“New York City on a Budget” Is not a Mere Fairytale

“New York City on a Budget” Is not a Mere Fairytale

New York City on a Budget” Is not a Mere Fairytale – New York City is a big city. That is a lame way to start this piece but, hey, it is what it is. As one of the biggest cities in the world, it’s easy to assume that everything is overpriced in NYC. Food, accommodation, transportation; everything will seemingly get associated with extra cost and expense when it comes to going to or merely being in NYC. But just to let you know, it is not at all impossible to come up with an “on-a-budget” itinerary for anyone, including you, visiting the metropolitan areas of NYC. Let’s start with the basic: transportation. When talking about modes of transportation in NYC, the very first thing you need to have in your possession is a Metrocard. A Metrocard is a transit pass that will get you on NYC’s system of public transportation. Try to get a 7-day unlimited pass, offered for $31, especially if you plan to be in NYC for more than 4 days. For a stay lasting for 3 days or less, you can transfer $19.05 into your card and that will do the trick.

There are hotel rooms in Manhattan offered at a range of $100-150. A motel in Queens could offer you a room for at least $100. A good rule of thumb for finding an accommodation while in NYC is to keep out of Manhattan, where everything seems to be overpriced. But if that’s not something you can afford to do for any reasons, your options will be confined to areas such as Lower East Side, Morningside Heights, Alphabet City, and Hell’s Kitchen.

“New York City on a Budget”

It is possible to enjoy NYC on a budget if you don’t spend your money gambling at a casino at the central NYC, there another Affordable activities to do in Manhattan include a visit to the Met and the MoMa. Get to The Highline if you get the chance. The Highline is a park in NYC that offers you a breathtaking view of the surroundings and you can get a fix of Instagram posts here. And don’t pass of an opportunity to visit the Strand. With 18 miles of books, the Strand is the largest bookstore in NYC. A used book can cost just a dollar here. Lastly, what’s a visit to NYC without a visit to Central Park? Shakespeare is performed here in the summer for free and if you’re lucky you can catch up with some famous artists performing here as well. Central Park’s points of interest include Cleopatra’s needle, the reservoir, and Sheep Meadow.

Author: CitiDex