structure on this site today was erected as the Customs House & later, when Customs moved up the street, became the US Subtreasury. Admissions, tours, programs all free. Museum on site. More info on website. National Memorial.
26 Wall St., Financial District NY 10001 At Broad St., Tel 212-825-6888
Fax: 212-264-0725; Website: nps.gov

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Walk inside this beautiful Italian Renaissance style building and learn about the history and art of money. Visitors can see the Gold vault with its billions of dollars' worth of gold, or check out the American Numismatic Society's priceless exhibitions on gold and coins and medals currently located inside the Fed.
33 Liberty St., Financial District NY 10045 Tel 212-720-5000
Tel: 212-720-6130; Tel: 212-720-7839
E-mail: general.info@ny.frb.org; Website: newyorkfed.org

Flatiron Building

175 Fifth Ave., Flatiron District NY 10010 At 23rd St & Broadway, Tel 212-477-0947

Ford Foundation Building

Home to one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the world, the Ford Foundation Building is best known for its glass-walled, 130-ft-high atrium. Filled with trees, shrubs, a still-water pool, and all manner of greenery.
320 E. 42nd St., Kips Bay NY 10017

Frick Collection

This elegant, French-style mansion was built in 1914 for industrialist Henry Clay Frick, one of America's greatest art collectors. Inside, a rich collection of Western paintings, sculpture and decorative art graces the 16 exhibit galleries. Click here to see a schedule of performances.
1 E. 70th St., Lenox Hill NY 10021 betw Madison & Fifth Avenues, Tel 212-288-0700
Fax: 212-628-4417; E-mail: info@frick.org
Website: frick.org

General Motors Building

767 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10153 betw 58th & 59th St,

Grace Building

Across from Bryant Park, this swooping glass behemoth has a curved facade that makes the bottom of the building look like a ski jump. Described as "flashy" and "flamboyant" by architecture critics, but it does catch your eye.
41 W. 42nd St., Midtown NY 10036

Gracie Mansion

Official residence of the Mayor of NYC, the mansion is both an historic landmark & now as then a retreat from the busier parts of the city. Tours available, call for reservations.
180 E. 88th St., Carnegie Hill NY At East End Ave., Tel 212-570-4751
Website: ci.nyc.ny.us

Grand Central Terminal

Tours of this old Beaux Art railway are given weekly on Wednesday at 12:30. Call the infomation line for details. Click here for Location.
Vanderbilt Ave., Midtown NY Tel 212-818-1777
General Info: 212-340-2210; Group Sales: 212-340-3404
Tours: 212-697-1245; Tours: 212-935-3960
Website: grandcentralterminal.com

Harlem School of the Arts

Nice modern building design.
645 St. Nicholas Ave., Hamilton Heights NY 10031 Tel 212-926-4100

Haughwout Building

With each window framed by Corinthian columns & rounded arches, this five-story, Palladio-inspired building is considered one of the best examples of cast-iron architecture in the world. It was equipped with the world's first elevator.
490 Broadway, Soho NY 10012

Hearst Magazine Building

951 Eighth Ave., Hell's Kitchen NY 10019 Near W.56th St.,

Helmsley Building

Formerly the New York Central Building & the New York General Building, this 34 story office building complete with it's golden top & familiar Greek deity flanked clock is a nice contrast with its next door neighbor, the Met Life Building. Click here for a picture.
230 Park Ave., Midtown NY
Website: thecityreview.com

Kips Bay Plaza

First Ave., East Village NY

Lescaze House

This town house-with its glass-block and ribboned window-is considered the first modernist building in the city.
211 E. 48th St., Turtle Bay NY 10017

Lincoln Center

The world's largest cultural complex containing a number of theaters and concert halls and is home to the Metropolitan Opera, NY Philharmonic & Juilliard School of music
70 Lincoln Center Plaza, Lincoln Center NY 10023 Tel 212-875-5000
Tel: 212-546-2656; Tel: 212-875-5350
Tel: 212-875-5370; Website: lincolncenter.org

Lipstick Building

Built in 1986 by Philip Johnson & John Burgee. The exterior is made of red granite & bands of brushed stainless steel.
885 Third Ave., Sutton Place NY 10022

