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CitiDex New York On-Line - just for New Yorkers
  • A comprehensive on-line information source designed for New Yorkers.
  • 28,000 local firms, unique New York-focused websites, practical essays and recommended books about getting around the city - all organized in an easy-to-use yellow-page category format.
  • More than 100 seating plans for concert halls, stadiums and theaters.
  • Detailed maps for Manhattan neighborhoods, NYC airports, train stations, subway lines, zip codes, parks and precincts.
  • 1,000s of practical websites, on-line shops, top vertical portals to other information sources, reference tables - giving New Yorkers quick intuitive access to some of the best resources on the Web - all integrated into our comprehensive structure of 2,700 click-to-categories.
CitiDex New York On-Line - designed for our readers
  • Fast for 56k and Broadband: From start of site log-in, users should get useful results within 20 seconds on broadband and within 90 seconds on a 56k modem.
  • Easy-to-use on-line information resource for New Yorkers on the Web.
  • Expanded interactive listing design and content designed for Internet directories.