NYC Fun Activities: An Ultimate Guide

NYC Fun Activities An Ultimate Guide

Fun things are available 24/7 around every corner in NYC. Here is a shortlist of interesting stuff you can enjoy during your stay in the city. You can bask in millenniums’ worth of human history at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Museum can be said as New York’s equivalent of Paris’ Louvre, two of the very few of places in the world where masterpieces from the age of Renaissance sit comfortably side by side with artifacts dating back to pre-Columbian era. There is no one definitive way to describe how many is enough when it comes to visiting this museum.

Your visit to New York City is incomplete if you do not make time to visit Times Square. It is recommended to do so at night, where the area is showered with flashing lights from onsite TV broadcasts, digital displays, and huge billboards. The mix of these light sources will create an atmosphere unlike the other, one that will certainly leave you in awe. The area, however, is chaotic and hectic all day long so don’t expect anything resembling tranquility when you arrive at the spot. The spot is so full of human that even native New Yorkers choose to avoid.

Complete your stay in NYC with a visit to The Empire State Building. New York City skyline is perhaps easily recognizable thanks to the presence of this very building among other skyscrapers. New York City’s iconic art deco skyscraper is a building that will help shape your perception toward the metropolitan. The building itself can be observed from the 70th floor of Rockefeller Center at Top of the Rock. However, it is from The Empire State Building’s 86th floor deck that you can take in the entire view of the city. Looking for even more stunning scene? Get to the building’s 102nd floor.

Author: CitiDex