Lower East Side Tenement Museum

Allows a visitor to experience how immigrants lived in the late 1800s. Admission to exhibits is free; admission for tours for adults $9: Students & seniors $7: Members free. A guided architectural tour through several streets in this area is also offered. It runs 1 hour.
97 Orchard St., Lower East Side NY 10002 Tel 212-431-0233
Fax: 212-431-0402; TTY Line ( Deaf ): 212-431-0714
E-mail: lestm@tenement.org; Website: tenement.org

Master Building

Art Deco high-rise.
310 Riverside Dr., Upper West Side NY 10025

McGraw-Hill Building

A delightful combination of Modern & International Styles, this high rise features Art Deco details on the exterior & Carrera glass in the lobby. Click here for a picture.
1221 Rockefeller Plaza, Rockefeller Center NY

Metropolitan Life Building

Plunked down in the middle of Park Avenue, hovering over Grand Central Station, the Pan Am Building was reviled as an out-size monstrosity when it was built in the 1960s. With 2.4 million square ft of office space, it was the largest office building in Manhattan.
200 Park Ave., Midtown NY 10017

Metropolitan Museum of Art

1000 Fifth Ave., Upper East Side NY 10028 At 82nd St., Tel 212-535-7710
Library: 212-879-5500; Reservations ( Dining ): 212-570-3964
Tours: 212-570-3711; Visitor Center: 212-650-2987
E-mail: visitorservices@metmuseum.org; Website: metmuseum.org

Municipal Art Society

Public or private tours of various neighborhoods of the city focusing on NYC architecture and urban planning. Admission to the gallery is free every day.
457 Madison Ave., Midtown NY 10022 Fax 212-753-1816
Reservations: 212-935-3960; E-mail: info@mas.org
Website: mas.org

New York Stock Exchange

This building officially housed the NYSE in 1865 and is the world's largest equities market place housed in a majestic Beaux Arts building. View the trading floor on the third floor and learn all about the history and rules of financial stock trading and exchange. Public entrance on Broad St. Click here to see a picture.
11 Wall St., Financial District NY 10005 Tel 212-656-3000
Website: nyse.com

New York Yacht Club

Built on land donated by yacht-club member J. P. Morgan, this Beaux Arts structure is famous for its three decorative bay windows fashioned after the sterns of 18th-century sailing ships.
37 W. 44th St., Midtown NY 10036 Tel 212-382-1000
Fax: 212-391-6368; Website: nyyc.org

Old St. Patrick's Cathedral

263 Mulberry St., NoLita NY Tel 212-226-8075

Olympic Tower

With shops, offices, and apartments, the multipurpose Olympic Tower also has a nicely landscaped public arcade, complete with waterfall, and is conveniently located across from St. Patrick's Cathedral.
645 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10022

Pan Am Building

200 Park Ave., Midtown NY 10017 From 43rd to 45th St,

Paramount Building

Located in Times Square, and the tallest here at the time of its completion. Be careful when you look for the New Year's Eve ball that you don't mistake the globe atop this building for it.
1501 Broadway, Theater District NY 10036

Paul Mellon House

Snug alongside Italianate brownstones and neo-Georgian mansions on one of the city's most beautiful residential blocks, this light-as-air postwar town house is characterized by the experts as "French provincial".
125 E. 70th St., Lenox Hill NY 10021

Radio City Music Hall

Famous not only for musical spectaculars, but also for its architecture. A tour of this art deco theater is worthwhile. Seating Chart, Rockefeller Center & >Pictures from: 50th Street, 6th Avenue & the South East Corner.
1260 Sixth Ave., Rockefeller Center NY 10020 at 5oth St., Customer Services 212-632-4039
Group Sales: 212-218-4000; Information: 212-247-4777
Tickets: 212-307-7171; Tour Info: 212-632-4000
Website: radiocity.com

Renwick Triangle

2335 Stuyvesant St., Stuyvesant NY 10003

River House

435 E. 52nd St., Sutton Place NY 10022

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is famous as much for its 1930s-era Art Deco grandeur as for the well known institutions it houses. The 20-building complex includes the Radio City Music Hall; the Channel Gardens; and the handsome GE Building, home of the NBC's the Today Show. Several highlights during the winter season include the Rockefeller Center's outdoor skating rink and New York's official Christmas tree. Click here for an Area Map. Click here for Location.
Bounded by 47th & 51st St, Tel 212-332-6868
Tours: 212-664-3700; Website: rockefellercenter.com

Seagram Building

375 Park Ave., Midtown NY 10152 At E.53rd St., Tel 212-572-7000

Simon & Schuster Building

1230 Sixth Ave., Rockefeller Center NY 10020

Singer Building

561 Broadway, Soho NY 10012

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Frank Lloyd Wright's New York masterpiece is recognized around the world, and visitors come form around the world to view this museum's collection of art. Art form the late 19th and early 20th centuries represents such movements as Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Surrealism and German Expressionism, with pieces by such renowned names as Picasso, van Gogh, Kandisky, Chagall and other modern masters. Click here to see a picture of the inside of the museum & here to see a picture of the outside of the museum.. Click here for a Location.
1071 Fifth Ave., East Harlem NY 10128 89th Street, Tel 212-423-3500
Tel: 212-423-3640; Fax: 212-423-3650
Toll-Free: 800-329-6109; E-mail: sales@guggenheim.org
Website: guggenheim.org

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Magnificent stained glass windows, ornate shrines and monumental Gothic architecture greet visitors at St. Patricks Cathedral, the seat of the Archbishop of New York and the largest Catholic Cathedral in the United States.
1011 Fifth Ave., Upper East Side NY 10022-4134 betw 50th & 51st St, Tel 212-371-1000
Tel: 212-753-2261; E-mail: contactus@archny.org
Website: ny-archdiocese.org

Swiss Center

Formerly the Goelet Building. A mere 11 stories, "this small office building is a fine and striking Art Deco masterpiece with a lovely lobby." Quoted from The City Review.
608 Fifth Ave., Rockefeller Center NY 10020 At 49th St.,
Website: thecityreview.com

Temple Emanu-EI

Temple Emanu-El is the largest Jewish house of worship in the world, containing a library of 12,000 books and media items on Jewish life and history, and The Herbert and Eileen Bernard Museum of Judaica. Visitors are welcome. Click here to see a schedule of performances.
1 E. 65th St., Lenox Hill NY 10021 Fifth Avenue, Tel 212-744-1400
E-mail: info@emanuelnyc.org; Website: emanuelnyc.org

The New York Public Library - Humanities and Social Sciences Library

Flanked by the stone lions Patience and Fortitude, The Humanities and Social Sciences Library is the best-known building in the The New York Public Library system. The grand exterior is matched by an interior that includes the magnificent Rose Main Reading Room, marble-clad Astor Hall, rooms for exhibitions and lectures, and research collections containing about six million books.
Fifth Avenue & 42nd St., Tel 212-661-7220
Tel: 212-930-0641; Website: nypl.org

Time-Life Building

This is the NEW Time-Life Building. Click here for a picture of the building & here for a picture of Cubed Curve, the sculpture right outside the building. The former Time-Life Building has been renamed 1 Rockefeller Center.
1271 Sixth Ave., Rockefeller Center NY 10020 betw W.50th & W.51st St,

Times Tower Building

Happy New Millenium!...and all the past & future years who've been rung in by the New Year's Eve ball that descends from atop THIS building in Times Square every New Year's Eve. This building is also former home to The New York Times, after which 'Times' Square has been named.

Trump Tower

No guided tours of the building, but you can come in, look around, shop, have lunch in this modern-day NYC landmark. Click here to see a picture.
725 Fifth Ave., Midtown NY 10022 Tel 212-832-2000

United Nations General Assembly Building

Located on the banks of the beautiful East River, there's no lack of activities to keep you busy around the United Nations. Tours of the area leave every 30 minutes. Free tix to General Assembly when in session; get them at main information desk.
First Ave., East Village NY At 46th St., Tel 212-963-7713
Group Ticket: 212-963-4440; Tours: 212-963-8687
Website: un.org

Warner Communications Building

Formerly the Esso Building. Click here for a picture. This building is located in Rockefeller Center, click here for a map of the area.
75 Rockefeller Plaza, Rockefeller Center NY 10019

Woolworth Building

233 Broadway, Financial District NY 10007 betw Park Pl. & Barclay St,

Worldwide Plaza

Eighth Ave., West Village NY

Zeckendorf Towers

Looming above Union Square from a massive commercial base, each of these four apartment towers is topped by an illuminated pyramid.
1 Irving Pl., Gramercy Park NY 10003 betw 14th & 15th St,